The constant pounding of the bass gave Connor a headache. The reception had just began but already Connor longed for a sip of blissky.

" Connor my man why aren't you dancing? there's plenty of pretty ladies."

Phineas. The young vamp was very well known for his…adventures with the ladies. Most days Connor had a grudging affection for the man. Today he just wanted to hit him.

"Phineas, lad if you do not get away from me this moment I will stick my claymore down ye bloody throat."

The end was barely loud enough for even vampire ears to hear it. Phineas quickly scurried away, no doubt to tell Angus about the most recent exploit of Connor's big mouth. Connor sighed. His boss was in many ways the only man he could count as a friend, but if his recent behaviour kept up he might very well lose his job. Ever since Robby and Olivia's engagement Connor had been snappy and angry with everyone. He hated to admit to himself but he knew it was jealousy. The oldest and closest of his friends were all getting married. He had no one to tell his secrets to or hold before he went into his death sleep.


He snapped out of his silent musings to see Angus, as expected.

" Lad, what's wrong? Ye haven't been yeself of late"

Connor shrugged and looked back towards Robby and Olivia's wedding reception. Angus could read him like an open book.

"Ye know what? How 'bout ye take next watch? Ye have five minutes."

At that moment Connor felt like hugging the old man.

"I'd love to."

He took off into the night. The cool air blasted against his face. The beautiful shadows wrapped around him both shielding and caressing him. Suddenly he heard the sound of a twig snapping. He turned swiftly around, startled.