"Hey, Wash."


"Did you say something to Inara? She's kinda angry at me."

"Well, yeah. That's cause I told her that you tried to shoot me."

"WHAT! Why?"

"Um, because I want to make you look bad? No, that's not it. Because you did."

"No. I didn't."


"Wash, you wanna hear what happened to Fred the Fry, a pilot that was with Zoe and me in the war?"

"What this time? Wait, the FRY?"

"Well, you see, we was flyin' over Hera. Hera, y'see, has these magma craters. A'righ'? And they pop every two hours, and you can't retrieve someone 'til they pop again. So see, we was a flyin' over one, and Fred says, he says to me: I bet you three cans of peaches that I can survive a fall to the craters. And so I says to 'im I says: No you can't. And so he just, fell.. Into one of them craters. I get all choked up jus' thinkin' 'bout 'im. See? See the tears?"