[Author's Note: Imagine this is set some time after 'The Dark Knight' and 'Breaking Dawn' – The Joker has been incarcerated in Arkham Asylum, and the Cullens have moved to Gotham for a fresh start. Have you ever noticed how crappy the weather is in Gotham? Yeah, that gave me this idea…]

wonderwoundedhearers: Quick point - Renesmee never existed. Let's just say that everything went according to the original plan of how they would change Bella after graduation, and the battle with the Volturi never happened because Renesmee never happened – okey-dokey? What? I couldn't break up a happy family with a child! Who do you think I am?

Joker: The person trying to get me to seduce a married lady-

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"Edward," I sighed, "I want to study Psychology."

We were currently arguing – again – about going to college. I wanted to study Psychology, and Edward wanted to study Medicine – I didn't see the problem. We could both be happy doing what we wanted at different colleges, but Edward didn't want to be apart.

"But, Bella," he almost pouted, "we won't see each other during the day."

I rolled my eyes, "Edward, we're damn vampires! I'm going to see you in the morning, at night, in gaps between lessons, and…oh, yeah, for the rest of eternity."

He didn't seem to be able to spend a few hours away from me per day, for a couple of years – it wasn't like we were going to run out of time to be together! He was so frustrating.

"Love?" He said softly, and I internally groaned – he knew I liked it when he called me that.

I turned from him to look out of our bedroom window – I knew if I kept looking at him, he would try and dazzle me, "Yes?"

"I'll cave," he breathed, coming up behind me and wrapping his arms around my waist.

I grinned, "Really?"

He nodded into my hair, "I'll study Psychology with you."

I sighed, "Edward, you are going to study Medicine."

He chuckled against my neck, sending shivers down my spine, "Am I?"

I turned in his arms and glared up at him, "You will study Medicine, and I will study Psychology – this is the last argument on the matter."

Edward sighed, running one of his hands through his bronze hair, "Fine."

I internally jumped for joy.

I beamed, "I love you."

He chuckled softly, "I love you, too."


Dr. Abbot passed by my cell for the third time in thirty minutes – that man wanted something. His half-moon glasses glinted from the fluorescents along the wall of the corridor, and his silver hair – which was parted very neatly – shone with grease. He was quite short – the top of his head barely reaching the barred window of my cell – and his white lab coat brushed the grey concrete floor.

He looked like a fool, and that's what he was.

I laid back in the dark, my bunk covered in shadow – it was late, but I wasn't tired. I wanted to see what the good Doc' wanted. I was in the top security wing, and there was no one else anywhere near me. I grinned – I was a bad influence. But then that begged the question, why was the Doc' walking by my cell looking so high and mighty, and so damn busy?

He was a liar.

Ten minutes later I heard his footsteps coming down the corridor again, and I decided to make it easier on him…for now. I stepped up to the door – the fluorescents illuminating the orange of my standard issue jumpsuit – and waited.

"Good evening, Doc'," I greeted, and he jumped back against the wall – I could almost hear his heart pounding.

"Inmate," he nodded – well, that wasn't very nice…

"I have a name, you know," I said softly, and I watched the muscles in his jaw twitch.

"Joker," he sneered.

The Doc' wanted to play…

"That's right," I grinned, and he cowered slightly.

"Well, I must make my rounds…" He said, straightening up his tie.

"We both know that's a lie, Doc'," I whispered. "Just between you and me… I think you want something."

His small, grey eyes narrowed, "I want nothing from you."

Dr. Abbot's cheek twitched – liar.

"Are you sure? Because this will be the only chance you get to ask…" I trailed off, moving back from the bars and into the shadows of my cell.

Reel him in…

"Wait!" He hissed.


I stepped up to the door and peered down at him – he looked incredibly nervous, and I wasn't surprised. I was wearing my craziest smile.

"What can I help you with?" I asked quietly, a deadly tone to my voice – it came out sometimes when I felt…in the mood for something.

