"You must be pleased with this news." he said coming to the bed, "You must be thrilled to tell your Seeker." A few tears fell down her cheeks as she turned away from him, staring at the wall. "You can go tell them all right now."

Turning towards him, she held in her tears, "I can't see him. Not knowing what I have done. It would kill him."

He smiled widely, "Yes, he would be very upset, but I think I will give him our wonderful news." he turned and walked quickly out of the room.

The moment the door shut, leaving her alone, she released the tears she had been holding. Pulling her knees to her chest, she wrapped her arms around them, hoping to drown out her cries.

"Mother Confessor, are you alright?" Michael's voice came from the other side of the door, making her jump slightly.

"I'm fine." she said quickly, wiping her eyes as the door slowly pushed open.

"He has gone to your friends hasn't he?" he asked softly, standing in the doorway. She nodded, finding herself unable to speak. "The letter you wrote the Seeker-"

"How could I have told him like that?" she asked through a soft cry.

He smiled warmly, trying to comfort her, "I am sure he will understand."

Tears slowly ran down her cheeks as she looked away from him, "How could he?" she took in a deep breath, "At least he doesn't suspect."

"Open the door!" Rahl said as he walked down the hallway, "Restrain them." he added as he came closer.

"What's going on?" Richard asked as a group of soldiers came through the door.

"I have come to give you all the good news." Rahl said as he entered, "Your Mother Confessor is with child." he said looking at Richard, a wide smirk across his face, "It must pain you to know she carries my child."

The tears in Richard's eyes, made the smirk on Rahl's face turn up into a wide smile. "You take pride in the rape of your child's mother?"

"I assure you, it was not rape." he said with a slight laugh, "She enjoyed every minute of it."

He jerked forward, wanting to slam his fist into his face, "You raped her and you know it!" he shouted angrily as he held back his tears. "She would never allow you to touch her!"

"You underestimate her need to be loved. She is a woman. I simply gave her what she wanted and in return she will give me a child."

The more upset Richard seemed to get the happier Rahl seemed to get.

"Can we see her?" Zedd asked softly, silently hoping they could speak with her.

Rahl's smile widened as he thought about what Kahlan had said. "Yes. She would like to see you." Turning towards the door, he walked out slowly, "Bring the Seeker first."

"I have a gift for you." Darken Rahl said as he opened the door.

Stepping through the door, he saw her. Standing, back towards them, looking out of the window, the sunlight shining around her Mother Confessor's dress. Not daring to turn around for fear of looking disappointed if he wasn't standing behind her.

"Kahlan?" Richard's voice filling her with comfort.

"Watch them." Rahl said to the guards before leaving the room.

"Richard!" she half cried as he moved towards her, pulling away from the guards. Turning around, she pulled him into her arms, holding him tightly. "I wasn't sure he would allow you to come." she said softly, reaching for the rope that bound his hands.

"Mother Confessor," the guard said loudly, stepping closer, "I was ordered to-"

"It's fine. Wait by the door." Kahlan said calmly, her eyes narrowing as she looked up to him. Nodding, he stepped back slowly, keeping his eyes on them. "The other side of the door." she corrected herself, when he came to a stop.

"My orders-"

"You will be on the other side of the door. We can't leave without passing you."

He thought for a moment before taking another step backwards, "Yes, Confessor."

The moment the door shut, she returned her attention to him, "Where are Zedd and Cara?"

"They are still in the dungeon-Kahlan, what's going on?"

"He's using a quillion to take her Han. Once he has drained her, he's going to take it for himself." she sighed, tears slowly escaping her eyes. "He will be unstoppable. We have to kill him before he takes the Han."

Wiping her cheeks, he took in a deep breath, "Kahlan, we don't even know how long it will take." he looked to her stomach for a second, then returned his eyes to hers, "You-"

"It's not-" she paused, "I wanted to tell you before we left Aydindril"


"It's not his, Richard. It's yours."

He stared at her, trying to understand. "Why didn't you-"

"You would have insisted that I stay in Aydindril." she said quickly.

"The letter-Why didn't you-"

"I couldn't risk anyone else reading. Richard, if he found out... He would never allow me to bare your child." her voice softly cracking as she thought about what Darken Rahl would do if he knew.

Before she finished her thoughts, he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her. His heart relieved that it was his child she now carried.

