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I can't believe I'm pregnant. I hope Fang will be ok with it. I can't believe there is a little baby, my and Fang's baby, growing in my stomach. I can't bear the thought of getting rid of it so I'll keep it no matter how Fang reacts. What am I worrying about he says he loves me. . .well he hasn't for a while I wonder if-Ugh I'm turning into another Nudge with my nonstop talking and blabbering on.

Well I guess if I'm going to have a baby we will need somewhere to live. At least that's what I thought when I bought the house. Our house. That has a nice ring about it. We can have some time off from saving the world and all that crap.

So here I was on my way to my flock plus the new member, Camilla, I don't like her but I hate to admit it might be because of the colour of her hair. . .

When I arrived I knew something was up they were all standing there waiting for me. Huh. I wondered what was wrong.

I landed and said "so . . . what's up guys" I expected Iggy to come up with some sarcastic remark like "the sky" but they all had serious faces some full of sadness some full of hate and one in particular, Camilla had a smug look on her face. Angel then spoke up "We need to talk". . . Strange. Uh oh I suddenly felt the need to heave.

I ran behind a bush and started throwing up my breakfast the flock's strange behaviour forgotten. But then the strange feeling returned when I realised they hadn't checked to see if I was alright.

I walked out from behind the bush and back to the flock to see they still had on straight faces but some had shocked and saddened eyes. "So what did you want to talk to me about" I asked curious to see why they were acting strange.

Angel was the first to shake off her shock and spoke up "Max, we've all discussed this and we all want you to leave the flock. We are sick of always running and having to fulfil your destiny. We all want Camille to be our new leader".

I stood there shocked looking at Angel, my baby whose eyes were full of hate sadness and anger, who said they want me to leave. I felt tears stinging my eyes. No. I won't cry.

I turned to Nudge. She looked at me sadly and said "Max, I want to be normal, I want to go to school. I can never have a normal life with you." My lips were quivering as I turned to Iggy.

He was looking at he hatefully "You never treat me equally you always treat me like a baby. Just because I'm blind doesn't mean I'm handicapped" he spat at me. My legs started shaking uncontrollably.

I turned to look at Gazzy, my little trouper. He looked at me sadly "I'm with Nudge I want a normal life where I will be safe and happy and can have friends that we won't have to move away from at any moment". I was nearly at my breaking point, I could feel the tears threatening to spill over but I held them back. I slowly turned to the last flock member . . . Fang. My Fang, the guy I love with every piece of my heart which isn't taking by the flock and the man whose baby I'm carrying.

He stood there glaring at me hatefully like he would an enemy. I felt my heart on the brink of shattering, the part that was left at any rate. "I don't love you anymore actually I think I was deluding myself when I thought I loved you before, it was probably because you were the only girl around me at the time" The last part of my heart shattered and then he chose to stomp on the pieces "that was until I met Camille. Unlike you she is beautiful, she's stronger, smarter and better than you in every way". He then walked over to put Camille, that bitch, and put an around her waist and she smiled at me smugly. I felt a couple of tears slip down my cheeks as he kissed her and gave her one of his special smiles, my smiles.

"Fine if it's what you want I'll leave" I spoke my voice shaking "I hope you know what kind of conceited bitch she is though" I spat stabbing a finger in the air towards Camille . Then I turned and ran toward the clearing in the forest where I could spread my wings and I flew away clutching to the baby in my stomach.

I then awoke from my nightmare of a dream, well not a dream but a nightmare of a memory to see the familiar surroundings of the school with my little girl by my side sleeping peacefully. I clutch her to me, my Sky. It has been about 5 years since the school captured me. I was caught the day after th- the flock kicked me out, the day after my heart was smashed by- by. . . Fang. I clench my hand in my hair, it still hurts so much to say or think his, or anyone else in the flocks' names. Except that bitch, Camille, when I was leaving she had a smile on herself which showed how proud of herself she was. When I get out of here and I see her again her life is gonna end. I then look down at my beautiful baby girl, she has beautiful black curly hair and warm brown eyes and her personality is just like mine and she can disappear like. . .him. I look at her again, it's about time we get out of here. But how do you get out of a place designed for one purpose . . . to hold you?. . .

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