Right now…I wanted to cut him for all the times he analysed me, incorrectly or otherwise.

He coughed nervously, looking up at the security camera at the far end of the hall – it didn't have sound, and he knew it. He turned back to me, but his eyes couldn't connect with mine.

"My wife, she's in trouble…" He paused, "…with the sharks. I need some help – I know you have contacts. Maybe I could help you in some capacity…"

I smiled, wrapping my hands around the bars covering the tiny window, "There are others here who can do that, Doc'. Why me?"

"Everyone knows…you're the best…" He looked up, "What do you need? I can give it to you."

I took a moment to look him over again – there was one thing that I missed earlier, and it was that he reeked of desperation.

Just my type.

"How about you give me five minutes to…stretch my legs?" I smirked, and his face turned ashen.

"I…" He looked about, "I can't let you escape…"

"It isn't escape when I don't label it as such, Doc'. I label it as 'stretching my legs,'" I said in a low voice, silently telling him to cut out the word 'escape' from his vocabulary for the time being.

"I can… I can get you a break – a walk. One armed guard…" He whispered.

"If you let him walk me to the end of the block, then I'll be happy to help out the wife with those nasty men," I grinned.

He nodded, "Romeo Valentine – that's his name. Call him off my wife. I'll get you your break, right now."

I suppressed the urge to roll my eyes, "As soon as I get out, I'll pay him a visit – I can't very well do it now."

Dr. Abbot studied me for a moment, but his desperation was clouding his judgement and he agreed – and they call me crazy? He obviously couldn't see the downside to our…little bargain – like the fact as soon as I was out, I would do what I want when I want. But I could always pay his wife a visit…

He walked away after telling me my escort would arrive in five minutes.

I cracked my neck and knuckles – time to bust out of here. I had a bat to irritate and a city to destroy.

Two months later…


Edward had already left for his morning classes, and I only had one in the afternoon so I stayed home with Esme. Emmett and Jasper had gone hunting, Rosalie and Alice had gone shopping, and Carlisle was at Gotham General.

"Oh, Bella," I heard Esme sigh sadly from downstairs.

I flitted to her side, "What's wrong?"

She nodded to the TV and I gasped – it was a gruesome scene, and I was surprised that they had gotten anywhere near it, let alone permission for the footage to air.

The camera zoomed out and a brunette reporter came into view, "This morning the police received a call concerning the disappearance of a neighbour. Mrs Adele Abbot was found butchered in her bedroom an hour ago – some say this was the work of notorious madman, the Joker. Mrs Abbot's husband, Dr. Abbot, was also a victim of the Joker after Dr. Abbot aided the Joker in his escape from Arkham Asylum..."

Esme was shaking her head sadly as the reporter continued on, but I didn't want to watch it anymore – I had had enough of the death and destruction that occurred in the world. I decided to take a walk – it was rainy today, and I wanted the fresh air that the storm brought.

"I'll see you later, Esme," I smiled at her.

She said goodbye as I picked up my rucksack, and I was out of the door like a shot.

Our house was tucked away in a wood on the outskirts of Gotham, and it looked so much like the house that we had left behind in Forks, with its large glass windows and modern architecture. I pulled my black hooded jacket together and zipped it up over my grey t-shirt and black jeans – I knew Alice would kill me, but I didn't care. I loved Alice, but she was slowly wearing me down – I didn't know how the others stood her dressing them up for all those years.

My white Converse All-Stars would get muddy from the wood I was about to walk through, but I wasn't bothered today – today was a day where I wanted to be me and not Alice's 'Bella Barbie'. I enjoyed the rain coming through the green canopy above my head, and I smiled as I went at human-speed.

Eventually, I reached the edge of the wood that came out onto the road that led down into Gotham city. Despite the crime and the weather, it was a good place to live – the education was fantastic, and it was a prime place for business and technological growth. Vampires weren't worried about crime or weather – the criminals were afraid of us, and the weather generally worked to our advantage.

