Updated: June 1, 2014

Well, I'd say it takes a real airhead

to step on a mine and another again.

However, you are indeed an odd one.

You know which idiocy works where and when

and, as hard as it is to admit,

how to break the ice.

I thought, 'why do you even have to?'

Nothing can make a dent in this frozen abyss.

Forever it will be void.

If it's the warmth of home you miss,

you're the only one who's holding on.

And why wouldn't you?

Yes, because fate has made a lucky man of you

to the woe of those deserving your place.

Endlessly, I can play with you,

this is the one test you can't ace.

So, maybe your fortune will go to waste.

I can hold your hand.

I can cross the seas.

I can make Namahage and Shisa meet.

Yet I've got nothing for you to gain.

But here's the catch.

I can call for a brutal fleet,

but I can't bring you down.

I can endure this silent pain.

I can't stand the way you look at me

the way you see through me.

I don't know how or why,

but when amethyst met black,

this abyss shattered into nothing—

like it's been that all the while.

Barren eyes cry

as you brought back life.

Now forever void

is forever touched.

Hey, you're indeed a lucky man

and I tell you as much.

But even luckier, I'd say

is the man you changed today.