Read this- 15 November is important date

Ok so first off I'm really sorry for no updates but my mum is pissed with me cuz i have exams and she thinks i spend way to much time on the computer=fanfiction so she confiscated the computer and the internet(its a laptop so she can literally take it) She said she wud give it back in the holidays but i may be able to get it after exams are done. My last exam is the 15 of November so hopefully i'll get the computer then. I'll write chapters without the computer but i'm also working on stories that i haven't published yet but once i've finished a couple of these stories i'll start posting.

SO sorry again and i know much much readers hate these things cuz they are so annoying when your expecting a chapter. But bare with me and check on the 15!

Pls don't hate me, i'll try to make it up to you.