Pushing him back, she pressed her forehead against his. "Your sword is in the dining hall." looking into his eyes, she sighed. "Michael will get you to it."

He nodded slowly, taking her hands in his and swallowing the lump in his throat, "Can we trust him?"

"Yes. I wasn't sure at first, but I am now." she said looking to the door, being sure they were still alone. "He will give you a key to the dungeon. The quillion is in the hall closest to the dungeon, that's where he has been spending most of his time. You won't have long until he has acquired all of her Han. We have to take out the men guarding the room. They never go inside and he has over twenty walking by it at all times. The Mord-Sith, Richard, they are inside the room. They've been watching Nicci. There are only eight of them." she said softly, taking in a deep breath, "This," taking his hands, she placed a small metal key in his palm, "will remove Zedd's Rada'Han-"

"How did you-"

"I took it from one of the Mord-Sith."

He smiled widely, "How long have you been planning this?"

"Since he informed me, nothing I did would protect you." she said softly, "Richard, I was so sure he wouldn't hurt you if I-" she closed her eyes, trying to hide the tears beginning to collect, "I had to. He-"

Reaching back to her face, he waited until her eyes opened, "I know." he said softly, "Kahlan, its okay."

She shook her head, tears falling without restraint, "I didn't fight him, Richard. I was so afraid he would have you killed, I didn't care what he did to me."

He stared at the wall; his mind uncontrollably imagined what she had gone through. His hands on her body, touching her in ways only Richard had before, his lips against hers, kissing her.

"I didn't kiss him." she said seeming to read his mind, her hand grabbed his, hoping he would listen. "I wouldn't- I didn't kiss him." she repeated, when he looked up to her face again.

He showed no emotion, his mind spun in circles, trying to understand. "Kahlan, you don't have to-"

"I want to. Richard, I would never allow him to-" she stopped, realizing what she was about to say. "Nothing I say will make it alright."

Slowly, he reached up to her face, gently wiping his thumb across her cheek, removing the tears that were falling. "You don't have to explain." he said giving her a small smile, "I know you. I trust you."

"I love you." she said softly.

Nodding, he smiled widely, "I love you too. Both of you." he said looking to her stomach for a moment. "I'm going to get you out of here."

A light knock on the door came before it slowly pushed open. "Mother Confessor, he should be moving now." Michael said as he dragged the soldier's body through the door. "Lord Rahl is with the qillion."

Moving past him, she released the breath she hadn't realized she was holding, "We should go then."

"Kahlan," grabbing her arm, he turned her towards him and kissed her.

Walking quietly down the hall, Richard and Kahlan followed him carefully; looking around to be sure they were not being watched or followed. "How much farther is it?"

He stopped, turning towards the Seeker, "You shouldn't waste time on this." he said softly, "The Mother Confessor believes you can do this, but it is risky. If you are caught, he will have you killed. You should get The Mother Confessor back to Aydindril. She would be safer there. She would have more protection-"

"I can protect her." Richard said quickly, looking from him to Kahlan, who stared at him, hoping he would see it as they did. "I can protect you."

Shaking his head, Michael let out a sigh, "If you could, she would not have had to do those things. If you take the thrown here, she would always be protected."

Now he understood why Michael was helping them. He hopes he would take the thrown from Darken Rahl. "I have no desire to take the thrown. I am not a Rahl."

"You are a Rahl. You are not like the others. You would bring justice and peace."

"He's right Richard." Kahlan spoke softly, "You could change everything."

He shook his head once again, "I am not what you are looking for."

"It is because you think this; you are the only one who should take it." Michael said before turning back and walking down the hall. "We're almost there."

"Why didn't you say anything before?" he asked her, keeping his eyes ahead of them.

Grabbing his hand, she sighed, "Because I know how you feel about it. I didn't want to push you into something you didn't want to do."

"But you think I'm making a mistake."

"It doesn't matter what I think."

"It does to me."

Stopping, she released his hand, knowing he would turn to face her, "I think you would make a great ruler. The people of D'Hara need you."

Releasing a hard sigh, Michael too came to a stop and pushed them into the Dining Hall. "You do not have time for this. Someone will be coming soon."

Keeping his eyes on her for a moment, he walked backwards to the long table in the center of the room. Turning around just as he reached it, he looked down to see several weapons lying side by side. Grabbing his sword first, he reached for the others. Stepping beside him, Kahlan picked up her daggers, her knuckles turning white with her hard grip.

