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The waiting room is a lonely place, where you stay when loved ones lives are on the line but there is nothing you can do. Mark waited with his head in his hands. He only pulled his head up to see the

doctors standing before him.

"She is asking for you. Well crying is probably a better word. The surgery went pretty well but her heart stopped in the end but we brought her back no problem." He didn't listen to the rest he just ran

to her. She was broken. It was his fault; he had to bring his daughter into her life and expected things from her. God he was an idiot. When he reached her room he took in her form. She was sobbing and when she looked up and saw his face she just cried harder.

"Why did I have to lose it? Why can't I just be pregnant?" She fell back against her pillow and he went to her and gathered her in his arms.

"It doesn't hurt anymore. This has to be a dream right? Or a cruel joke. A really, really cruel joke. It doesn't hurt, I'm just numb." She laid her head on his chest. He held her. He knew nothing he would

say could make this less painful for her. He knew he couldn't cheer her up tonight. But there is always tomorrow.

He didn't go home that night he stayed with his arms around her and didn't let her go. He just couldn't let her go. He was hurting too but he knew that she hurt so much more. She had felt the physical

pain. The fire that wouldn't subside and the emotional pain of thinking that she failed, which she didn't it wasn't her fault. He could feel her having a nightmare. Whatever it was had to be better than

reality. Mark thought that until she started thrashing. She shot up straight and cried out in pain from her surgical site. Mark went to her and eased her back into a laying position. She sat up slowly

again to embrace him. "We're okay Lex this whole thing is going to be okay. I am not going to lose you. "She nodded. The next day she was allowed home. They entered the apartment and Sloane

greeted them with her 8 month pregnant belly. Oh no he thought. He turned toward Lexie who sent him a pleading gaze, a gaze that said take her to their bedroom because she was about to break.

She cried often but once they got inside the room she let everything go. Losing their child, the nightmares of Mark cheating, sleeping alone, and almost dying. It was all coming to the surface and she

couldn't stop it. She had her back turned to Mark and she didn't let on. The tears weren't loud they were silent. She heard Mark mumble something to Sloane and then I heard him sink on to the bed. I

just stared out the window and into the busy street. She put her hand on her stomach out of instinct. Finding out your pregnant is supposed to be a happy thing. She didn't want to be weak in front of

Mark. That wouldn't help anything, nothing at all.

"Lexie why don't you lay down? The doctor told you to rest." His voice exhausted. He didn't know what to do for her anymore. He knew she was hurting and so was he, but he had to be strong because

once she saw him lose it he knew that she would cry all over again and she had shed enough tears already.

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