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This fic tells about Rin's life after She came to Hyoma's world.

First Chapter : "Permission From his Mother"


Permission From His Mother

Rin Sunroad, is on earth. Earth. Not a place called Endia.

And She's here now, sitting in front of Hyoma's mother, and sitting next to her son. Waiting for her answer of permission.

His mother has similar face to her son, but she gets black and tidy hair, and motherly wise expression on her face.

"So mom...?"


"Are you letting her live together with us or not?"

Another similar stuff, her grin.

"What if I disallow her?" she says in humorous tones.

Uh-oh, Miss Sunroad is getting problem here.

"Don't be kidding mom." Hyoma answers in bored tone, but Rin, and his mom knows, something's hidden inside the unusual bored tone, it's angry and forceful tone. He definitely wants his mom permission for Rin.

"Wow, it's very unusual for you to respond me like this."

Rin's sitting in silence.

"No, it's not." He answers quickly.

Rin giggles in silence, watching Hyoma being teased is a very rare scene for her.

Hyoma's mother giggles in silence too, realizing something's different in her son.

Who is that girl? Appears suddenly and asking her permission to live because she gets no place. And the most interesting part is, her son is the one who asked the permission for her.

"I am sorry Ms. Sunroad, but I can't let you stay tonight, you see that this house is small and such a mess. And I will let you stay after the mess is finished. I hope you can understand."

Well, seeing the house.. she can't deny... where would she sleep anyway...? that 'full of boxes' house really have no spaces left.

And now, she is in front of his house.

In front of standing Hyoma.

"No need to force it Hyoma, I can understand."

"But I can't. You know Hayate has too much siblings and Shizuku's family won't let any stranger in. But I can't finish those boxes in a night. And forcing my mother means suicide. The boxes are items for sale." he raises his eyebrows

"Yeah, I know, for tonight I can sleep anywhere you know? No hard feeling Hyoma" Yeah, she is experienced in Endia.

"Hell no." Hyoma looks and can be cruel and heartless. But to let Rin sleep on the park chair, or wherever. It's just a big no no no.

Another solution? Motel? Great. He has no money to pay a motel room for her.

"Uh. So?"

"Err... My mom will be out for her part time job at 8 PM. And you-" he points a big truck across the road then continues his words ,"-wait behind that truck. I will take you to my room tonight."

"Okay. You...what?"

*To be continued

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