"Were these the whole time?" He asked softly, picking up Cara's agiels.

"Yes. He enjoyed the sight. I could have attacked him with any one of these, but he knew I wouldn't." she said even softer as she picked up the dacra and handed it to him.

"We need to move. He has sent some men to get you." Michael whispered from across the room. "You have minutes before he comes for you."

"We don't have time to get to Cara and Zedd." Kahlan said turning to the D'Haran, "Go to them, and get them out of here."

Richard smiled, "Cara won't leave without a fight of her own."

"I will have to pass him on my way to the dungeon. I'll be dead before I reach your friends."

Thinking for a moment, she grabbed Richard's arm and pulled him towards the door. "Take him back to the dungeon." she said softly, "If they see you taking him back, they won't stop you." she turned to him, "I'll wait a few minutes, give you time to get to them and then I'll head towards Rahl."

"No, you can't go to him."

"I'll walk slow." she said giving him a small smile. "You can beat me there." Her smile widened as she waited for a response.

"Walk very slowly." he said as he followed Michael through the door.

Her heart pounding in her ears as she waited, wondering if the plan would even work. She slowly walked around the table, running her fingers across the table. After half a few minutes, she couldn't take the wait any longer. Walking quietly through the doors, she looked down the hall. Alone, she walked towards the dungeon, hoping her friends would already be there. The closer she became, the more her fear began to take over.

"Mother Confessor." She froze at the voice, "We were told you were to stay in Lord Rahl's chambers."

Slowly, she turned, the Mord-Sith before her towering above her. Placing a small smile on her face, she looked up. "I couldn't sit any longer."

"I'm going to take you back."

"Alright." she said, her smile widening as she waited for the other woman to step closer.

The moment she was within reach, Kahlan's hand came up, slamming the dagger into the Mord-Sith's shoulder, causing her to give a small yelp of surprise. Moving even quicker, she pulled it from her body and ran it across her neck, silencing her as she fell to the ground.

"Kahlan!" she turned quickly, weapon still in hand, "It's just me." Richard said softly, grabbing her hand and pushing it from his throat.

"Sorry." looking around, she noticed he was alone, "Where is-"

"They're waiting for us." he said, knowing what she was going to ask. "When you didn't come, I thought something had gone wrong."

"We have to hide her." Kahlan said nodding to the body lying on the ground beside them. "If anyone walks by..." her words trailed off as she bent down, grabbing the Mord-Sith's legs.

Hiding the body in silence, Richard found himself staring at the woman moving before him. The blood, now splattered across her face and chest, sent a wave of fear through him.

"I'm fine." she said noticing him staring.

"Kahlan, maybe you shouldn't-"

"I'm not going to sit out here and wait for you to come out of there." she said adamantly, looking up at him. "I'll be fine."

"It's not just you I'm worried about anymore." stepping over the bloody body, he pulled her to him, hugging her. "You can't expect me to let you rick your life or our child's." he said softly, trying to get her to understand.

Nodding slowly, she looked up to him, "I can't just wait, Richard."

He couldn't help the smile that crossed his lips, "You're not going to change your mind are you?"

"No." she said quickly, smiling herself. "But," she added a moment later, "I will be careful."

"Hate to interupt," Michael said as he came around the corner, "But we need your help."

It was easier than she thought, taking down the guards standing outside the room. "There's more?" Richard asked softly.

Nodding, Kahlan looked down the hall, "They're coming." she said as she pulled one of her daggers from a body she had pressed against the wall.

Slowly, Michael pushed the door open, being the first to walk in. Sitting in a chair, Rahl's hands were inches from a blue and orange glowing object, didn't open his eyes, or seem to notice the door open. Immediately, Michael identifying it as the quillion, motioned slowly for the others to follow him inside. As Kahlan stepped through the door, Rahl's eyes opened, connecting almost instantly with hers. A smile crossed his lips as they came closer, Richard holding the Sword of Truth tightly in his hands, led the way.

Immediately, the Mord-Sith ran towards them, standing between them and Rahl. With a smile, Cara ran forward, taking down the sisters that stood in her way. Kahlan was the next to move, running in after her friend. Losing sight of everyone except for the women coming at her, she jumped when his back hit hers, blocking two Mord-Sith from getting to her.

"I thought you would have been here sooner." he said quietly, looking down to his hands as the last of his guard's fell to the ground.

