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Summary: Harry and Hermione found out about the Ancients when they use a device in the Chamber of Secrets to go back in time to their younger selves to win the war that they lost once before.

Author's Note: I have not forgotten about this story! I apologize for taking so long to write chapter two, work and several other factors like my muses moving off into other interests have prevented me from writing it until now.

There are answers to questions that I didn't answer at the bottom of chapter 1 at the bottom of this one. Including the changes of dates and about the Soul Time expelling the souls of Harry and Hermione's younger selves. I do have reasons for them which I will try to reveal as un-spoilery as possible.

New Ancients

Chapter 2: Mors Principium Est

August 1, 1976
Leaky Cauldron

Harry made sure his disguise was firmly in place before exiting his room and descending the stairs into the Leaky Cauldron's main room. As someone that had never had the luxury of sleeping in, even on a weekend, Harry was up just after dawn. He entered the large dining room carrying a ratty book bag and dressed in his ratty clothes. He was planning on fixing the clothing later today, but business always came before pleasure, and he had a lot of business to attend to. He sat down at the bar and waited until Tom deposited his breakfast in front of him.

"May I rent the room for a few more hours?" Harry asked, not knowing when Tom required people to check out, having always checked out of the Leaky Cauldron immediately after breakfast.

"You have the room 'til lunch time already," Tom said.

"Oh, thank you, I shouldn't need it longer than that," Harry said. He looked around and saw a paper, "Is that the Prophet?"

"Yeah," Tom moved the paper over to Harry and left him with his meal. The headline was the same as he remembered from his first year, the attempted robbery at Gringotts. He remembered Hagrid taking the Philosopher's Stone wrapped in its grubby packaging out of the vault when they went down earlier yesterday. It was good to know that Quirrell was still around and that Voldemort's shade was still trying for the stone. He would make a note to move the stone as soon as possible to a safer location, and kill the basilisk while he was at it.

After eating he thanked Tom and left the newspaper on the counter before making his way to Gringotts. In the shadow the building, Harry pulled a vial of polyjuice out of his bag and deposited the platinum blond strand into it. He shook it and watched it turn orange, indicating it was ready. With little hesitation he quickly drank it down. The change was quick and soon he was changing his clothes into proper wizard wear and conjuring a snakehead cane.

He had never been very good with transfiguration before, but now found that complicated spells came as easy as tying his shoes, he understood them better. He could feel how the magic was supposed to respond and knew that he could do anything with it if he understood the physics. Magic wasn't real, it was simply a very complex energy to matter conversion and the energy came from him and the environment. He knew the mass that the cane was supposed to have and was able to mentally apply the energy needed to complete the change. He literally made it out of thin air, particles of carbon dioxide and oxygen, actually.

He entered Gringotts wrapping the "magic" around him as a cloak of invisibility; he mentally cursed the fact that Dumbledore wouldn't give him his real cloak until Christmas. He made sure it was imperfect enough that his physical being tripped a few wards, but insubstantial enough that he would succeed in his goal before the goblins responded.

Harry made his way through the bank lobby to the door into the cavern, avoiding people as he passed. With little hesitation he placed the Imperious curse on Griphook as he was passing, mentally modifying the spell to deal with the differences in Goblin brains from human brains. He wasn't happy with how easy he had found this spell since the first time he cast it, but it helped in this situation.

Griphook did not acknowledge the mental orders he was given, except to follow through with them. He opened the cavern door and entered a cart, waiting for his invisible passenger to enter with him. When Harry was in the cart Griphook guided, expertly to the Lestrange vault and scared the dragon off so that Harry could enter. Harry left the cane in the cart and entered the vault, giving Griphook the last command to return to the surface with the cart where the spell would release.

Harry knew what he was looking for this time. He also didn't have Ron or Hermione with him to make this more difficult. Not that Hermione would have made things difficult, but the vault was even fuller then it had been when he visited it in 1983, obviously the Lestranges had made several withdrawals after their escape. Ron, on the other hand, would have made things difficult at this point. He remembered the younger Ron and how petty and greedy he was and knew that Ron would have attempted to steal all the precious jewels and money in the vault, without deactivating the curses on the objects first. It was a good thing for Ron's structural integrity that he had not attempted to rob Gringotts.

