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Oh and I just want to warn you. Throughout the story you won't learn that much about Bella's cancer. I've done some research but talking about all that medical stuff, well I'm not that good at it. I will try my best for important details when needed… speaking of Bella; this is her introduction chapter.

"…at ten you will go to the second story and clean up all the bathrooms."

Carlisle had not even waited five minutes when we got the hospital and he started explaining my duties for the day. We had started in his office waiting on Mike. Yep, Mike. Mike had helped me that night. He was also getting the same punishment. When Mike was running ten minutes late Carlisle decided he did not want to sit around and wait so he took me on a tour of the hospital.

To the right of me a group nurses of all different ages stood around a desk space chattering away. Their voices were bubbly as they spit out the latest gossip going on about the town. Some of the more younger nurses winked at Carlisle as we walked passed him while others undressed him with their eyes. He was oblivious to their actions. He only has eyes and affection for Esme.

"When you're done cleaning the bathrooms and you will take trash items to the recycle bins outside of the hospital. Just ask any nurse to direct you to the bin location."

We continued our trek throughout the hospital. I was taking in my surroundings like an annoying hawk. We approached a waiting room. Sitting in the ratted and faded seats were a bickering couple; the woman pregnant and trying to push away her overbearing boyfriend. There was a middle aged mother holding an ice-pack to her young son's head, and an elderly man browsing a crumpled newspaper.

"After that nurse Denali and nurse Mallory will find you. They will expect your help sorting and delivering medication to our in care patients."

Once we passed the waiting room Carlisle and I heard an ear splitting scream that stopped us both dead in our tracks. The scream was followed by sobbing.

"What the hell was that?" I asked frowning in the direction of the noise.

"Watch your language Edward, especially in a hospital. The older people won't tolerate it and young kids should not hear that vulgarity coming from your mouth."

I scoffed. It's just words; albeit they do have strong meanings but no young kid will know what they mean. If they repeat what I say, then that is there choice and nothing I should get in trouble for.

"Still what the hell was that? Someone getting there leg cut off?" I joked.

Carlisle frowned at me. "That's not funny, Edward."

"Well at least I can find some humor among this drama. Jeez talk about overreacting."

"That noise you just heard in there is of a little girl. A little girl getting her blood drawn. You know why she is getting her blood drawn? Because her mom was high on drugs, and stayed high on drugs when pregnant. Cocaine was her favorite. Now that little girl has to constantly get her blood drawn and get checked out because she was born addicted to Cocaine."

I stared at Carlisle in shock. I had never heard of something like that before.

"How old is she?"

"She just turned eight years old."

I was in even more shock. Eight years old. Eight years old

"Now maybe you will think twice before making jokes like that,"

"I'm sorry," I said quietly. The words just flowed out of my mouth. I had no control of them. I did not say sorry easily but I honestly meant it.

"Oh, so now you're saying sorry?" He did not even look at me when he spoke. Every chance he gets he plays for an apology for what I did and he won't get it but I am sorry the joke I made.

I may make jokes and, I'm not all rainbows and lollipops but I'm not completely heartless. A little girl born addicted to Cocaine - that's just horrible. But who would of thought something like that would happen here in little and boring Forks.

I guess small towns get as much action as any other place.

"If I really wanted I can just walk out of here right now but you would just stop me and bitch to my parents. So why don't you stop condescending me and finish telling me what you dragged me here to do."

We continued our journey down the hallway and Mr. Peace keeper kept on telling me my schedule for the day.

"Once you're done helping nurse Denali and nurse Mallory meet me in the cafeteria for lunch and I will give you the rest of your duties."

A doctor and a nurse rushed passed us without a care in the world deep in rushed conversation. Discussing medical things. Words came out of their mouths that I've never heard of. Words you might not even find in a dictionary.

Carlisle must be fervently sane and hold a lot of restraint to be a doctor with the things that happen here. I doubt I can manage his prowess for even an hour. I am bound to fuck something up.

I will fuck something up. It's what I do best. It's what I'm known for really.

I don't even know damn CPR. So why am I here again? Oh that's right. Mr. Peace keeper is punishing me. I really don't get why Carlisle and Esme are making a big deal out of me egging their home. They need to take the sticks out of there tightly wound asses and learn to laugh. Learn to take a joke.

"Ah Mr. Newton. Better late than never." Mike approached us with a perky nurse following behind. He was practically walking like a duck - looking very uncomfortable in the blue scrubs.

"Mr. Newton kept having a disagreement with the scrubs Dr. Cullen but he is all set." The nurse explained and patted Mike on the shoulder before taking off. Mike watched her retreating form, staring at her ass till Carlisle spoke up.

