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Chapter 1: Such is an Artist

Hikari stepped back and smiled, admiring her work. A statue that was a few inches taller than her stood in front of her, standing on a pedestal. The statue's fists were up and clenched, a mischievous and excited look in his eyes. If he weren't made of marble, Hikari would have expected him to run off at any moment.

She wasn't sure what had compelled her to make the sculpture look like this. She didn't know anyone that looked even remotely like this. She didn't seem to mind, though, he looked more wonderful than any real person.

Hikari giggled to herself. Where had her modesty gone?

She suddenly decided that the spot the statue was in simply wasn't good enough. There were other statues in the room, but they were all of Pokemon or objects. This was her first sculpture of a human (and what a lovely one it was…) and it deserved a special place. She looked around, and then saw a spot in the center of the room where the light from a window above shone down from the ceiling. Hikari grinned. Perfect.

Moving the statue was very hard. Hikari should have seen this coming; she must have been too distracted. She usually had her friend, Kouki, around when she needed to move something. But no, there was something special about this that made her want to do it herself. It took much longer than Hikari had hoped, but she finally did it. Hikari sighed, satisfied, and returned to her room.

The next morning, Hikari got dressed and went down to see her sculpture. She thought to herself that it looked even more flawless than the day before. She touched the statue's cold cheek and wondered what his expression meant. She was the artist, so she should have the right to come up with it herself. But somehow, she felt that the sculpture ought to be independent.

Hikari left the statue's presence and went outside to walk around. She kept thinking back to her sculpture. It was the most wonderful, flawless thing she'd ever made.

"Hikari…Hikari!" She was snapped out of her thoughts when she saw Kouki waving his hand in front of her face.

'Ah, sorry, I was distracted," Hikari said sheepishly.

"About what?" Kouki asked, tilting his head.

"Well, I had just finished the sculpture I was working on…" Hikari said.

Kouki grinned. "Oh, really? That's great!" he said.

"Mmhmm…" Hikari said, nodding slowly.

"Well, I've got to go. Bye, Hikari!" Kouki said, heading off. For some reason, Hikari couldn't help but notice how slowly he walked.

Hikari went about her day slower than usual, thinking about her sculpture the whole time. As soon as she returned home, she went and looked at her sculpture again. She wished that she could talk to it. It was constantly in her mind, and it was starting to become strange. She sighed and turned around, going up to bed.

The next morning, Hikari went straight into the town, not checking on her statue before she left. She felt a gnawing at her heart, but she couldn't stare at it every day. It wasn't as though it would decide to leave her.

She walked into the town's church. It was small, but quaint. There were a few benches, but they were all empty. At the end wall there was a stain glass window with a design of a beautiful young woman with blonde hair. It was the goddess that watched over all the land, Cynthia.

Hikari always felt gratitude toward the goddess. It was because of her that the land flourished, that Hikari had a house to live in, that she could make the sculpture…

Hikari sighed. There she went, talking about the sculpture again. "I wish I could just talk to him…" she said.

Is that what you really want?

Hikari looked around in surprise. The church was empty. Who could have said that?

She looked back to the stain glass window and gasped. A blindingly bright light came from the window, and a figure emerged. She had long blonde hair that flowed behind her, and every step she took was graceful.

"G-Goddess?" Hikari stammered.

Cynthia nodded slightly. "Who is it you wish to talk to?" she asked.

"M-My statue," Hikari said, looking at Cynthia with wide eyes. Was she really talking to a goddess?

"Your most recent one?" Cynthia asked. Hikari was almost certain that she would have know the answer without her saying anything, but she nodded frantically.

Cynthia said nothing for a few infuriatingly long minutes. "Go home and look at your statue," she said finally. She turned away, and then walked back into the window.

Hikari gaped at the window. Was all of that real? She darted out of the church and went home.

She stood in front of her statue and stared at it. Nothing had changed. Hikari sighed. Of course it wasn't real. She must have been seeing things in her desire to talk to her statue. She must be going crazy, that kind of thing wasn't possible…

Hikari was about to turn to leave when the sculpture suddenly started glowing. She gasped and jumped back in surprise. Color started going into the statue's ivory-colored skin. His eyes turned orange, his hair blond, and his clothes began to look like they were made of real cloth.

The statue's arms dropped to his sides, and he glanced around the room. "Whoa…" he said. His eyes looked on Hikari's and he broke into a wide grin. "Hey there!"

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