The Years To Come

In 102 ASC the second invasion of the Fire Nation failed and the Fire Nation conquered Ba Sing Se. After that happened Sozin became after marrying Azula. Sozin then had a speech for the Fire Nation folks in attendance.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, as of today the world belongs to the Fire Nation. It is now time for a change. Fire Lord Sozin is no more. Just as my relationship with Azula has been reborn, I will be reborn as the supreme ruler of the world. From this moment on, I will be known as the Dragon Emperor!" Sozin called out before taking Azula into his arms.

They then went on their honeymoon before working to increase their power, but first they had to attend a war meeting.

Sozin and Azula were at the Fire Nation Royal Palace talking with the generals that remained in the Fire Nation.

"The world finally belongs to the Fire Nation" General Shinu said.

"This was is finally over" General Shu said.

"No. the war is not over. The war will not be over until the world dies. The Earthbenders will not stop rebelling unless we destroy their hope. The Waterbenders will not stop fighting unless we find a way to take them away from water" Sozin said.

"How do we do that?" Azula asked.

"We can't. There is no way to separate Waterbenders from water unless we either kill or imprison them. It is the same with the Earthbenders. We can't separate the Earthbenders from their hope unless we kill them or imprison them. Even imprisoning them wont work for some who have more hope" Sozin said.

"What do you want us to do sir?" Admiral Liang asked.

"I want troops in all earth kingdom towns. I want you to ban Earthbending and those who use their Earthbending in any way, shape or form will be taken to prison" Sozin ordered.

"What about in the water tribes?" Azula asked.

"We really can't do anything about the Water Tribes. Their climate is too hazardous to us fire nation citizens" Sozin replied unworriedly.

In 104 ASC Haru prepares to leave Wulong Forest for the final time, on route alone to the Southern Water Tribe. Before he left he met Ty Lee, who was running/cart wheeling toward him. Ty Lee ran and hid behind a large earth column very close to Haru. He saw 3 Fire Nation airships above and quickly disabled them by destroying all their engines. Ty Lee turned around quickly and prepared to fight but Haru did not attack.

"Why are you running from the Fire Nation" Haru asked.

"I am actually from the Fire Nation, but I can't go through with helping with Dragon Emperor Sozin's crazy plan" Ty Lee said.

"What plan?" Haru asked slowly.

"Dragon Emperor Sozin is going to send his troops to the water tribes to kill the avatar. Once he does that, he will wait until the next avatar is known before he sends his troops all into the Earth Kingdom until he kills the avatar again" Ty Lee said.

"Then what?" Haru asked.

"Then Dragon Emperor Sozin will have the avatar under his control" Ty Lee said. The Firebenders got out of the airships and prepared to attack but Haru took Ty Lee onto his ship and they took off as fast as the ship could go toward the Southern Water Tribe. Haru convinced Ty Lee to keep Sozin's plan a secret for a while.

In 105 ASC Sozin was able to master the Air Nomad's style of fighting, while also teaching Azula to master yellow fire.

Sokka and Suki are finally married under the moon, by the ocean. As a wedding gift, Haru and Toph worked together to raise the ocean floor around the South Pole so the Firebenders, Earthbenders and warriors could practice. Haru and Ty Lee are also a couple.

In 109 ASC Katara and Zuko were married at sunset, when both the sun and the moon were present.

In 111 ASC Sozin masters the Water Tribe's style of fighting as Azula mastered green fire.

In 113 ASC the new avatar learned she is a Waterbender.

In 114 ASC Toph and the Duke is a couple. Sozin masters the Earth Kingdom's style of fighting while Azula continuously fails at creating any white fire.