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Part One: New Town, New Life

The night air was cool, crisp. The wind outside was blowing and Adelle had been walking the same dirt path for hours now. She had been driving with her boyfriend, now ex, when he decided he'd had enough of driving her around. He had stopped the car and kicked her out. Taking all of her money an belongings with him. Well, everything except the small necklace her mother had given her the day before she left. She felt nearly hopeless until she looked up and saw lights. It seemed like a truck stop. Her desired destination was now only a short mile away. Which seemed to drag on forever. As she got closer she saw more and more buildings. Houses, businesses, and more. There was even a grocery store.

When she reached the city limits she set out for somewhere she could rest but settled for a nearby bar. She wasn't much of a drinker but she enjoyed the frivolity. She sat down at a table and laid her head against the wood paned wall and closed her eyes. She felt her stomach growling and her throat burned from dehydration. Maybe she would get some water, but would they give it to her even if she didn't buy anything else. She sat debating to herself whether she wanted to get up and ask for water or just rest. Suddenly she smelled a hamburger was it? And french fries? They must be cooking food for someone. Then she heard a deep voice whisper.

"You can't be asleep, you don't look at rest at all." Her eyes jolted open to reveal a plate of food on the table in front of her and a man sitting on the bench across. He had short dark brown hair with eyes nearly matching in color. He was now smiling at her as she stared at him.

"Hello." She said in a more confused way than greeting. He laughed.

"I'm James. I walked by and heard your stomach growl, thought you might be hungry. Eat it, it's for you." He pushed the plate closer to Adelle who continued to stare, though a small smile began to form on her lips. She picked up a french fry and began eating. She didn't want to look like a ravenous animal when she ate, though she was starving and practically dove into the meal. She had only eaten breakfast and even it had only been a small piece of toast at the hotel. As she ate James talked to her.

"You aren't from here, I know everybody who lives here. Right down to old Mr. Pathor who never leaves his house. If you need somewhere to stay I'm sure Carla won't mind housing you." As he spoke, a bigger woman wearing a blue apron came over.

"Are you volunteering my apartment again James Matthew?" She asked in a calm condescending voice.

"You know you love the company, Carla, and besides this young woman isn't from here. I saw her walking up from down the road, God knows how far she had to walk to get here." Carla laughed.

"I know I was just teasing. I'd love to have you. You don't look like the trouble I usually get coming through this old place." By now Adelle had finished her meal.

"Thank you! I'll be able to pay you back I promise. I just have to get back to..." She trailed off as her mind began to remember what had happened. She had nowhere to go back to. She had been staying with Owen until he convinced her to take a road trip and to take all of her money out of the bank.

"Don't worry about paying me back," Carla waved her hand in the air. "You are simply staying with me until you are able to figure things out. It won't be an issue."

"Thank you so much." Adelle thanked Carla. The woman walked away to resume working.

Adelle's POV

James was very handsome but it was still easy to talk to him. After Carla left he leaned across the table.

"What's your name?" He asked as if it were top secret.

"I'm Adelle. Adelle Bishop. Do you know where I am? Because I have no idea." He smiled an all teeth smile.

"You, miss, are in Brank, Arizona. The home of the best pie and best hamburgers!"He exaggerated. "Don't let those other boys fool you though." I laughed, I was starting to feel better, now the the food was hitting my stomach and I didn't feel so parched. But I hadn't seen another "boy" Since I had gotten into town.

"What boys do I need to look out for?" He got a big grin on his face and placed his hand on the side of his mouth as if he were telling me a secret.

"All of them," he sat up straight, "Well except me of course." We talked and laughed until closing when Carla gave me a ride to her apartment. Inside was decorated nicely. Expected way for a woman of her age to decorate. It had a homey feel where you immediately felt comfortable. She lead me down a short hallway and opened the door to a room with a bed, dresser, and television.

"This is where you'll be staying. The bathroom is right through this door," She said opening the door neighboring my room, "It has anything you need in there. Even has new toothbrushes. You want something to sleep in? The last girl left a bunch of her clothes and she seemed to be about the same size as you. There are some pajamas. There in the top drawer of your dresser." Carla pointed to the dresser the television was sitting on.

"The last girl?" I questioned out loud. I hadn't meant to actually speak it but something made it leave my mouth. Carla nodded.

"Oh yeah. There have been many girls to come through here. James always wants to help them out, but I think he sees something special in you." She winked and walked out of the room she had just led me into, closing the door behind her. I looked in the drawer where the clothes were and pulled out some pajamas, brought them to the bathroom with me, and took a nice long shower.

