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I groan and rub my eyes sleepily. "What is it, Utau?"

My eyes are open enough to see my sister's blindingly white smile. "You're awake! Finally!"

Finally? I open my mouth but Utau continues before I can speak.

"You went to sleep after you took that rental limo back. You owe me for that. Anyways, after you got home you crashed and slept for 3 days straight."

I slept for 3 days? But I'm so tired…

Ah well. You can never have enough sleep.

Pulling my covers up over my head, I yawn and say, "And now, I'll sleep for another 3 days. Good night."

"Noo! Ikuto! What about your book?" my sister whines. Oh yeah. I forgot about that.

"Fine," I grumble. Utau claps her hands and squeals. "On one condition."

"And what's that condition?"

"Let me go back to sleep for a while."


I didn't realize saying "on one condition" meant Utau got to come.

"It's not going to work if you're here, idiot," I grumble.

"Really? I can't see why not."

I groan and slap my forehead. Right now, we're walking to Amu's house. It's about 5 PM and the sky's just starting to turn orange-y. I wish Amu were here with me…

No. There's no time for that now. I need to be annoying, not sweet. My limo stunt was borderline-romantic. I need less of that and more annoyingness.

Still, I want her to love me. Maybe I shouldn't be writing this book…

Whatever. I'm writing it, and that's that. There's time for love later.

"Come on! We're almost there!" Utau squeals, grabbing my hand and pulling me around a corner. She's not running, but it's close.

"It's almost like you're the one visiting her instead of me," I say.

"Shut up or I'm going home."

"Oooh, so you do like her," I say teasingly. My sister turns around to glare at me. I just smirk in response.

"Whatever. I'm not a lesbian," she says, rolling her eyes before turning around and pulling me. (1)

"I know." I tell her seriously. Then I grin even though she can't see me and add, "You're bi."

"Ok. I'm going home. See ya." She drops my hand and pulls out her phone. I guess she's too lazy to walk back.

I can't help but add one last comment, just to prove I won. "It's a wonder you're not fat, lazybum. Fatter than you already are, I mean."

"Blah blah blah. That's all I hear. But Ikuto, if you want to have your plan work, you better get going."

What a sore loser.


I sigh in happiness as I bury my face in the warm, sweet-smelling sheets. It's been so long. The last time I was here was what? 3 months ago? 4? Who knows.

I snuck in off Amu's balcony. She really needs to start locking her door so no creepy perverts get in. I'm glad I don't know any of those. Anyways, I figure I have at least an hour before she gets home. She had a Guardian's meeting or something. Her mom invited me in to wait for her, but that's no fun. Then I couldn't surprise her with number 5.

5. Sneak into her bed.

I stretch out, reaching my arms up above my head and pointing my toes. Ahh, it feels so good. I'm glad Utau didn't come. She'd probably be trying to snuggle with me. Or worse.

Even though I'd rather be awake when Amu gets home, my eyelids are getting heavy. I curl up into a ball and let my eyelids droop until I can't open them anymore. The last thing I remember thinking is Mmm, smells like strawberries…

My eyes have been closed for less than 5 minutes when I hear a familiar voice stuttering, "I-I-Ikuto…"

I open one eye 'cuz I'm cool like that and smirk. "Hello, Amu."

"Why a-are you h-here, pervert?" she asks me, turning a very cute shade of pink.

Opening both eyes now, I stretch again. "You know you're glad to see me here," I tell her, smirking and patting the bed next to me. "Care to join me?"

"Pervert!" she shrieks and turns bright red. So cute! She then proceeds to pick me up and drop me on the floor. So not cute!

"Ow…" I mutter, rubbing my head. "You know I was just joking, right?"

"I don't care," she retorts, crossing her arms. "It wasn't funny."


"You're such a little kid, Ikuto. I mean, really," she tells me.

"And you're not?" I ask, climbing back up onto the bed.

"What are you doing? Get off my bed!" she says, trying to push me off the bed. But I'm ready, and I grab her arm. We both fall to the floor, her landing on top of me. By now she's bright red, redder than a fire truck.

"Shh! Do you want your parents to think someone's up here raping you?" I ask her, smirking.

"N-no…" she says, trying to avoid looking at me.

"Good. I guess. But if anybody ever does try to put their hands on you, use this," I say, pulling a rape whistle out of nowhere.

She looks at me as if she can't believe I just made something appear out of thin air. I just roll my eyes and say, "I think your bed's a little more comfortable than this, Amu," as seductively as I can. She shrieks and jumps off me, right on to the bed. The rape whistle falls to the floor, forgotten.

I jump off the floor gracefully and land on the bed, cat-like as ever, right next to Amu. I snuggle into her side and feel her stiffen. "Aw, come on, Amu, don't you trust me?"

"Not r-r-really," she says truthfully.

I look up at her with a very serious expression. "As much as you might think it, I'm not that type of guy. In fact, I'm just as virginal as you are. Unless you and Kid-Tadase have done things you're not telling me about."

If it's possible, she just turned redder. Shaking her head, she says, "No, he's not that type of guy either. You should know that."

I roll my eyes. "I'm not a girl, Amu. He acts differently to me than he does to you."

"Well, I know that," she tells me indignantly. She then softens her tone and says, "I'm sorry. I know you're not that type of guy. It's just…I always get so nervous around you, and when you do stuff like joke about…sex…it make me kind of embarrassed. It makes me feel like a little kid."

"Well, you know what, Amu?"


"I'm a little kid too," I say, smiling. Not smirking, smiling. Gasp.

She smiles back and her blush fades a little bit. No, isn't this what I'm trying to avoid?

Ah, screw it.

I quickly lean over and press my lips to hers for the second time, wrapping my arms around her at the same time. It's different this time, though. She was ready for it and wraps her arms around my neck, pulling me closer. If only her dad were to walk in right now. That would be so perfect. He'd have a freaking heart attack.

But he doesn't, and the kiss is amazing. Amu's lips are warm and she tastes like strawberries. When I finally pull away, she pouts for a second before realizing what she's doing. Blushing, she turns away, and I plant a kiss on her cheek. "Well, I should probably be going."

She turns back to me. "Why?"

"Uh, let's see. One, I left my psycho sister at home and who knows what she's doing to my stuff. Two, you probably have homework or some crap like that. Three, if I stay here any longer, your mom or dad's probably going to come in and check on you. What would you do then?" I ask her, trying to be logical. As much as I want to stay, I really am worried about my stuff.

She sighs and releases her arms from around my neck. I do the same (you know, except her waist) and quickly kiss her again. "Bye, Amu. See you soon."

She whispers, "Bye, Ikuto," so quiet I can barely hear it. When I reach her sliding door, I turn around and smirk one last time.

"See ya."

Crazy Utaus, blushing Amus, and OOC Ikutos, oh my!

(1) I have nothing against gay people. I hope this doesn't offend anyone (I don't know why it would, but just to make sure).

Since so many people were suggesting Ikuto sneak into her room, I decided to go with that. I added a couple (crappy) kisses because…I dunno. I just like Amuto kisses. Geez. Writing all this Amuto is starting to make me, like, support it. Yeah. I'm one of the few people that like Tadamu, but it's still fun to make fun of Tadase.

I'm really sorry I haven't updated in forever! If I ever do that again, somebody PM me and annoy the crap out of me until I update. My sister's not doing her job properly.

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