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"(…)- I… I like you, Yi Jung-sunbae…
- Thanks. Thanks but… I have a couple of rules when dating a woman.
One, I won't date nice girls. Two, I won't mess with foolish girls. Three, I definitely don't get involved with girls connected with my friends. You know that all these rules apply to you, right? My answer is no.(…)"
- From "Boys Over Flowers" Episode 18

What if in a moment, you'd question all the rules you've imposed yourself for the sake of love?
When Ga Eul confessed to him, he was convinced that it was simply one more of her silly ideas. When he realized that she was serious he told her there were a couple of rules he followed when dating a woman. Now Ga Eul has decided to stop crying and move on with her life. She has even found out a new person… what will Yi Jung do now? Starting after chapter 18.

Chapter 1 - Chen Yu Shin

Ga Eul was sitting in front of one of the tables she was supposed to be cleaning. Her mind, however, couldn't be farthest away. She was still thinking about what had happened almost two weeks ago, when she confessed to him. He had rejected her… and reality hurt.

Jan Di had threatened to kick Yi Jung until oblivion for her, but since she also had her own share of problems with Gu Jun Pyo, Ga Eul kindly refused. Ji Hoo had told her that, if there was anything she could do, he would be glad to help and Woo Bin had been coming to the shop once in a while, to talk with her. Even though he was Yi Jung's friend, he also had great affection for the country bumpkin. However, the Casanova himself hadn't appeared or said anything yet. He seemed to be avoiding her and that merely made her even sadder.

She sobbed, while trying to hold up the tears that threatened to fall.

- Ga Eul! – called the boss, from behind the couter. – Did you finish cleaning already?

- Al… almost! – she said, while getting up, cleaning the tears quickly. Lifting a tray filled with cups and glasses, she didn't notice someone entering the shop until the moment she ran into him.

There was a loud crash and a shriek and her boss shouted:

- Ga Eul, are you okay?

- I'm sorry! I'm so, so sorry! – she said, bowing to the stranger and not looking at his face.

- It's okay. You did not hurt me, miss…? - the stranger said in a deep velvet voice.

Ga Eul turned to look at his face and stood still, admiring him. He was tall, much taller than her. He had a penetrating gaze made of green and brown fixed on hers, a sweet and open smile on his face and brown hair completely messed up. He was wearing jeans and a blue blazer over a white shirt.

Ga Eul was slightly taken aback by his figure but quickly recovered from shock.

- I'm glad I didn't hurt you, sir. I apologize for…

- There's nothing to apologize…

She nodded unsure and bended herself down to pick up the remaining pieces in the ground. The man did the same.

- Sir! – Ga Eul exclaimed, horrified. – You don't…

- If I don't do this, your beautiful hand will get cut… - the stranger said, holding her hand in mid air.

Ga Eul blushed profoundly and still pulled him up. He obeyed her command.

- Let me take care of that, sir.

- If you insist… - he said looking dejected and walking towards one of the tables near the window, where he sat.

Ga Eul cleaned up the mess and then went in his direction to ask for his order. As soon as he saw her, the man made a huge smile once again.

- So, what will you order?

- I'll want abalone porridge and your company.

- … - she wrote it down and then lifted her head – My company? I'm afraid that's not on the menu…

- It's a special request. – he said, with a smirk.

Ga Eul eyed him suspiciously.

- Oh, come on! It's not like you have any more customers! – he said, still smiling and making her smile a little too. The shop was indeed empty, apart from him. – Please?

- … I'll see what I can do… - she said, leaving for the kitchen.

She came back a few minutes later with his request and bowed:

- Have a nice meal…

- Can't you stay? – he asked, suddenly looking like a lost puppy. – I could really use some company…

- I don't even know you…

The stranger reached for her hand, grabbed it and shakes it, saying:

- Nice to meet you. My name is Chen Yu Shin.

- … I'm Ga Eul. Chu Ga Eul. Nice to meet you. – she said, with a small smile.