"I expect you to be on time tomorrow Mr. Newton." Carlisle was more formal with Mike than me. Odd. Oh well.

"Yeah, whatever. I'm here now lets get this over with." Mike mumbled and I silently agreed with him.

Mike had not apologized to Carlisle and Esme either. He was probably even more angry than me for being here. He never failed to remind me that it's my fault but Mike could have stopped egging the Cullen home. Hell he did not have to help me at all. I was so angry that night that I had no control of my actions.

Carlisle, Mike, and I made a walk down the busy hallway. I was barely listening as Carlisle informed Mike of his duties. I would roll my eyes every time Mike played dumb making Carlisle repeat himself.

The more you prolong it the longer we will be here you stupid idiot.

I don't want to be here any longer than need be.

If I were not here right now I would be back at home in a dreamless sleep.

All I really want is for this day to pass quickly so I can go him and go back to sleep while dreading coming in here a second day; which would probably be how the majority of how this week will go. The hours will let up when I start school - which is a relief. Maybe if I can keep up some good work I won't have to do this stuff of forever.

Carlisle was about to send us off to start our duties for the day when a girl zoomed out of a nearby room. She looked to be about my age. She looked so weak as she moved. She was barely even walking, it was like she had to force her feet to move. Dark circles curved under her eyes, and she looked like she would pass out at any moment.

"Dude, she's hot." Mike whispered and I rolled my eyes.

Mike was right though. Despite the unhealthy state that she was in, she really looked beautiful; she has short brown curly hair which ends at her shoulders - her eyes are also brown. Her body is about perfect. She is not to skinny but she is not overweight either; she has curves in all the right places.

"Bella," Carlisle exclaimed with concern evident in his voice. "What are you doing up?" He raced over to her as she slumped against the wall and her eyes instantly shut. She opened them when Carlisle gently grabbed her by the shoulders.

"Carlisle, you need to get them to back off," She murmured.

"They're just worried about you sweetie," He spoke soothingly.

She pulled herself away from and huffed which made me smile. Looks like Mr. Peace keeper can't always keep the peace.

"Of course they're worried about me. I have cancer! I don't need them to constantly be on edge around me and throw a pity party. And if Renee keeps trying to breath down my neck I swear I will scream!"

Cancer. Cancer? Did this girl just say she has cancer?

Once shock after another in this hospital. Might as well be living in a damn sappy soap opera.

"I will talk to her-"

"Talk to them and get them out of the hospital for a few hours," She begged. "Please, Carlisle. I just want a few hours to myself and if it will make you feel better I will use my free time to get some sleep. I just need a break from them. Every time I turn around they're there. I feel like I am suffocating."

"I will talk to your parents but I can't promise I can get them to completely back off. If you were my daughter I would be worried about you all the time. It's what parents do."

"Thank you, Carlisle." She tried to smile but nothing would come out. She must be really tired.

"Let's get you back to bed Bella. That walk probably wore you out. Next time page me if you need to talk." Bella nodded her head and leaned into him. Carlisle secured one of his arms around her waste and the other on her shoulder. He held her close as he turned around to me and Mike.

"Edward, you and Mike go get started. I'm going to take Bella back to her room then I am going to get started on my rounds. Remember what I said; just find any nurse if you need some help."

Carlisle and this girl called Bella took off and disappeared into the room Bella came out of just seconds later. Mike and I started walking down the hallway.

"Dude, did she say she has cancer?" Mike asked dumbfounded. He is not much for paying attention.

"Yeah… she did." I was practically in a daze. First the eight year old who is addicted to cocaine and now a girl my age who has cancer. It just did not seem right to me.

"She's our age right?"

"Yeah… I think so…"

"That's messed up," He mumbled. "Hot girl having cancer."

There is the one thing right there that separates Mike and I completely. Mike looks at women like a piece of meet. He is always staring at a woman's breasts whenever he has conversations with them. Me, I don't treat women like that at all. Surprising, ha? Well it's true. Looks are not everything.

"Just shut up already. If you had not been late we would be closer to getting done now," I changed the subject.

Mike and I went through the rest of the day with some difficulty. We bickered a lot and had to get help from the nurses every few minutes. I easily learned why they call it volunteer work because no one would want to do this kind of stuff willingly and if someone is doing it willingly they're only doing it for money.

Throughout the excitement of the day I could not stop thinking about Bella. I don't even know why I am thinking of her. Was it because of her beautiful looks? Or the fact that she is my age and has cancer?

I don't know.

I don't know anything.

I just hope that maybe I will see Bella again.

Thanks for reading.