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The End and the Beginning

The world is spinning. There are difference colors everywhere, like the skies are flying past her. The golden hues of daylight, then the dark blue skies of night. All the while she can only sit there defenseless and vulnerable, like a fish out of water, gasping at the sights flying past her. It is dizzying, she knows she can't stay conscious for much longer. So she sits there with her legs out in front of her, and her arms behind her to support herself. And watches it all hit her, another day would pass then another night, a day, a night, day, night, then everything went black and she closes her eyes.

She awoke to the hours of darkness, It is silent, there is no noise other than the sounds of night. The crickets chirping, the owls hooting, the frogs croaking. She is aching everywhere, it feels as though she has been squeezed into a too tight to fit container. She forces herself to sit up and lo and behold she is back to being six years old.

I don't believe it.

"It worked" She whispers, shocked at the own sound of her childish voice. She feels as though she is living through a déjà vu moment.

Sakura made herself stand up and take a look around to see where she is. 'I'm on the grassy hill in the Konoha training grounds. It looks like it's about to be midnight, that's why the whole town is asleep. The Uchiha clan still looks intact.As she stares down at the village determination builds up within her. She came here for a reason and she is going to see to it that it is carried out.

The now young Sakura travels stealthily into the center of the quiet village to see what date it is and how far off the Uchiha Massacre is. While she is walking she takes in the views of the once great village that she loves. For her it feels like a moment of wonder being back in Konoha, it is just like all those dreams she used to have of her beloved village before it was completely destroyed. It's been so long, I feel like I could wake up any second and all of this could be gone again.

As she touches one of the walls of a nearby house to make sure it is real, she sees a newspaper stand just around the corner. Great! That's just what I was looking for!

Sakura rushes to the stand and grabs the latest edition out of the cart. Her heart beating franticly as she prepares herself to view the date. Please let me have enough time, please do not let tonight be the night

Sakura then tears opens the paper and decides to just view the date, like ripping off a band aid, just get it over with.

Yes, there is still a week before the Uchiha massacre takes place, I still have time!

What luck! Sakura finds that she still has time to carry out her mission. If humans could fly she would literally be on cloud nine. All the trials and tribulations she's been through, it's amazing to her that finally something is going her way.

Sakura quietly smiles to herself. Well I think Danzo is in for a rough night.



There are certain benefits one obtains from being from the future. One of those certain benefits is knowing everybody's secret. You see most people in today's time wouldn't know who Danzo was or about his secret Anbu root organization. They also wouldn't know he was planning a coup to become the next hokage and he is one of the main reasons why the Uchiha massacre ensued. But Sakura knows all about it and she is not going to let him get away with any of it.

He is one of the main reasons why her world was destroyed and Sakura will not stand to let that happen again. The only problem is his secret meeting spot is connected to the sewers, which have a ghastly smell.

As she slinks down closer, to where Danzo is standing she takes in her surroundings. It is quite a dark place the only light streaming in happens to be moonlight coming from the barred window in the ceiling. There are a lot of pipes and steel, not really any furnishings that would ever give away the fact that secret meetings where taking place here. Sakura also notes that Danzo is completely alone. He is currently at his desk writing some letter by candle light. To whom the letter is addressed too Sakura can't make out, nor does she really care.

Abruptly Sakura comes out of her hiding spot and begins to walk towards him. Danzo jumps a little bit, clearly shocked at not detecting another person. Then he regains control of his emotions and turns his head in the direction of the approaching child.

Sakura decided to wear black tights and a skin tight black shirt with a high collar that had the sleeves cut off. She also wore a black mask similar to her Kakashi-sensei's, and had decided to use temporary black dye on her hair. She put on special ninja arm bands on her upper arms and black gloves with the cloth fingertips cut off. The only skin she was showing were her arms and her back. She looks like the deadliest little six year old ever.

"Child, what are you doing here?" Danzo asks.

Sakura stops in her tracks and just stares at him. Because standing before her is the man who had committed several atrocities in the name of Konoha. In her eyes he is the one who is the deadly criminal.

"We are not so different you and I, Danzo" says Sakura with a calm childlike voice.

Danzo decides to stay quiet analyzing the situation. "…"

"You prefer to eliminate threats with assassination and execution, rather than with diplomacy and negotiations." She calmly says.

As soon as she says that Danzo, who was already on his guard, immediately knows he has to switch to his killer mode. Now his main focus was going to be how to figure out how he is going to wipe out this little girl. Because obviously she knows too much. How she knows and how much are the big questions.

"I have made no threats against you child, verily tell me your name so that I will know who I am speaking to." Danzo said his gruff voice turning deadlier by the minute.

Just when things could not get tenser Sakura suddenly bursts out laughing. Perhaps it was the extreme emotions that have been coursing through her from the nightmare of a past she had experienced or maybe it was exhaustion finally seeping in. Still her laughter was no longer that of a grown woman's instead it came out more of a sweet little girls giggle.

As she recovers from her laughing bout she looks back up at Danzo. Who had just twitched in movement to make some form of attack against her.

"I wouldn't bother attacking me Danzo,…your life is already over." Sakura delicately raises a finger and points at him.

Danzo's eyes widen and looks at the exact location where she pointed, there is a poison needle sticking out of his chest in the exact place where his heart is located. He begins to gurgle and tries to take in air but he can't, it feels as though his own blood is a toxin that is eating at him slowly from the inside. He tries to scream but his throat is so inflamed his shout comes out as a pathetic squeal.

"Who? Why are you?" Danzo utters out, as he slowly falls to his knees and lands flat on the ground.

Sakura quietly walks over to him, but not too close that she allows for any funny business on his end. As soon as she feels confident that he is dead she whispers in his ear.

"I'm Sakura Haruno, and because of you my home was destroyed"

Sakura had already injected Danzo with the needle before he had even seen her. The toxin is slowly going to disintegrate him from the inside out; that way there is going to be no evidence left for anyone to collect. Danzo was also unable to activate the Izanagi in time to save himself.

As soon as Sakura is done with Danzo she takes a moment to recognize the loss of her innocence. Two years ago she would never have had the courage to go through with such a cold blooded plan. But now…

"Let's go see the elders," She sighs and makes her way to her next stop on her darkest mission ever.