That was the night my nightmares started up again.

I was walking through Boston. The streets were eerie, as if everything had been destroyed and all the people had fled. I walked a few blocks but I still couldn't find anybody. I could only see things. I hopped in a car and surprisingly found keys already in the ignition. I drove through the tall buildings trying to find my house but as I drove things began to disappear. Gradually everything became black. I screamed at the top of my lungs, hoping if anybody were there they would be able to help me out of it.

There was no answer. I was alone. I stood in the darkness, squeezing my eyes shut. Hoping if I did it long enough when I opened my eyes I would be back.

I felt something poke me but I had to keep my eyes shut. I could still see the darkness. Still feel the cold running through and across my body. I crouched down, holing myself together. Giving my predator a smaller target but it didn't work. I felt it touch me again.

"Open you eyes!" It hissed at me, but I couldn't. It isn't real. It isn't real. I thought, trying to change what was happening to me.

"Oh yes. I am real. Don't worry my dear. It's just your grandfather." It transformed from a hiss to the voice of my grandpa. I dared to open my eyes and look around.

"Grandpa?" I begged, still looking around. I heard a faint yes, as a dark image hit me. It had flashing eyes but they flashed in a pattern, green, green, green, red. Over and over again. I sprung up in bed, my heart beating as if I had just ran a thirty mile marathon.

I hadn't had those nightmares since I was six. They had stopped soon after my parents had left.

Though I didn't remember my parents very well. I could remember my mothers long blond hair as she read books to me and my father as he told me funny stories. But after they left I forgot their faces a bit more with each day until they faded into a distant memory. We didn't have any pictures of them and I had forgotten completely what their names were. I didn't have much of a desire to find out who they were either. They left and if they didn't want me then I didn't want them, but that was a lie. I did want them, but getting to know them better would only make me want them more, and I couldn't handle that. I only knew Walter Bishop, my grandfather.

The next day Carla brought me to the bar with her so I wouldn't be stuck in the apartment all day. To my dismay, James wasn't there. I sat at the bar, staring out into the sunny August day. Across the street I could see a few people standing around talking, laughing.

"Hey Adelle, why don't you go talk to them?" Carla came up behind me. She must have realized some sort of longing in my face.

"No, I don't know them." I didn't talk to many people I didn't know. Only it I had previously met them. She looked at me with the same condescending glare she gave James.

"I'm sure it doesn't matter. You need some friends here if you plan on staying long. You need a job too. I know Kelly is hiring right now down at the food market." She tried to push me to talk to them but I had no interest to go outside. It looked very hot and I was just fine sitting inside.

"Maybe later Carla." I said, setting my head on the counter top. I saw her smile as she walked away, back to the kitchen. I sat for about ten minutes before one of the waitresses came to talk to me since there was nearly nobody there since it was only eleven in the morning.

"Carla says you're her new roommate." The girl had light brown hair, about the same color as mine, and brown eyes. Overall she was beautiful.

"Yep, hopefully I don't have to live off her for long though." The girl laughed.

"Carla loves having roommates. She seems to always be much happier when someone is there with her. She tends to work harder too. So I wouldn't worry about moving out too soon. You should stay here if you have nowhere else to go." I nodded, she was right even though she didn't know. I had nowhere else to go. Walter died soon after my twentieth birthday and now three years later I still hadn't made a new home for myself.

"Alright then, I guess I'll stay but I'm going to have to go down to that market and get a job." I stood up, still debating how badly I wanted to walk down the street in how hot it was, but finally decided it was only going to get hotter so I decided to go.

"Oh, by the way, my name is Elizabeth. It's nice to meet you Adelle." I smiled, not remembering ever telling her my name, though I was sure Clara had.

"Nice to meet you too, Elizabeth." She smiled and waved as I walked out the door.

It wasn't hard to get the job. I gave Kelly the application, he read it over quickly and told me I was hired. I actually started the next day. I went back to the bar to tell Carla the good news and to my surprise, James was sitting at the bar. He turned around and his face lit up.

"Hey Adelle. I was beginning to wonder if you were ever going to come in today." James joked. I couldn't help but laugh. I sat down next to him on the rotating bar stools and told him about my good news.

Over the next few weeks James and I continued to get closer and closer, I worked nearly everyday and I continued to have nightmares with the repeating pattern. Green, green, green, red. Almost all of them demonized people I know. But I tried my best to simply ignore them.

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