The Doctor piloted through the worst of the turbulence while Amy got changed, and tried to force his mind to stick to the task at hand. But he couldn't help but smile as he remembered the glimmer of excitement he saw in Amy's eyes as he told her where they were going.

"Space Florida?" She had said.

"Yup!" He said. "Sun, sand, sea and waves. A stress free holiday for the both of us – I think we've earned it."

She had gone and changed, and the Doctor let himself believe that this holiday really would do her some good. Hadn't she been whinging for ages for him to take her on holiday?

She re-entered the console room, dressed in a Hawaiian shirt, red vest, a short skirt – as usual – and inexplicable cowboy boots. Her eyes were hidden by a pair of yellow framed sunglasses. The Doctor smiled at her. "That's the spirit!"

"They were already out," She told him, gesturing towards her outfit. "I think the TARDIS had plans."

"Well she likes a vacation every once in a while." He said. "Brace yourself!"

Amy had just about enough time to grab onto the railing before the TARDIS jolted, the room momentarily going dark and silent. After a second it all lit back up, and the Doctor patted the machine affectionately. "Back in the right universe now." He explained. Then they stayed silent for about half a minute, the Doctor pretending to be busy piloting the TARDIS, and Amy staring dreamily off. At least she looked a bit happier – not a lot, but a bit. However, the Doctor got tired of the silence, and determined to bring Amy out of the state she was in.

"Now the beach, the beach is the best." He told her.

"Hmm?" She asked, having not properly heard what he had said, but quickly catching up. "Why?"

"Automatic sand!" He told her with glee.

"Automatic sand?" She repeated. "What does that mean?"

"It's automated, totally. Cleans up the lolly sticks all by itself."

"So humankind finally get on top of the rubbish dump problem?" She asked. She turned round and faced the Doctor and walked up to the console. She pulled down a lever that she knew didn't really do anything, but wanted to feel like she was doing something. The Doctor smiled, appreciating the effort she was making. Space Florida was a fantastic idea.

"After a while, yes." He said vaguely. "Oh, you're going to love it, Amy." He told her. "I double checked, Space Florida has a spotless history – it's going to be pure relaxation for as long as we're there."

"No evil aliens?" She asked.

"Nope." He said happily. "But you might want to watch out for the Boynton mojito. That only ever leads to trouble." He grimaced at a memory from a few centuries back. "I almost found myself attached to a very unsavoury woman after drinking a few of those."

"You were engaged?" She asked.

"No," he told her. "A more literaltype of attachment."

She raised her eyebrows and chuckled, surprising both her and the Doctor.


Amy turned round and lowered her sunglasses. For a second she thought she had heard something, and felt a slight chill in the room. It quickly passed, and she turned back round to see the Doctor exactly where he had been.

"Did you hear something?" She asked him.

"Hear what?" He replied, pushing down buttons and bracing himself for impact. Amy did the same, holding onto the console.

"I thought I heard..." She looked round and trailed off. "It was nothing."

He paused and looked up at her, hand on a lever. "Are you alright, Amy?"

"I'm fine." She told him with an almost convincing smile. "We almost there?"

He threw down the lever, and landed the ship.

"Right, Amy," He told her, and ran to the door. He opened it wide for her, and she followed, peering out of the gap. "Welcome to Space Florida!"

THE END! Or is it...? Not quite. I'm going to do a sequel, I don't think it's quite done yet, do you? :D

So, has anyone else seen the Christmas episode yet? It was amazing. SO good! I watched with my Dad, we were laughing along together. Favorite quote: "What type of tye is that?" "A cool one." - "Want to know why this tye is cool? Because I wear it and don't care what people think; that's why it's cool." (I may be paraphrasing). NO! "I'm a mature, reliable adult." *holds out psychic paper* "It's just wiggly lines?" "Oh, finally a lie too big."

So, thank you to everyone who has been reading along with me, whether it's been for all of the last 6 months, started recently, or even the people who will find this in the future... wibbly wobbly timey wimey. I love you all, thank you so much for making me feel happy, and all of the beautiful reviews. I 3 you all.

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