Written as a pic prompt for alisXvolatX21

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The dream was so vivid.

Her tiny hand fit perfectly in mine as we sat in the truck I rebuilt for her. She told me so many times that she didn't mind being that close to me, but when it came time to kiss her, or to tell her how much I loved and cared about her, she would push me away.

Not in my dreams though.

No in my dreams, she told me how she felt. She told me how much she loved me and that everything would be okay.

In my dreams she picked me instead of him.

In my dreams her lips felt so perfectly against mine.

In my dreams her eyes met mine and we connected and blended into each other.

In my dreams Bella was my girl. She was mine for the world to see.

In my dreams I loved her and she loved me.

I hated waking up.

I hated falling asleep.

The only thing that made me do either was knowing that in my dreams...

Bella was mine.

Waking up without her destroyed me.

So now I sit here with my head in my hands, trying to hold onto that dream.

It was one that I want so bad to come true.