Jensen Ackles was arrested for attempted murder by the state of Nevada. He was sent back to Kansas where he went to trial and pleaded insane. After the testimonies of a tearful Sam, a rage filled Jared, and a disappointed Dean, the court ordered that he be placed in a metal facility in Wichita. As he was escorted from the courtroom, he looked over at Sam, licked his lips and winked at him. Sam hid behind Jared and Dean, who were protective of Sam. They didn't want anything to happen to him, and obviously what Jensen did was on their list of no's.

Two months after Sam was released from the hospital and Jensen's trial, Sam Winchester became Sam Ackles. Dean even slept in the church the night before, Jared, Bobby, Ash, and Casey taking turns to make sure he was still there and making sure that he was up in enough time to get ready. It was a beautiful wedding and everyone cheered when they FINALLY said 'I Do'. Sam threw his rose bouquet at the reception and Jared caught it. A month after Sam and Dean's honeymoon, they attended another wedding. It was the marriage of Jared Padalecki to his long time crush Casey Novak. Sam was in Jared's wedding party, Dean in Casey's. John was so excited that both his sons were now happy.

Sam and Dean spent two months on their honeymoon, traveling the country. They packed their bags, threw them in Dean's Impala, and just drove. Sam was riding shotgun the whole time while Dean sang at the top of his lungs. They had so much fun. They didn't want it to end. But eventually, the rest of the world caught up to them.

During Casey and Jared's wedding, Sam began to fill sick, and that night was spent with him sitting on his knees in front of the toilet, puking his guys out. Dean, who was panicky because of Sam's always fragile state, drove him to the hospital where they received some wonderful news. They were going to be parents.

Dean couldn't help but be protective of his Sammy and their unborn child. The slightest noise had him up and checking the house. Sam began to eat more than normal and soon the growth underneath his shirt was visible. But his pregnancy wasn't perfect. When his term hit seven months, Sam began to have real bad pains and passed out while Dean was at work. Jared luckily was on his way to visit Sam and quickly drove him to the hospital. Sam was diagnosed with a high blood pressure disease that required bed rest for the rest of his pregnancy. Dean wouldn't let Sam do anything by himself. Anything that Sam needed, Dean brought to him. Sam didn't ask for much, but Dean insisted on bringing him what he did ask for. He wasn't going to put Sam or the baby's life in danger.

Two months after the diagnosis, Sam and Dean welcomed a healthy baby girl into the world. Her name was Prudence (After one of Sam's favorite songs by the Beatles) Mary (After Sam's mom) Ann (Well, combined with Mary because Sam knew that Dean secretly had a crush on the girl from Gilligan's Island.) Prudence Mary-Ann Ackles was the pride and joy of the family, well, until nine months later when Sam and Dean Novak were born. Jared had never been as happy as he was when he held his boys. (About a year later, Jared and Casey will have another child, as will Sam and Dean.)

Jo and Ash were married and Ash got a job working for a writer named Carver Edlund, who's real name was Chuck, because he liked Ash's paper that he wrote for the term at MIT. Ash runs Chuck's agency and his book series Supernatural have outsold all four of the Twilight books and Stephanie Myers's book The Host.

As for Jensen, well, no one really knows what happened to him. The last Dean heard, he was being released into the custody of Alan and Donna Ackles in his hometown of Richardson, Texas. He lost contact with his brother and eventually, Jensen drifted to the back of his mind. He had his own family to care about now, and he was never going to let Jensen ruin what he had worked so hard to have.

.: The End :.

So, what did you think? I was going to have Jensen come back for revenge, but my friend suggested that I leave it with a happy ending. So there will probably not be a sequel unless people want it done. Well, anyway, that's that. Finally got the story out of my mind. Please review!