Firefly here with a little Yu Yu Hakusho one-shot. Here's some Hieibara or KuwaHiei (whichever way you want to look at it) for you reading entertainment.

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Slumbering Dragon

Hiei didn't dream anymore, the nightmares long since chased away by the warmth of his lover next to him. Kuwabara observes the dragon sleep soundly, his head resting comfortably against the broad plain of the red-heads chest totally bared to the world in his state of undress. The human, equally exposed, draws the thin blue sheet further up their bodies careful not to wake the exhausted demon.

Every two or three months, the demon would take a week away from the Makai to spend in Ningenkai, visiting everyone and spending time with Yukina. His first stop though, was always the Kuwabara residence to give a proper greeting to his human. Tonight was one such night.

And if you were to ask Kuwabara, no one says hello quite like Hiei does.

Large hands rest on the little demon's lower back content to bask in the fading afterglow of their most recent love-making. The psychic watches the fire demon with soft, interested eyes. It's not often he gets to watch Hiei sleep. Normally, it was Kuwabara who fell asleep first, and Hiei always woke up before dawn solely out of habit. Yet here they were, Hiei sleeping laid out of him chest, forced into slumber from the trials of his day.

The trip from Makai must've worn him out, Kuwabara thinks. From their conversation earlier, the teen had garnered that work at the patrols hadn't gone so smoothly this month. An influx of discombobulated humans had found their way into demon world, and needed to be located and returned to human world with their memories swiped. Seeing as Hiei was one of maybe two demons with both of those abilities, Kuwa's little love was, quite frankly, overworked and underpaid.

He ran a hand through the dark hair atop Hiei's head. Thick ebony locks, they were always softer than they appeared and surprisingly, naturally spiked. (That bit of information was revealed after a reluctant game of truth or dare). Kazuma smiles at the keening purr rising from the back of Hiei's throat, looking down when the fire demon shakes off his hand and lifts his head to peer crimson eyes at his human mate.

"You're still awake."

Kazuma nods.

"You don't normally fall asleep so quickly. Suppose I wore you out too quickly."

"Hn, Baka. As if you could possibly wear me out," he scoffs adjusting himself so that his own chest now lined up with Kuwabara's, tucking his head into the nook between the human's neck and shoulder to rest on the pillow.

"I don't know. You passed out pretty quickly. I didn't even get a goodnight kiss."

His laughter is cut short by Hiei's lips over his own in a chaste kiss.

"Shut up and go to sleep, ningen. I'm tired."

And with that the hiyoukai settled back into his side to sleep.

Kuwabara chuckled a few seconds longer at the demon's antics before settling in himself and falling to the dreams about a certain slumbering dragon.


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