- Now can you stay?

- … okay… - she said and Yu Shin smiled.

Ga Eul sat in front of him, not saying anything and simply watching him eat. His movement, she noticed, were perfectly harmonious and graceful.

- So… now that you know my name… perhaps you can tell me why was it that the beautiful girl I have now in front of me, was sitting at one of this tables crying a few moments ago…

She seemed surprised for a while.

- How did…

- I notice? - he said, ending her phrase. – Anyone who would be passing by would notice such a pretty girl crying…

- …

- Let me guess… there is a person… a boy, am I right?

She wavered a little before answering positively.

- Ok. So this boy… you like him very much, don't you?

She nodded.

- But he doesn't feel the same for you?

She nodded once more, even though she was clearly sad. The man stared at her for a while and said:

- He must really be blind, stupid, mute or deaf not to notice such tenderness and love in one person…

Ga Eul looked to the other side, blushing. The man smirked and said:

- I'm also in the same kind of situation, you know?

- Really?

- Yeah. Do you want to talk to me about it?

She did not know later what was it that managed to bribe her into telling him. She told him everything, from when they met, to his personality and habits and he listened for more than hour and a half. Even when he finished his porridge, he made no move to go or stopped paying attention. When she finally stopped talking, he sighed and told her his story:

- I'm almost the same, you know? I… I married a woman I was really in love with…

- You're married? – she asked surprised.

- Was. Why? Do I seem too young to be divorced already?

- No… it's just…

- You didn't imagine? – he said, with a smirk.

She nodded, ashamed of her too blunt curiosity.

- Well, I'm flattered by your generosity. I'm a little bit older than you, that's right. Anyway, when we got married I was completely in love with her. I would do anything for her, if she asked me to. However, she wasn't as in love with me as I was with her.

- What happened? If I may ask…

- I found out I wasn't the only man she shared her bed with…

Ga Eul lifted her hand to her mouth, horrified.

- I'm so sorry… - she said.

- Yes… the worst part of it was that divorce was complicated…

- She didn't want you to divorce her?

- Precisely. If she divorced me, she would lose the comfortable life she was habituated to have…

- Oh…

The man watched her expression in silence. Ga Eul was pretty, but that hadn't been the only reason why he had entered the porridge shop. She had just seemed so fragile and alone that he had wanted to hold her and protect her from whatever was harming her.

- So, as you see, we're not so different… we both know what is to suffer for love…

She agreed in silence. Yu Shin seemed a decent man, honest and true. She couldn't imagine what kind of woman could possibly do that to him. Smiling tenderly she said:

- I'm sure you'll find someone who you'll be able to love again…

- Yes… but right now, doesn't seem like that will never happen? – he asked and she nodded.

- It does. As if all the air is gone and there's nothing left more to fight for…

- Like there's no way out from the darkness…

- And there's no light up ahead. – they said at the same time. Both looked at each other before laughing. It was the first time in weeks that Ga Eul laughed so openly or had a reason to do it.

- It's the first time I laughed in weeks… - she confessed.

- It's the first time I had something to laugh about too…

Ga Eul smiled. It had almost been three hours since the man had entered the shop and she felt completely relaxed now, not thinking anymore of her problems.

- Thank you for your time… - the man said – … and for listening to me.

- What are you saying? You heard me first, so I should be the one thanking you!

- Well then, I guess we're even. – the man said, raising himself from the table. Ga Eul did the same and the man hold her hand in his, placing a light kiss on her hand. She blushed.

The man was just about to leave the shop, Ga Eul was lifting the tray when he turned around and asked:

- How old are you, Ga Eul-sshi? If I may ask…

- Me? I'm nineteen…

- Really?

- Yes. Why?

- Well, since I'm only 7years older, I think you could call me sunbae… - he said, with a smile, leaving her with her mouth open. – See you tomorrow!

She watched him leave, unable to move. He walked towards a car, an expensive one as she could tell, and drove off, waving his hand. Only after he left did she smile…

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