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It's In the Blood

Chapter 6

The greatest you
The greatest me
We have found the greatest chemistry
The greatest touch
The greatest kiss
What came to be is the greatest wish
The greatest show
The greatest song
The greatest words
The greatest all night long
Baby your love stays constantly on my mind
This is the best sex I've ever had.

The Greatest Sex, R. Kelly

"Stand up, in front of me," Eric ordered.

Sookie raised an eyebrow at the command, surprised at Eric's vulnerability one second and his dominance the next. She wondered at the shift, but wasn't displeased. She found she loved the dominant Eric more than she could have thought possible. Silently she stood in front of him, his knees gripping on either side of her hips, holding her in place.

Eric's hand reached up and tucked her mussed hair behind her ear and then let his finger drag across her cheekbone falling across her lips. Silently, Sookie took the finger into her mouth and sucked lightly, biting gently and soothing the bite with her tongue. Eric pulled his finger away and started his journey again. His palm rested at Sookie's neck. He could feel the blood pumping against his thumb and fingers. He felt her throat contract against his palm as she swallowed. His eyes never left hers, and neither of them felt the need to speak, letting their eyes talk for them.

With both hands, Eric brought her face to his to kiss lightly, nothing deep, just a careful acceptance of her mouth with his. A soft gentle caress before he pulled back, eyes once again claiming hers as his hands moved down her bare arms to her fingers. One at a time, he brought each to his mouth, lightly touching, scraping over his slightly distended fangs drawing a scratch of blood from each, sealing each scratch closed with his tongue.

Sookie was mesmerized at the slow movement of his mouth against each of her fingers. She held her breath slightly as she waited for the small nip that allowed her blood to seep briefly into his mouth. As Eric's eyes stayed locked on hers, she felt him take each finger into his mouth, drawing blood and then moving to the next, her breath only releasing as he soothed the small ache and moved to the next finger.

When he had bled each finger, Eric took Sookie's hands into his own and brought them to cup her breasts. With her small hands under his, he moved them in the same circular motion as his, massaging the small mounds, his hands cupping them both. He used her fingers to pull against first one nipple and then the next, watching as her eyes drooped and her head fell back at the sensation.

Sookie scooped each breast into a different palm, holding them up as an offering to Eric's mouth. Teasing Eric, her forefinger and thumb tweaked each hard bud wanting his mouth to consume them. He broke the eye contact as he moved his mouth first to one nipple and then the other, biting carefully against the rigid and sensitive skin. He even scraped his fangs over each one in turn, causing a short gasp from Sookie at the pain and the surprising pleasure as he followed up with his tongue laving the pain away.

Pulling away from her generous gift, Eric once again took her hands in his and led them down across her tight stomach and curved hips until both pairs of hands reached her most secret of areas. Wrapping one finger around several of hers, he slid through her wet lips and damp curls to reach her slick channel. Sookie tried to pull away from such an intimate gesture but he held her in place. He licked his lips as he pushed her fingers inside, letting her feel the smooth valleys and muscles against her walls. She felt the heat, the dripping wetness, and desire instantly flared inside her womb as it clenched. Eric moved his hand with hers starting a pumping rhythm, adding another of her fingers to the intrusion. Sookie's legs almost buckled at the sensation, and Eric smiled when he saw her legs weakened for a moment.

Removing his hand, but leaving her three fingers still inside, Eric broke the silence, smiling, "Feels good doesn't it Sookie? You feel so good. This is why I can't get enough of you." His voice was deep with desire and lust as he watched her fuck herself with her hand. Her initial embarrassment and reluctance was gone as her body took over her mind, as she watched the passion grow in Eric's eyes. He wanted to watch her lose herself in the experience.

Her hips started to buck slightly trying to go deeper inside, but her fingers simply weren't long enough. Eric's hand skimmed softly down her tanned and silky leg to lift it on to the edge of the bed, providing her fingers easier access, allowing her to move deeper within her channel.

Eric's hand reached to the nape of her neck, under her long hair, and started to slowly pull her down. When Sookie began to bend her legs, thinking he wanted her on her knees, he stopped her. "Stay standing Sookie, I'll move you where I want you to be."

He pulled her towards his mouth slowly, only breaking eye contact when her mouth was in kissing distance. His lips reached for hers, stroking against her lower lip demanding access. Their tongues slowly danced against each other, tasting and touching, craving the other.

Keeping his hand on the nape of Sookie's neck, Eric broke away from Sookie's lips with a sigh. Their eyes once again locked as she tried to return to the warmth of his mouth. He held her slightly away from him and guided her head downward towards his swollen, purple cock.

She started to move her hand from where Eric had left it moments ago, stroking herself, but Eric shook his head, his own hand rising up to hold hers in place. As her warm and wet mouth closed around his cock, Eric sighed and leaned back slightly, watching through slit eyes while Sookie continued to fuck herself with her hand and hold the same rhythm with her mouth. In just a few hours she had lost all inhibitions and proved herself to be a natural. Sookie was his woman, his lover, his…and he would spend a lifetime, a thousand lifetimes if she would let him, showing her everything.

