A/N: Ok. Here's my entry for the Sherry Squires contest. I just wonderd what Sherry was thinking the day of the prom and this is what came out of it. Hope you all enjoy.

Disclaimer: Sherry Squires, Bo Griggs and Jonathan crane are not mine. They belong to DC. I'm just borrowing them for the story.

JUNE 15TH 19-

Tonight's the night! Bo and I are going to the prom!

I;ve been looking forward to this since freshmen year! I have my dress all picked out and bo even got a real corsage and everything!

I can hardly wait.

But….I don't feel as happy as I could feel.

I guess a small part of me still feels a bit guilty about what bo and I did to jonathan Crane at Halloween.

Not that I've TOLD anyone I feel guilty, but I do.

I don't know WHY though, it was just a silly little prank. I mean ok maybe Bo took it a bit too far but it's not like we hurt Jonathan or anything.

It was just a joke.

Mabye the reason why I feel guilty is of how he acted with me at the dance.

The boy was my age and when I told him to kiss me he look like I was speaking in another language.

It was so sad…and yet…almost charming. It's not often a boy isn't interested in just 'scoreing' with me. He really seemed just content to be with me. Just talking and stuff, really liked books too. It was the first conversation with a boy that I didn't have to struggle along with sports metaphors. We just talked about books and stuff. It was nice.

So yeah I feel a little guilty about what happened with the prank, but what did Jonathan expect? That after four years I'd suddenly like him?

He's not the kind of guy I go for. Yeah he was sweet but I need someone rich, someone who will MAKE something of himself. Not some skinny farm boy who probably will end up working at a bookstore for the rest of his life.

So why do I still feel guilty?

I guess I could at least apologize, but I'll do it at school next week.

Tonight I just want to think about the prom.

I still have time for the rest.