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Chapter 1: An Interesting Bundle of Paper

After three years he finally got the nerve to approach the monastous yellow bag. It was only until recently that some of the articles in said bag had caught his attention. He had only seen a little of the bundle of paper Kagome was looking at while everyone was either asleep or doing something else. And what he had seen caught his immediate attention. Now was the time to look at it before everyone came back to camp.

Looking around the clearing one more he quietly crept up the bag that was leaning up against the tree. He quickly opened the bag and began to move threw the contents inside such as food, clothes, first aid kit, etc. Finally, he got to the bottom where all of Kagome's books lay, seeing the bundle of paper he quickly grabbed it before straighten everything out. After re-packing the bag he quickly closed it and then retreated to the opposite side of the clearing. Sitting down at the base of a tree Miroku began to examine to bundle of paper he just retrieved from Kagome's bag. Looking at it closer he realized there was a scantily dressed woman on the front of the paper posing in a provocative manner. At his eyes widened and stared at the picture before him.

'Is this how all the women in Kagome's time dress', he thought as he began to flip there said catalog before stopping on a page that had lingeries.

'I wonder what Sango would look like wearing this', as he imagined the demon exterimnator wearing those "clothes" and immediately got aroused at the thought as a lechous smile appeared on his face.

Feeling a sudden spike of demonic aura approaching the camp Miroku quickly hid the catalog in the folds of his robe as Inuyasha came bounding into the clearing. Inuyasha glanced around the clearing before his eyes landed on the monk who was fidgeting. He narrowed his eyes slightly and headed over to Miroku before sitting down directly in front of him.

"Oi! What have you done now Monk? Have you been spying on Kagome and Sango, again while they bath?", Inuyasha questioned as he stared hard at the monk who was avoiding looking at him and finding to tree behind him very interesting.

"Why no Inuyasha! I would never stoop as to spy on them.", Miroku said innocently as Inuyasha growled and got ready to punch Miroku.

" So you did, did you. I knew it! Your dead now you perverted monk!", he said as he got up and was fixing to beat the hell out of the monk when Miroku shouted something that made Inuyasha stop what he was doing.

"I promise you Inuyasha on my father's grave I did not spy on Lady Kagome and Sango. But I did find something interesting of Kagome's though", he said hoping Inuyasha would sit down and not continue with his plan. With a huff Inuyasha sat down again and waited for the monk to continue but the only answer he got was a bundle of paper thrown into his lap.

"What is this?", Inuyasha asked as he opened it and then immediately closed it again with a blush on his cheeks.

Miroku started laughing at Inuyasha's antics when the hanyou in question hit him in the head.

"What the hell is this Miroku? Did you go threw Kagome's bag just for this?", Inuyasha yelled as he growled at him.

"Of course not. I was just curious as to what was in her bag thats all and I just happened across this. Though I can't say I would not mind if both Kagome and Sango wore this clothes.", he said wistfully as a fist connected with his head.

"Damn pervert!", Inuyasha said as Miroku shook his head trying to lessen the pain.

"Oh come on Inuyasha! You cannot honestly say that if Kagome was to wear this you wouldn't try to mate her would you?", Miroku questioned as Inuyasha turned red and started to stutter.

"T-th-thats not the point Miroku!", Inuyasha said with a huff and sat back down again.

Glancing at the catalog again as his curiousity got the better of him he began to look through the book. Soon Miroku and himself were engrossed in the images of half naked women. Not even noticing the presence of another being approaching.

* Hot Spring *

"Is it me or is it too quiet?", Kagome asked as she looked over to Sango.

"Yea, it does seem a little quiet. I swear if that monk is spying on us again I will beat him until he can't produce children!", Sango said heatly as she began to look around the area of the hot springs not noticing the intense golden amber eyes that were staring at them from some under brush.

Kagome tensed when she felt the aura but calmed down when it disappeared from her senses. 'Wierd, that aura felt very familar but who was it?', she thought as they finished bathing and got dressed to go back to camp. Neither was ready for what was to come.

'Why am I going as low as to spy on ningens?', a figure asked himself as he quickly left the area when the miko named Kagome seemed to have located him.

'Why am I so intrigued by my brother's wench?', he thought as he followed the aroused scent of his half-brother and the perverted monk in the camp.

'And what are they reading that has them so interested that they cannot sense this Sesshoumaru', he thought with slight anger as he prepared to make his presence known to the oblivious two.