Pushing himself from his reclining position, he slid his swollen and purple-veined cock from Sookie's welcoming mouth, and standing, moved behind her half-bent, soft and pliant body. Wrapping his arms around her, Eric carefully bit his wrist and placed it against Sookie's mouth to drink a second time this night.

In the intimate silence that surrounded the couple, Sookie swallowed big gulps of the rich, sweet blood, feeling it course through her body in a streaking flash of lightening. Eric pushed his raw and sensitive cock against her ass, making it impossible for her to not feel his need, his ache for her, which only grew as she took more of his dark blood.

Eric pulled his wrist away despite Sookie's mews for more. His face buried in her neck, he whispered in her ear, moving one arm across her breast and another hand down to tease her inflamed clit. "Ah,lover. I want to be your favorite drink. Am I?"

Her body, captured between his throbbing rod and probing fingers, melted in response to his throaty whisper. Sookie smiled up at him over her shoulder, licking her lips. "You taste like port wine and chocolate."

Eric's lips curled into a smile against her neck as he scraped slightly, drawing a small drop of blood and a sudden gasp from Sookie. Her body was primed and ready. He could feel the growing turbulent storm building inside of her. The slow pace of fingering, and touching, and probing left her sensitive to every touch, every breath, every nuance of sound.

Eric bent her body at an angle, allowing her elbows to rest on the side of the bed, her ass and lower lips spread before him. He felt her stiffen at the new and highly vulnerable position. His long body leaned over her, whispering in her ear, "Trust me."

He felt, rather than saw, Sookie swallow and then nod her head, relaxing into his body behind her. Sookie felt his long fingers part her slick lips and push his cock into her wet channel, the angle causing unusual stretching triggering a quick intake of breath. Not giving Sookie time to adjust, in one motion, Eric thrust into her pounding her womb and then withdrew until he was barely still inside, causing her to cry out. Her need for him forced her body back, trying to impale herself.

Eric's two large hands gripped Sookie's hips, setting a slow, firm pace, forcing her body to keep tempo with him even though she continued to struggle to speed things up. Her head thrashed from side to side while his lips set in a firm line of concentration.

Her womb clinched and squeezed against him. Her throaty cries filled his senses. She was slick and wet from desire and his seed only making his need for her overwhelming. Seeing Sookie in such a position, watching and feeling the physical manifestations of her desire, took all of his concentration not to cave quickly, too quickly, to his own need.

"Eric please…."

Her channel squeezed and pulsed around him, crushing his cock, driving breath from him , making him pound harder, more furiously into her. She was at such a stage of orgasmic desire her body was literally constricting against his intrusion.

Sookie saw spots as her breathing became shallow, the volcanic redness of desire flooding her body. She could feel everything…the roughness of the torn bedspread her hands grasped, the grainy sensation of the carpet at her feet, the sweat that rolled from her body, the smell of sex and sin and lust in the air, the burning ache as Eric hammered her body over and over again. But all this was overwhelmed by the emotions and need that surged from Eric. She even imagined she could hear his thoughts as she could others, but she couldn't 'hear' vampires. Even so, she seemed to be 'hearing' his thoughts.

God, she is so wet and hot, I can't hold back much longer.

She is so beautiful, every part of her.

I'll never be able to let her go.

"Eric, now. Please…don't hold back any more. I want you…you don't have to let me go," she pleaded.

He was surprised at her words, knowing he had just been thinking that very thing, but took it to be her ability to read his feelings through the bond. Regardless it was all he needed to hear. Another two long, hard strokes and his cocked jerked and surged, flooding her body once again that night, his fangs puncturing the soft skin behind her right shoulder blade.

In response to his final heave into her swollen channel, her body convulsed and she felt the tremors of her orgasm flow down her spine and up from her toes creating an earthquake of pleasure centered in her womb. She cried out as her body rocked against his, the ecstasy of the moment burned on her mind and soul forever.

Even with Eric holding her up, Sookie's legs collapsed and he caught her, lifting her into his arms. Her head lolled back, her eyes half shuttered in satiated desire. He leaned forward to capture her still swollen lips to steal a kiss as she curled closer into his body.

Eric knew dawn was fast approaching and they both needed showers before sleep claimed them. He carried an exhausted Sookie to her small bath and turned the water on hot. He sat her on the countertop and picked up a brush to carefully comb out her tangled hair. Her forehead leaned softly against his bare chest, allowing him to care for her.

Sookie sighed as the brush pulled through her hair gently. "Dawn is approaching Eric. I can feel it."

Eric gave an ironic smile as he separated the last of the tangles from her silky hair. "You feel it through the blood. Dawn has already started to crest the horizon."

She pulled her head back in surprise. "I've never felt dawn coming like that before, Eric. Why now?"

