Im sorry. Im so, so sorry.

My Muse for writing House MD fic has left the building.

But to be fair.

I have decided to write how I intended the fic to end.

Here goes:

Wilson is depressed because of Houses lies so his brother finely man's up and go to House (at work) and give the big speech about how he doesn't like him and all that but if he makes his brother happy then he will learn how to deal with it.

So House was (is) going to Wilsons place and they would have some make up SEX. :P

I had planed that then (half year later) they would go to one of the Wilsons families gatherings and he (Wilson) would tell the family.. Hi's brother will look away but his wife would clap. Cos' she believed they had a relationship from the first time she meet House… and her kid (brothers) would ask to whether they would get a cousin. Children… so innocent.

Wilsons dad would have some troubles but in the end it would go well for them all..

I know it's not nice to leave a fic unfinished. And I hate them too… but with my muse gone to Batman I find it hard to write fic for House….

You might Find me in the batman genre under Jervis / Jonathan…