The sun was huge and bright today in what we (And they ?) called Mushroom Kingdom. Two well-known princesses, one covered in a pink mini-dress with her blue brooch and the other in a orange tank top and shorts and a flower brooch on her shirt: Peach and Daisy.

Mario and Luigi were just arriving on the court, and the girls were waiting on the benches, chatting to no end.

"Good afternoon Daisy!" Peach cheerfully greeted. Daisy grinned and set her racket on the steel bench and plopped down on a seat.

"Hey Peach. How's it going?" Daisy replied easily as she tapped her foot, slightly impatient as it seemed like forever for Luigi to finally enter.

Toadsworth had demanded for them to wait for the Mario bros to come and watch them until they did. Although it made conversation hard, they did their best to ignore it.

"Well, today me and Mario are going win!" Peach grinned playfully as Daisy lifted an eyebrow.

"Don't count on it, not with me and Luigi!" Daisy smiled.

Peach said something back to Daisy, but Daisy was way too focused on watching Luigi and Mario slowly walk here (at least it felt so). As soon as they entered… Toadsworth would not let Peach nor Daisy just take one step out…

"Ugh," Daisy thought. Luigi tripped on his bag and Mario caught his little brother, dropping all of his stuff. They once again had to pick up their rackets and water bottles to continue the forever walk there into the court.

"Daisy?" Peach asked, "Yoohoo, Daisy?"

"Uh, yeah? Sorry." Daisy snapped back into the conversation, slightly tapping her foot; Toadsworth was now looking at her with a beady stare.

Top it all off, Daisy couldn't fathom why they could not just walk to Mario and Luigi. Technically, the court was in the castle.

"I SAID-" Peach said louder, as if she's been saying it for quite some time. "If you keep spacing out, we will have this event."

"I already told you. Don't bet on it. Sports is my thing." Daisy responded, smiling. She snuck a peek at Toadsworth, who was beginning to turn his back slightly; Peach caught this.

"Oh Daisy, just wait. They're about to come in," Peach assured her.

"I don't know how you live with this," Daisy shook her head. "I'm making a break for it."

"Wha- wait," Peach called out as Daisy simply strolled toward Mario and Luigi and waved.

Peach chased her, and grabbed her wrist slightly. "Are you crazy? If Toadsworth catches you-" Daisy walked right out of the court just a few steps to say hi to Mario and Luigi, as if careless.

Peach sighed and just smiled at Mario and hurried to them as well, nothing seemed to happen at first.

"PRINCESSES! DO I NEED TO REMIND YOU OF BOWSER," Toadsworth screeched as he ran over to tug them;

however, Toadsworth was old and needless to say, that meant extremely slow too.

"Hey Mario, ready to play," Peach asked in her sweet voice.

Mario grinned, "You betcha! Luigi and Daisy are going down!"

"Not in a million years!" Daisy responded.

"So that's why we won that kart racing tournament yesterday?" Peach crossed her arms, only joking; but she already bought out the competitive streak in Daisy.

"That has nothing to do with skill," Daisy fired.

"Hey, why don't we stop the talking and just play," Luigi asked nervously as they finally entered the court slowly. Toadsworth was still all the way across, although he had been running.

"Good idea! That can show some numbskulls to do more than talk the talk!" Daisy put her hands on her hips before grabbing her racket.

Peach tightened her hair in her ponytail determinedly as Mario yanked his racket fiercely. Luigi pulled out his green tennis racket with a tennis ball.

"Everyone ready?" He called out. Everyone nodded; Luigi threw the ball up, and smacked it with his racket right over the net.

Peach let Mario take it, all though it was her side and closer to her. Mario swung widely, and the ball was aimed straight for Daisy. "Ha! To easy!"

That only fired Daisy up.

"Oh yeah?" Daisy pulled back and slammed the ball with a crystal smash.

The connection was instant, and zoomed past Peach who was stunned and surprised at once. "Daisy! I thought we agreed with none of that! Just a clean game," Peach told her, slightly upset.

"Oops," Daisy replied, a little embarrassed by the mistake. But the reply had sounded sarcastic and came off as snobby.

"Fine." Peach huffed in return.

She could not believe Daisy did that, so as she lifted the ball up she closed her eyes. Then, she spun and hits the ball with a Super Peach Spin, and the ball rocketed. Luigi just barely made it by his racket, but it still passed the net luckily.

"What was that for Peach," Daisy shouted, stopping and she put her hands on her hips.

Peach didn't reply as Mario swooped in and stole Peach's turn accidentally. Again.

"We're allowed to use our fire powers and stuff? Great," Mario cheered, completely oblivious to everyone's feelings and the conversation.

He jumped up and pulled a hammer out, smacking the ball with the hammer. Daisy, who was waiting for an answer, had the ball graze her shoulder.

"I was talking to you," Daisy yelled, frustrated, "You know what? BRING IT ON!" Peach was silent, it had only been an accident.

But when Daisy exploded, Peach responded, "FINE!"

