Drabble written by inspiration from: http:/weheartit(.)com/entry/2642972

Thanks to alisXvolatX21 for doing the prompt!

I stood on the ledge overlooking the deep drop into the Pacific Ocean. My heart started to thud in my chest and I felt like I couldn't do this. I was thinking the impossible.

Jacob said that it was supposed to be a thrill. I could see why. If you hit the cold water the wrong way, your bones could be broken. It couldn't hurt as much as my heart had though. My heart was pieced back together by his love so why couldn't my bones do the same?

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Jacob asked as he came up beside me.

"More now than ever," I said. I knew I was doing this as my goodbye to the love of my life. I was hoping that the Pacific waters would wash the rest of the pain away. I wanted to let him go. I was okay with doing that now.

"When you jump, try to bounce back up as soon as possible or else you'll be dragged straight into the rocks. Then swim underwater for about five foot and to the left as soon as you get your bearings. I don't want you to hit your head."

I shook my head in agreement as my body shuttered. I realized quickly that it wasn't the wind that made me do that. It was Jacob grabbing my hand.

"Are you ready?" he whispered.

"Yes," I said.

"Okay jump in three, two..."

I felt my body falling fast to the ground, but it was the most liberating feeling in the world. I hit the cold water with a thud and allowed myself to float up as quickly as possible. I did exactly what Jacob said and swam five feet and then to the left. As soon as my head popped up out of the water I looked up to the ledge to see him.

He wasn't there.

Panic set in. He hadn't surfaced yet and I started to go into freak-out mode. I dove under the water to see if I could see him in the murky water and I could barely see two feet in front of me.

I popped my head back up again and still no Jacob. I started yelling his name and then a sudden tug pulled me under water.

I opened my eyes and saw Jacob at my face. I wanted to pop back up and swim away but I couldn't do it. His eyes looked so golden brown under that murky water and I felt something I'd never felt before.

I wanted him to kiss me.

As if he knew what I wanted, Jacob grabbed my face into his hands and pulled me close to him. We floated into this dark abyss, lips locked in place and it was the most amazing feeling in the world. His lips were blazing hot compared to the temperature of the water. I could have stayed there forever, but I couldn't breathe.

We both floated to the surface, lips still locked in place and as soon as my head popped out of the water, my legs wrapped around him as he kept us afloat. I couldn't let him go.

Everything was just too perfect.