Prologue – BPOV

He didn't hug me goodbye and tell me that he would miss me. He didn't show any emotion that his best friend, well more than best friend at one point, was leaving for college. Instead he waved as my dad drove me off. I could feel the tears running down my face.

The weeks leading up to this we had been distant. I honestly thought he didn't want me as his best friend anymore – that I wasn't good enough to be his friend. He had reconnected with his precious new girlfriend and I was moving 3,000 miles away to go to the school of my dreams. He was staying in Washington.

I had always loved him, and he said he felt the same. He was freaking Edward Cullen and I was Isabella Swan. I was lucky he still associated with me after he became Mister Popular our freshman year – even with my success in running I still wasn't a part of his social circle – I had burned too many bridges. We went though our rough patches, but he was always there for me, and I there for him.

We started off best friends in elementary school. He was there when I found out my mother had died – he was there holding me telling me he would always love me no matter what – he was the one that I had given my soul to. There was no one else for me. I would wait – someday he would realize what he was missing.

His sister was my best friend in the whole world and his brother was the older brother I never had. I had our whole life planned out and now it was gone. I thought he would go to Dartmouth with me – it was all he talked about before she came along and now I was losing him. I had lost my best friend these last few months. He pulled away from me completely. He insulted me in front of his new girlfriend and friends and I cried myself to sleep for weeks. I couldn't look at him no matter how hard he tried to apologize – my heart had been ripped out of my chest.