Daisy's racket grew petals and spun around as Daisy slammed the ball. The ball flew all the way to Peach's side. When she was about to reach, Mario had went for it as well. Mario's lunge just tipped a surprised Peach, who tumbled to the floor. Her racket made weak contact with the ball, and as a result, it didn't even go back and forth. Instead, it dropped right in front of Peach, who was crushed by Mario.

"Wow, good hit. Two more times and you might learn something," Daisy hissed.

"Oh please Daisy." Peach tried making a wave of her hand to dismiss the comment, but she was currently being crushed by her plumber boyfriend.

She came off more desperate-sounding to win and pathetic than determined, but she only was determined. Mario jumped up instantly, and blushed and did a mad smile to Peach before helping her up.

"I'm sorr-" A ball hit his neck and he rubbed his neck and instinctively said "OW!"

Peach furiously grabbed a stray ball and didn't even consider her action. She launched it at Daisy, who was talking to Luigi. It hit her waist and she stumbled from impact.

"PEACH WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU," Daisy screamed at her.

Peach crossed her arms and simply replied, "Should have not done that to Mario."

Luigi could not restrain Daisy, who grabbed a bucket of tennis balls, seething.

"Daisy, don't do it. It's not right," Luigi tried. Daisy calmed slightly but childishly still winded her arm and hit the ball on Peach's side of the court. She didn't even say it correctly.


"SCORE TWO," Daisy responded.


"Hey," Peach called out, "THAT'S ENOUGH DAIS-"

A ball knocked her to the floor harshly; Mario jumped up angrily and stomped to Daisy.

"What is your problem," Mario hissed.

"Newsflash: If you're not going to play right, get out of the game," Daisy stormed.

"You're the one throwing all of the tennis balls," Mario shouted. He was right on the other side of the net as Daisy was on the other.

"Because she knocked a tennis ball at me! I DIDN'T EVEN HIT YOU," Daisy screeched in response.

"OH PLEASE DON'T EVEN LIE," Mario shouted, "Then, who did huh?" He grabbed Daisy's shoulders and yelled, "THEN WHO DID?"

Daisy slapped Mario's face and Mario boiled.

"I didn't do it, was the other game dummy," Daisy hollered, her fists clenched. She pointed to a game of childish toads, which were playing far from the castle.

Luigi was by Daisy's side in a flash when Mario grabbed her. Mario was known for being a slight hot-head at moments and this sure seemed like one. Luigi really didn't want this to begin. "Mario and Daisy always fight in sports," Luigi thought.

"Guys!" Luigi jumped in the middle of them, but they both pushed him back and yelled, "STAY OUT OF IT!"

"No! Mario, just calm down! Daisy, I love you, but please don't do this! Both of you calm down," Luigi advised.

Daisy opened her mouth to respond, but she stared at Luigi's face and softened a bit, the ends of her mouth cracking in a smile.

"Fine, but only cause I love you Weegee." Daisy said cutesy before lashing Mario a dirty look and walking off to the benches. Mario spit at the sound of Luigi's nickname and faced Luigi, practically a volcano.

"Mario just calm-"

"Bro, I think you know me well enough that I will not calm down. She hit my Peachy! And slapped me," Mario shouted.

"Can you just forgive and forget? LET GO OF IT ALREADY," Luigi replied steadily.

"NO! Why is it all that matters is Daisy, Daisy, DAISY," Mario crossed his arms.

"Why can't you just take her joke and innocence and leave it alone," Luigi yelled back, becoming frustrated. His older brother never understood some things it seemed.

"HOW IS-" Mario was cut off by a shouting Luigi.

"She didn't hurt Peach, that was a couple of young toads, and she was playing around when she was throwing the tennis balls! Why can't you just take a joke," Luigi shouted.

Mario seemed completely, utterly offended by this, "I HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR! More than you ever had, shy bro! I could have a pie thrown in my face this instant, and I would be fine," Mario yelled, shaking his fist.

A cherry pie seemed to fly out of nowhere, and slam in Mario's face, courtesy of Daisy. She had heard every word and needless to say, she felt much better.

"Stop hurting Mario! Why can't you be nice," Peach shamed Daisy, but Daisy laughed.

"Why can't you have a sense of humor," Daisy snapped right back before launching another pie from the sweets table, this one at Peach.

Peach ducked just in time, and Mario narrowly dodged it. The pie ended up landing on Toadsworth, who was very upset to say the least.

"Oh that's it! You want war," Mario cracked his knuckles, but Peach grabbed his arm gently and whispered something. They both grinned before smugly walking away, muttering.

"Daisy…" Luigi said as he neared over her.

"What's wrong," She asked sweetly and simply.

"I'm scared," Luigi seemed alarmed at the Mario who was laughing evilly at the moment.

"No. They want a war, it's one they'll get. We'll show them who's boss," Daisy grinned and shot a pie at Peach one more time.

"EWWW! I hate peanut pie," Peach yelled.

"Um… Isn't Peach the princess here, so you would be-" Luigi was interrupted.

"Don't ruin my moment," Daisy told him, smiling with a playful wink. "We'll get them."


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