I wanted to put all my focus on my other story but here is my active imagination going. I just could not resist. The whole bad boy and girl with cancer theme was inspired by A Walk to Remember but this story is ABSOLUTELY nothing like AWTR.

Just to clarify if there might be any confusion, the conversation here at the beginning is between: Esme, Carlisle, Elizabeth, and Edward Sr. I don't like doing multiple POV's, and the majority of this story will be in Edward's point of view but since this is the Prologue and I always like to start my stories short, this chapter will be in Carlisle's point of view.

"I'm a tolerant woman Elizabeth, but egging my home - my home that I have put a lot of hard work into over years. Your son is out of control,"

"We understand that Esme but pressing charges, sending Edward to jail seems a little unorthodox for egging a home. There are worse crimes that have been committed throughout the world that are more worthy of jail," She sighed. "I don't think I could bare to see my son in jail even he has been causing trouble recently."

"And you don't think I dread the idea of seeing my godson in jail? He can't slide away from this one though,"

"We will give whatever amount of money you need to fix your home, Esme."

"Don't you try throwing your money and influence in my face, Edward!" Esme snapped. I reached forward and put a hand on my wife's shoulder in an attempt to calm her. Esme is one of the most kind and gentle of people I have ever known; seeing her angry scared me. I could hardly blame her though. Edward is a good friend of mine but as a lawyer - a rich lawyer - he could be overly confident and very cocky.

"I'm honestly trying not to do that, Esme but it seems like the right thing to do."

"Right thing to do?" She was angry now. "I have not even received an apology from your son but you think money will make everything alright."

"My wife is right," I added finally joining the conversation. I had been quiet throughout most of it so I could let Esme say what she wanted to say but it also gave me a chance to think of something things.

"I think I have a solution that will work out for all of us." I told them. Edward, Elizabeth, and Esme all turned to look at me.

"What is it Carlisle?" Elizabeth asked me with a calm demeanor.

"Edward can do volunteer work at the hospital. The hospital could always use help, and Edward could learn some work ethic, responsibility, and maybe even clean up his act."

"I like that idea, it-" Edward started but Elizabeth interrupted him.

"The new School year starts in two weeks. If he gets way into hospital work now, he won't have time for studies once School starts."

"I started after school work when I was fifteen, Elizabeth. I was able to work and keep up with my studies. I even worked at McDonald's - of all places, when I was in medical school." I told him, trying to hide my annoyance.

"And lets be honest Elizabeth, when was the last time our son gave any care to his education?" His question was rhetorical but it was the truth. Elizabeth and Edward's son - Edward Jr had gotten into the typical teenage rebellion a year ago. He started caring less about his education; always skipping school, started smoking cigarettes, and causing trouble around the town.

"Okay, okay. If it puts on the option of jail out then I am okay with it."

Elizabeth turned away from us and looked at the stairs. "Edward, I know you have been listening on this conversation. No need to hide anymore, please come out here."

Edward had obviously kept himself hidden on the stairs and all of the sudden he appeared; He hopped over the final step and walked over to us. He was slouching and did not look happy at all.