"Get away from it." Richard said as he stepped in front of him.

The glow faded as he pulled his hands away from the quillion. His smile widened, his eyes never leaving Kahlan. "It's a shame you're trying this. I've treated you well. You would be wise to think this through."

"I have thought it through." she softly replied.

"You thought up the whole plan didn't you?" he asked, looking over to Richard and back again. "You honestly thought that you would win." he laughed loudly as he raised his hands into the air.

Holding the sword up, Richard blocked the lightning that erupted from Rahl's palms. Cara ran forward with her agiels in hand trying to get close enough to kill the enemy. In a blur of motion, Rahl shifted one of his hands directly to hinder Cara's approach, immediately causing her to stop to deflect the magic flying towards her. As Richard's feet slid backwards, he noticed both Zedd and Kahlan quickly positioning themselves behind Darken Rahl.

Sensing a poised Kahlan ready to strike, Rahl heaved a final blast of energy before spinning around in time to grab her wrist as a dagger made its way towards his neck. A mix a fear and fury raced through her blood as Rahl pulled her before him, using her as a human shield. Slowly Richard inched closer, knuckles white and eyes filled with rage at seeing his beloved Kahlan wrapped in the arms of his brother.

"Come any closer and I will kill her." His voice filled with malice as he moved backwards, keeping his eyes on Richard.

"No you won't." Richard said confidently, "She's carrying your child."

Rahl's smile faded as Richard took a step closer, "She has a sister. I can always-"

"You won't get out of here alive." she said softly, looking at the side of his face. "He's not going to let-"

"He will do anything to save your life." Slowly, Rahl moved his mouth closer to her ear and whispered, "I'm going to kill them all."

The moment Richard took another step, Rahl's hand moved from Kahlan's waist, throwing lightning at The Seeker, knocking the sword out of his hands. He stood frozen for a moment as he thought.

"You are defenseless." he said softly just as Kahlan's elbow pushed into his ribs, trying to move to Richard. "You're not moving" he said loudly pulling her back to him.

"Let her go." Richard said trying to calm his anger.

"You know I won't do that." slowly his hands ran over her stomach, lightly grazing her breasts.

Gritting his teeth, he ran forward, pulling the dacra from his back. Seeing the rage in his eyes, she knew what he was going to do. Moving slightly to the right, pulled Rahl's attention to her just as Richard pushed the weapon into his side. A scream of pain flowing from his lips as he pushed her to the ground, grabbing hold of his brother. The light blue light flowed from him into Richard as he held the dacra in place.

Watching as Darken Rahl's body fell to the ground, Richard released a scream of anger before pressing his hands to his forehead in pain.

"Richard!" she yelled as he sank to his knees. Wrapping her arms around him, Kahlan pressed her forehead to his, "You absorbed the han." she said as he attempted to open his eyes against the pain. "We have to get him out of here."

Placing his hand on her shoulder, Zedd knelt down beside her, "Here," he held out the Rada'Han he had been wearing in the dungeon. "put this on him. It will help him while we get him back to the Sisters of the Light."

"Richard?" she said softly as she closed the metal around his neck.

A small smile crossed his lips as he pulled her to him and kissed her.

"Mother Confessor?"

Turning in the chair towards his voice, she pulled her eyes off of Richard, who was lying in bed. "Have you sent word to Sister Verna?"

"Yes, Confessor." Michael said as he stepped closer, "She replied in the journey book. She has requested you bring him to her."

"I won't go back." Richard said softly as he sat forward.

"If you don't. you'll die."

"I have this." he pointed to the Rada'Han. "It will keep me alive."

She turned towards him, "Richard, you have to learn to use it-"

He smiled, "You're not going to let it go are you?"

"No" she replied immediately.

"I'll go, but only if you come with me."

She studded his face for a moment, "I have to-"

"I'm not going unless you go too. Kahlan, I don't know how long I'll be there. I don't want to lose time with you. Miss anything."

"Michael," she turned to face him "Please write her back. Tell her we will be leaving in the morning."

"Yes Confessor." he said before he walked out, closing the door behind him.

"We should tell Cara and Zedd not to unpack their things."

"We don't have to take them with us." he said smiling widely.

She couldn't help but smile back as she pushed a few strands of hair out of her face, "Cara's not going to let you go without her."

"We don't have to tell them we're going." he whispered as he pulled her into the bed beside him, wrapping her in his arms and kissing her.