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Chapter 9 - I'm Sorry

The kiss started hungry and desperate, for both of them. As if they were trying to prove a point or make a statement to each other that they were wrong… but what they were wrong about or wanted to say they didn't even know themselves anymore.

As Yi Jung's hands roamed her back, one of them nested itself against the back of her head, making her angle it so he could kiss her more thoroughly. Ga Eul was merely able to moan before her hands started to roam his torso, making him shiver in pleasure.

With a swift movement, Yi Jung lifted her up to place her sitting on the table becoming perfectly nested between her tights. He gave her no time to think, as he ravished her neck, drinking in her scent and how sweet her skin tasted, while his hands roamed her figure under her clothes. She was better than the most wonderful wine… and he was sure he was going to become quickly addicted to her.

She was a drug that he couldn't seem to let go, no matter how many times he tried to forget about her. There were no woman who tasted this sweet, no sound on earth that he would rather hear than her moans as she pressed herself involuntarily against him and he had to use all of his auto-control not to take her right there, right now…

Ga Eul didn't care anymore; it had been too long since she had sent all concern away… perhaps since last night, when he had said those words to her…

"How am I supposed to let you go… when you come to me…?

She couldn't even remember why she had been getting away from him…not when he kissed her like that, or touched her like he needed her desperately… why had she…?

It was when he was kissing her collarbone that a familiar face appeared on her mind. She couldn't help but froze… she remembered now. She recalled what she had wanted to tell him. She was…

Ga Eul gulped down and tried to push him back. She could feel how he immediately froze and leaned away from her, very, very slowly. When she locked eyes with him, she was astounded at the mix of emotions she found inside: there was longing and desire, as well as fear and sadness…

She took a deep breath and kissed him on the lips once more, as his eyes closed. Lightly… softly… lovingly…

There were tears in her eyes. He knew, despite being with his eyes closed while she kissed him. He didn't want to see… he was actually afraid, for the first time… afraid of getting rejected… but what puzzled him was to why such a little woman had so much impact on his feelings? How could she create such havoc with just a few kisses…?

"Yi Jung-ah…" - she said, softly. It was the first time she had called him that; she wanted to try to hear the sound of it and to see his reaction. Even if it was only this time…

He kept his eyes closed but she could see the tension on his face.


"You were right, you know? I do still love you…"

"…" - he relaxed a little but something told him that he should keep his eyes closed; that she was not over with what she wanted to say…

"I think a part of me will always be in love with you… perhaps, the bigger part of me…" - she said, chuckling a little. Then her tune turned serious. – "But you also know we can't be together… no matter how hard we try now, there are already other people involved that can get hurt if we…"

Yi Jung lowered his forehead to her right shoulder, his face shielded from the outside world on her neck and his arms locking themselves around her torso loosely. All his previous thoughts seemed to have disappeared and now there was a blank void in his mind. He could feel Ga Eul's arms coming around him, while one of her hands gently combed his hair. It felt nice…

"Yu Shin-ah… he asked me to move in after my birthday…"

He felt himself go stiff. She felt it too.

"He treasures me a lot… he has even said that he wants to marry me once we move together… he wants to give Mi Nae another shot at having a mother… at having a family…" - she didn't even know why she was saying all of this to him. She just felt like he needed an explanation, even if it was a tear filled one. She just couldn't seem to stop crying…

They didn't know how much time passed; they stayed in that position for what seemed like hours, unable to move… unable to think… just hugging each other as if they were the most precious things each one had in the world, as the sun kept on entering through the large windows of the pottery room.

So when Yi Jung moved, Ga Eul was startled. He slowly straightened himself up and backed away from her, turning to walk in the direction of where he had came from, without looking at her. For a while, no one spoke; then Ga Eul lifted herself up and rearranged her clothes, also in silence.

"You know… I was right… about my rules… they all do apply to you…" - he said, without facing her. Ga Eul could feel her eyes water.

"I know…" - she said, trying her best to keep herself composed.

"Just… for once, I just wish I could break them…" - he said, turning to look at her. She lost her breath at the sad broken gaze he was giving her. - "… If only I'd realized it sooner…"

"… I know… I'm sorry…" - she said, already sobbing.

"Yeah… me too…" - he said, with a sad smile.

Ga Eul, unable to stare at him anymore, quickly turned around and left. Meanwhile, the young potter leaned against the nearest wall and let himself slump down along it, crying helplessly as he hadn't in a while…

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