"So do all women in Kagome's time really dress like this?", Miroku asked as they flipped page after page both were equally turned on by what the women in the catalog were wearing. Inuyasha shifted uncomfortably before answering, "Of course not these are woren under clothes". Miroku nodded as they continued looking at the catalog before Inuyasha jumped up and pulled Tessaiga out. Sesshoumaru had stepped into the clearing right as Inuyasha had pulled Tessaiga out.

"Sesshoumaru what the hell are you doing here!", Inuyasha growled as Sesshoumaru glanced around clearing before his eyes landed on a bundle of paper lying on ground in front of the boys.

"I do not need to explain myself to the likes of you half-breed.", he said as he dashed before Inuyasha grabbing up the paper. Sesshoumaru gave a deadly smirk when he saw both Inuyasha and the monk's face go pale at what he had in his hand.

"So this is what has gotten your attention little brother? A bundle of paper filled with half-naked ningen's? Why is your mate not doing her job to satsify you?", he smirked as Inuyasha's face turned red either from anger or embarrassment he did not know nor cared.

"She's not my mate! And I don't have to tell you why I was looking at that! Its none of your damn business!", Inuyasha yelled as Miroku chuckled slightly. Sesshoumaru merely turned and took a sat by a tree and proceeded to look at the catalg he had taken from the half-breed and the monk. As he flipped threw the pages Inuyasha and Miroku could only stare at him in shock. Sesshoumaru merely raised his eyebrow at what he was looking at.

'So this is what has gotten them so aroused. This Sesshoumaru can understand why, these women are attractive, even if they are ningens', he thought as he continued to look threw the catalog when he felt the miko, the demon slayer, fox kit and the neko coming closer to the clearing. He continued to look until they broke threw the tree line were they all stopped and stared at what was before them.

At this time Kagome, Sango, Shippo and Kilala had come to a stop in the clearing looking at everything with confusion. Kagome looked around and noticed Inuyasha staring at Sesshoumaru who was there sitting on the ground looking at her catalog? What the hell! How did he get my Victoria's Secret Catalog! I made sure no one saw it when I was looking at it and to keep it from Miroku's sight.

"Hey! What the hell are you doing? That's my Victoria's Secret Catalog! What are doing with it Sesshoumaru!", Kagome yelled at the surpised Taiyoukai. Sesshoumaru narrowed his eyes slightly before smirking at her.

"So this is what you wear is it not Kagome?", Sesshoumaru asked in a seductive tone that surpised everyone including himself.

"Uhhh...ummm...well you see...", she stuttered as she turned red with embarrassment. Sesshoumaru took that as a yes and chuckled. Inuyasha just looked at her with shock while Miroku well he had his famous grin on his face.

'Did he just laugh at me?', she thought then proceeded to get angry when she heard Inuyasha laughing as well.

"Inuyasha SIT BOY!", she yelled as Inuyasha fell to the ground with a string of curses that would make a sailor blush. Satisfied with that she turned to face the Taiyoukai who still had a smirk on his face.

"That is not funny! You...you...pompus ball of fluff!", she said angrily then slapped her hand over her mouth and stared in shock at what she just said. Sesshoumaru raised an eyebrow at her choice of words before turning to the sound of a loud SMACK.

"My dear Sango would you wear these clothes from Kagomes time for me because if you did I would make it worth your while", he said grinning as Sango saw red and attacked the monk who tried to run away only to be tackled by the flustered Taijya.

Sango stood up dusting herself off while Kagome took a deep breath once she realized Sesshoumaru was not going to slice her to pieces.

Sesshoumaru who had been watching the whole scene decided to take action. Picking up the catalog quickly and putting it in his haori. While Kagome was distracted he zipped in front of her startling her and threw her over his shoulder as he took to the sky. Kagome squeaked as she felt someone pick her up and put her on a firm hard shoulder. Her eyes widened as she saw that ground below her become distant. Turning slightly she noticed the bone armour and silver hair and felt her heart jump into her throat.

"Sesshoumaru! Put me down now!", Kagome yelled as she wiggled to get off.

"No." he simply said as he continued on his way.

"What do you want with me?", she asked getting slightly scared at what he might do to her.

" I want to know Victoria's Secret and to see these "clothes", he said as he glanced at her with a smirk on his face. Kagome turned red in face at his meaning.

"There is no secret! That's just a name for a company.. I mean market!", she quickly told him but she knew he wasn't listening if the blank stare was anything to go by. She propped her elbow up on his back as she watched the sunset while he continued to fly to some place she didn't know where.

'And all this started because of that damn monk's curiousity of that catalog! I knew I shouldn't have brought it!', Kagome silently fumed.

'I will know Victoria's Secret as well to why this Kagome intrigues me so much.', smirked the arrogant Taiyoukai as they flew out into the sunset.

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