Reuniting With Family

Team Avatar had no choice but to retreat from Wulong Forest after witnessing Aang's defeat at the hands of Sozin. Zuko was extra upset after his defeat at the hands of his sister. Toph was sitting around and was sadder than the rest of Team Avatar, other than Zuko. Appa landed on the outskirts of Omashu. Zuko created a camp fire and Team Avatar sat down around it.

"I think it is time we all go on our separate paths" Zuko eventually said.

"I agree with Zuko. The fire nation has basically won the war and being with our families is the best thing we can do" Toph said.

"I need to go back to Kyoshi Island and make sure the Fire Nation doesn't conquer us" Suki said.

"We can go back to the Southern Water Tribe and visit Gran Gran" Sokka said.

"Maybe we will be reunited with Dad too" Katara hoped.

"I will go to Ba Sing Se to see my uncle and the Order of the White Lotus" Zuko said.

"What about you Toph? Will you return to your parents?" Sokka asked.

"No. I will stay here and see my older cousin. He will be able to teach me some more things about Earthbending" Toph said.

"When do we depart?" Katara asked.

"Now" Toph said. Team Avatar hugged each other goodbye and tears were shed. Katara, Suki and Sokka got on Appa. Zuko started the long walk to Ba Sing Se as Toph walked through the gates of Omashu to look for her cousin as the rest of Team Avatar took off.

Sozin and Azula returned home to the Fire Nation as heroes. They went back to the Fire Nation Royal Palace and prepared to be introduced to the people. Sozin got coronated to become Fire Lord, and Azula was recognized as the Fire Lady despite the fact that she isn't married to Sozin. After making their appearance in front of the people Azula and Sozin went to the Throne Room despite the numerous questions thrown their way.

"I didn't know we were married" Sozin joked.

"Neither did I. I also didn't know you would be named Fire Lord" Azula said, obviously hurt by that.

"Well, when I defeated your father in our Agni Kai he was the Fire Lord, thus his defeat crowned me the new Fire Lord. Don't you remember seeing me get coronated?" Sozin said.

"Right, right, I forgot about that" Azula said. Sozin laughed and called for an emergency war meeting.

Toph arrived at her cousin's house and prepared to knock on the door.

"Come in Toph" her cousin said before she knocked on the door. She went in his house and closed the door behind her. She looked down at the floor, not being able to see due to the wood floor.

"Hi Haru" Toph said

"I think it is time you learned the truth Toph" Haru said as he led her to the couch. He reached over toward Toph and breathed slowly.

"I can see. How did you do that?" Toph asked, very surprised.

"Very few people on this planet can heal. I have used Energybending to give you the ability to see" Haru said.

"Thank you, so much" Toph said, with tears in her eyes.

"You are welcome Toph" Haru said.

"You were saying?" Toph asked.

"First off, I am not your cousin. I am your older brother. When you were born I was 6 years old. Our parents knew you were blind and they also knew I was a great Earthbender. They eventually forced me to stop Earthbending. I told them that I would rather leave them than stop Earthbending but they didn't listen. You were the last person I saw in that house" Haru said.

"Why did mom and dad force you to stop Earthbending?" Toph asked.

"They were worried that you would start learning from me, even though you were blind" Haru replied. Toph nodded and waited for Haru to continue.

"When I left I promised you I would find a way to take away your blindness, and I have. Waterbenders are not the only people who can have healing abilities. I have earned the ability to use Energybending to heal which is why you can see now. Anyways, after I left the house I started gaining much more power. I learned how to bend metal, sand, and I learned how to bend wood. Like you I can see with my feet and my eyes, and I have known about you teaching the Avatar for some time now" Haru said.

"You know about the Avatar and all of our battles?" Toph asked.

"Only some of them, but I know Aang was recently killed by a Firebender named Sozin. That reminds me, I have a strange feeling you came here to get some training in" Haru said.

"Well, Team Avatar split up after Aang's death. I didn't want to go back to Mom and Dad so I came here" Toph said.

"I think it is time we do go home Toph" Haru said slowly.

"Why?" Toph asked.

"It has been nearly 13 years since I went home. It is time" Haru said. Toph tried to get Haru to change his mind but they decided to take the journey home to Gaoling.

Sokka and Katara dropped Suki off on Kyoshi Island to rejoin the Kyoshi warriors. They then took the long journey to the Southern Water Tribe. Zuko finally arrived in Ba Sing Se and was greeted warmly by his uncle who was shocked when the rest of Team Avatar wasn't in tow.

"Where is every one?" Iroh asked.

"They all went home, except Aang was killed by Sozin" Zuko replied. Iroh was saddened and gave Zuko some tea.

"What happened to Ozai?" Iroh asked.

"I don't know, but Sozin became the new Fire Lord" Zuko said.

"The Fire Nation will keep attacking. They will want to end the war before the new Avatar can do some damage" Iroh said.

Sozin was in front of his advisors and had a map of the world on the table in front of his advisors.

"I want to know what parts of the world are currently in Fire Nation control" Sozin demanded from the throne.

"We are back to square 1. Our airships failed to take out the Earth Kingdom. The Water Tribes are still under their control. The Air Temples have even been taken back" said the son of the late Admiral Zhao. Sozin was furious and his White Fire burned very rapidly.

"The Fire Nation is going to go on an all out assault on the world. Some of you will go to the Air Temples. Some of you will go to the Water Tribes. Some of you will go to the Earth Kingdom. I want you to go, now" Sozin said to all the Generals and Admirals. They all departed from the Throne Room. All of the Fire Nation ships departed within 2 hours of the war meeting.