"It's my blood. It's old and pure and you've had a lot of it tonight."

Sookie nodded her head quietly, not entirely sure she liked this slight enhancement. And if she had been able to read his thoughts…?

To get her mind off of where those thoughts might lead her, she sighed softly and looked out the windows as if she could see the sun rising. "Are you going to collapse on me, Eric? 'Cause really, I'm pretty sure that even with all your blood in my body tonight, I won't be able to carry you to bed." She paused, "You are staying aren't you?" asking, suddenly afraid of what his answer might be.

"I can wake earlier and go to sleep later because I am so old. And yes, I'm staying lover. I want to fall asleep beside you and wake up next to you. I've pulled the shades already." She could hear jealousy creep into his voice, "I take it Bill stays here during the day sometimes."

Sookie smiled that even after everything that had happened tonight, after all that had been said, he could still be jealous. Her hand went to his beautiful, carved cheek, "No Eric, I put those up in the hopes that he might stay, but he never did. He always left before dawn."

He relaxed into her palm, lips kissing its center. "Then I shall be the first, and the last." He lifted her slight body into the shower and pulled the curtain around them.

He leaned her gently against the wall as he started to clean her body with the Ivory soap. He loved the clean smell…it smelled like her, clean and pure. Sookie luxuriated in the feel of his hands, slick against her skin.

"You have been, will be, the first in many things Eric." Her admission frightened her as it slipped out of her mouth. It made her too vulnerable.

Hoping to distract him from her statement, she took the soap from his hands, lathering her own and began to wash his shoulders and carved chest. Her fingers slid over his hardened nipples as her nail scraped behind.

She heard a growl from deep within his throat and felt his hands move more urgently along her body, sliding along her back, slipping between her cheeks and then, taking the soap once again in his hands, moving to wash her sensitive lower lips. She jumped as he firmly stroked and probed, washing away much of the evidence of the night. All that would be left to her was her memories and the soreness that would inevitably follow such an untamed night.

Her body responded to his touch, as it always had, always would with Eric. Her hands surrounded his rock hard staff, pumping to the same quick staccato rhythm he was using on her. She felt the building energy of another orgasm. She had lost count of how many hours ago.

The urgency of the approaching sunrise and the need to consume each other just once again before daybreak drove Eric to pick Sookie up and press her against the cool shower tile. Neither needing any more preamble, Eric drove into her body to the hilt and paused, "Are you mine Sookie?" he demanded.

With her ankles wrapped around his waist, she tried to force him to move, but he held her still, crushing her against the wall with his body.

"Are you mine, Sookie? Only mine?"

Frustrated, Sookie asked, "Are you mine, Eric? Am I the only one you feed from? The only one you make love with, have sex with, fuck? Tonight has been primal, animalistic, wonderful, but has it been making love?"

"Yes, I am yours. Yes, I will only feed from you if you'll have me. Yes, you will be my only partner. And yes, Sookie, tonight, at times, might have seemed primal to you, but even primal sex can be making love. Just as fucking can still be making love. It's the intent behind it, Sookie. It's all about intent."

Eric pulled out of her body and then shoved back in, as Sookie's body clenched around him. "Tell me you're mine Sookie. Give up Bill and be mine."

Sookie stared deep into those blue, stormy Nordic eyes, imagining what it might be like to look into them for the rest of her life, not daring, not at this moment, to think about what that might mean.

She pulled her left hand away from where it clung to Eric's neck and looked at the ring Bill had placed there only days before. Sookie looked back to Eric and without breaking eye contact with him, slipped the ring off her finger and dropped it onto the shower floor. Her lips brushed against his as she whispered, "Bill who?"

That was all Eric needed to hear. Their foreheads touching, he took her hard and fast against the shower wall, as their eyes never left the others and their breath became harsh. Primed from the night before, they reached their peaks quickly and just as they did, Eric's fingernail sliced into his neck. Sookie quickly latched on, drawing from the small opening as he sunk his fangs into her soft neck, claiming her once again, their cries muffled against the other's neck, pulling the life-giving substance from each other for the last time that night.

Eric held them like that until the water cooled, letting her feed even as he stopped before he weakened her too much. He could taste his own blood coursing through her veins. She had drunk much of his blood this evening, and it consumed her. There was nothing of Bill left in her blood, in her body, in her heart. He claimed her completely, and he would spend the rest of his life, her life, making sure she didn't regret it.

The water cooled and he carried an almost sleeping Sookie to the bed. He dried her body off and then lay down beside her, wrapping them both in the cool sheets and torn comforter. As sleep overtook him, he smiled as he thought about buying her a new one, buying them a new one, for their bedroom.

I've got a never-ending love for you

From now on that's all I want to do

From the first time we met I knew

I'd have a never-ending love for you

After all this time of bein' alone

We can love one another, give for each other

From now on.

Never Ending Song of Love, Delaney & Bonnie & Friends - 1971


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