My thoughts turned to Batman – there was a human hero. My family and I had spent a very long time discussing him, trying to satisfy our curiosity, but we all decided that it was best left alone – we had a cover to keep, and we were already in the public eye. The lovely, beautiful, perfect Cullens were Gotham's newest gossip, and I knew as soon as I stepped into that Psychology class the rumours would start again.

I walked through Gotham at a snail's pace, when I realised that my class was due to start soon enough. I jogged a few blocks until I reached the College, tucked away between some of the smaller buildings on Gotham's main road. The boys stared and the girls bitched as I passed them by, but I didn't pay any attention. I got to my Psychology class in the auditorium with a couple of minutes to spare, and sat in my usual back-row seat.

Dr. Cliffe was a good teacher, but he often went over the material a few times and I knew that today would be no different. The class settled down and he began his presentation on Freud. I began to doodle aimlessly on my pad as the lecture wore on, but I could keep my attention fixed on Dr. Cliffe at the same time – thank God for vampire abilities.

"'Little Hans' also had a dream about two giraffes-" Dr. Cliffe began, but was cut off when a scream emanated from the hallway outside.

I listened carefully, and I could hear heavy footsteps – lots of heavy footsteps. I could hear the cocking of guns, and the whispers of men with deep, gravelly voices.

What the…?

"Shit," I murmured – I became worried about every single person in the building, but I was also worried about inadvertently blowing my cover.

I couldn't smell any blood, or hear any gunfire – I assumed we were safe, for now.

Dr. Cliffe hushed everyone immediately, "I'll be back in a moment."

I got up from my seat immediately – he couldn't hear what I could, and I suddenly didn't care about my cover – "I don't think that's a good idea, Sir."

He frowned at me over his black glasses – stubborn bastard – "Nonsense, Miss Swan."

As soon as he stepped out of that door, I heard the loud smacking sound that I thought I would and I heard his body slump to the floor. I sat back down, leaning back in my seat, trying to think what to do – there was only one exit, there were far too many people in this large class, and who would listen to me anyway?

I sank into the shadows that the back row offered, and pulled out my cell-phone.

I called Alice, "Alice!"

"Bella? What's wrong?"

I spoke so quietly that no one could hear, "There are men with guns, at the College – I can hear them. I don't know what they're doing, but they've taken out my professor and I'm worried about hurting anyone or looking like I know too much if I try to get anyone out of here."

"Okay," I could hear her worry – probably because she didn't see this happening rather than the situation itself – "I'll get someone to you, probably Em or Jazz. I'll call the police. Stay quiet. Stay out of the way."

I hung up and listened intently – I could hear voices getting louder and closer, and once they reached a certain point, I knew the rest of the class could hear them as well. The buzz of voices was getting louder in the classroom, and I could smell the adrenaline in the air – the humans were getting extremely scared. I felt the venom pool in my mouth a little, at the smell – it was so attractive to vampires, the fear of the prey…

I bit back my thirst – I was in control.

"Well! What do we have here?" A voice suddenly rang out in the large room.

I had no trouble seeing who was coming through the door – the Joker. His face was painted white, his eyes were shaded with black, and his lips were blood-red – his teeth flashed as he grinned through all his 'war-paint'.

I was not in control. The Joker never left anywhere without a little bloodshed, and even a little was enough to tilt my control slightly – I hadn't perfected my bloodlust yet.

He jumped up on the platform at the front of the class, his long purple coat swishing behind him and his manic smile at full wattage. He pulled out something from his pocket, and I bit back a hiss when I saw he had put on a pair of black rimmed glasses with blood spatters on the right lens – they were Dr. Cliffe's.

There was a scream from the front row and the Joker grinned down at the terrified girl, "Do they look that bad? I thought they might suit the studious atmosphere."

