This is my take on how the bathroom scene in push should have gone. Hope you like it

Meredith was watching Lexie cry when she starts to hyperventilate and she decides to get Mark.

Meredith ran from the restroom and to OR board. Mark Sloane was in OR 4 and she knew that Lexie needed him.

" can I see you in the scrub room a second."

It wasn't Marks surgery he was assisting and he was about to leave anyway.

"Sure Grey." His voice was cold.

"You need to see Lexie she is sobbing on the floor and I cant get her to stop she started to hyperventilate when I left I came as quick as I could."

Mark didn't wait another second. He ran to the bathroom not hesitating to push his way in.

There she was. In a pile not managing to conceal her tears. More like sobs as each second past. He looked into her eyes and saw everything. The guilt, the shame, the despair and the loss. It was the best apology she could have given to him and he knew that.

"I….am…..all….alone." her voice was inaudible under the sobs and yet Mark understood perfectly.

"What do you mean Lex?" He still hasn't hugged her, afraid that she will break down even more.

"I don't have anyone. I have my sister and my brother in law but that's it. Besides them I am alone." Her voice was clearer and she dried the tears from her face.

"You can go. By the way you are in the Ladies Room." She giggled at that. Then turned sad again.

"You don't love me anymore." Lexie stated sadly.

Mark walked over to her and knelt down "you and I both know that it isn't true. I am just moving on besides your with Alex now aren't you?"

Lexie just shook her head. "Meaning less sex." She muttered and Mark whipped his head to look her up and down.

"Lex why."

"It was Valentine 's Day and I was alone and drunk. Plain and simple." Another tear treaded its way down Lexie's silk skin. Mark reached out and whipped it away with his index finger.

"I don't want you with Teddy. I was stupid and I was cruel and I want the best thing I ever had back." She knew that begging was a stretch but she had to try. Mark got to his feet and she thought he would walk away but instead he held out his hand. And that was the only confirmation that she needed.

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