Panic broke out, and every heart began beating to a nameless, fast-paced tune – such sweet music…

Focus, Bella! You're not going to touch anyone… You can do it…

I pictured Edward's beautiful face to calm me, and I focused on the crazy man grinning around the room.


Ah, school – the halls of learning, the smell of chalk, the whimpers and screams of hundreds of students. Wonderful.

Valentine's mob had kindly switched sides, and I wanted to do a bit of destruction – my gut told me to blow something up, but at the last minute I thought a hostage situation would soothe my itch for mayhem. I had been out of the game for far too long…

We had subdued the classes with relative ease – one scream, a couple of deaths, not too much blood. I knew the figurative pot of gold would be the auditorium, and oh, how right I was – packed with frightened students willing to play some of my games.

After my entrance, I took my time sizing up the students in their seats. My boys moved up the rows, cocking their automatics just to get the message through to the young minds. There was a good mix of race, gender, size and age – I smiled at some of the girls who looked like they were about to pass out. No one interesting whatsoever, though – I frowned at that. I had thought there would be someone I could take, maybe who would come to love playing my games with me…

Oh, yes…

My eyes caught on before my mind did, but when it did… Oh, boy. Right at the back, set in the shadows, was a very beautiful woman – definitely a woman, not a girl. She was older than she looked – I could tell. Her eyes were darker than her long, curled mahogany hair, and her pale skin reminded me of my own – I knew she would just love to play…

I took my eyes off of her and looked down at a blonde boy in the front row – his eyes immediately showed fear, and I could smell it pouring off of him.

I grinned, "Who is that vision?"

He immediately turned to follow my line of sight, and then turned back, "Isabella Swan."

He gave up her name to save his own skin – spineless. But I had my information – he would play a game later, too…

"Isabella?" I smirked, looking up at the woman.

She returned my gaze coolly and my smile grew brighter – she had spirit. Her gaze looked hungry, almost like she was about to turn feral, wild – what was that about? I liked it…

I smoothed back my messy, green-tinted hair, "Well, hello there, Isabella – aren't you just perfect?"

I purred the last word, and I saw her eyes flash darkly – I'd caught a wild one. I made my way up the side stairs towards her in the back row – she was alone in the shadows, but it seemed to suit her perfectly. I sat down next to her, slipping my arm around her shoulders and putting a blade to her throat. There were gasps of horror, but she didn't even blink.

"Do you know how I got these scars?" I asked her, and I watched her black eyes impossibly darken a shade.

"No," she said quietly – her voice was beautiful, it would be a shame to cut her throat and ruin it.

"One day, I was at school and the other kids – you know how they are – they start picking on me. They tell me I'm not smart, not happy, not brave – so I go home and I think about how to remedy the situation, and it just comes to me!" I say, putting the blade closer to her perfect, pink lips. "I know how to look happy and brave – I take the razor from my daddy's medicine cabinet, and I cut myself a smile. Everyone thinks I'm happy then, and everyone thinks I'm brave…"

I turned my head and nodded to one of my boys – they aim, shoot and kill the blonde boy in the front row.

Screams flew up all around the room as I turned back to her, "He sold you out, Kitten."

But instead of seeing anger, or fear, or hatred, or disgust – as I had expected – I saw hunger. That wild look that I had seen beneath the surface had risen a great deal. I looked down at the blonde boy, and watched his blood pool on the hard-wood flooring from the hole in his head – what was the girl seeing?

As I looked back, her eyes seemed to glint dangerously and beneath her slightly parted lips I saw her teeth gleam – she looked beautiful.

"Aren't you going to ask what I want, what I'm doing here?" I smirked at her, letting the blade rest against her jugular.

The feral look in her eyes flashed once again, "I didn't think it would help."

I chuckled, "How right you are."

I stood and made my way back down to the front of the auditorium, keeping a close eye on the girl – she wouldn't be going anywhere.

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