Harry, after several close calls with activating the curses, himself, reached Hufflepuff's cup. He didn't have long before the cane was discovered by a freed Griphook and goblin guards were rushing down here to stop Lucius Malfoy from stealing things from his sister-in-law's family. He drew his wand and started incanting, unraveling the curses and spells on the cup, including the spell holding the horcrux on. He knew this was only possible due to his new understanding of magic.

In order to "kill his second bird with the same stone," Harry took the deactivated cup and exited the vault, dropping the spell of invisibility, just in time for goblin guards to see Lucius Malfoy exiting the vault with a gold cup in his hand. The Hufflepuff coat of arms was facing the guards and likely seen as Harry cast a concussive hex and apparated out of Gringotts. That should be enough for the search warrant on the Malfoy, even if the robbery charge didn't stick, when Auror's found the Horcrux and other things under the drawing room floor, and an anonymous owl tip last night should insure that they check there, Malfoy would end up in Azkaban. And if he didn't Harry wasn't opposed to using other means to pull him out of the picture.

Harry appeared back in the room of the Leaky Cauldron and stored the former horcrux in his trunk while waiting for the polyjuice to wear off. While waiting, Hermione's list arrived with Hedwig, and as soon as the polyjuice wore off he apparated back to Diagon Alley and went shopping for her.

Diagon Alley was even more buzzed with activity as Aurors were trying to locate Malfoy. He was stopped twice, by two different Aurors, for looking like Draco Malfoy, his disguise from earlier was still in place. Hermione's shopping took quite some time and had to be shrunk by the clerks in order to be carried. He also bought her a multi-compartment, shrinkable trunk that she could place in her regular trunk and have access to all of her books without anyone being wiser.

He also found out why Moody had not fought his way out of his trunk during his fourth year. Apparently any living thing placed in a magical trunk would remain in the status they were put into the trunk. It was also the reason Moody hadn't starved to death in his trunk. He had been placed in there while unconscious and remained unconscious because of it. It was only after he had been removed from the trunk that time took effect on him again.

Harry, after the shopping was completed and everything packed properly, performed one more thing while under the ambient magic of Diagon Alley. He deactivated the Trace. For a normal wizard, this was impossible. The Trace was a difficult-at-best spell to comprehend, a ward that had been weaved into the very fabric of magic, but with his new understanding of magic, Harry was able to unweave this ward from his own magical signature. This was more difficult than he had made it sound when he described it later to Hermione, helping her do the same when they were both at Hogwarts.

Magical signatures weren't confined to a person, but followed a person everywhere they went and being left behind at those places. For the average eleven year old, that meant hundreds of miles of magical signature to unweave the Trace from. The Trace was strongest where the magical signature was strongest, which was why Dobby dropping the pudding had been blamed on him. His magical signature was too strong at Privet Drive to allow the Ministry to pick up Dobby's. This was also why purebloods could get by with doing magic outside of school. The number of magical signatures in the area confused the Trace.

It made sense, when Hermione read about it, that the Trace had been developed by a pureblood and put into law to make it more difficult on Muggleborns. "I'm beginning to wonder if the Americans were right," Hermione would end up saying every time she found something like this.

Once Harry was done removing the Trace, double checked that he was finished packing, he headed downstairs to check out. He would not be returning to the Dursleys, however, he had more to do and very little time to do it in. Instead he concentrated on a graveyard that he knew very well for a spot of grave robbing. He would do anything to make it harder for Voldemort to bring himself back to life.

He made his way into Little Hangleton. He was unsurprised to find a pub by the name of the Hanged Man in town and that they rented rooms like the Leaky Cauldron. He took a room for the night, with the agreement that he could extend his stay if need be. It was difficult to get the landlord to agree to rent a room to him, since he was a minor. A little application of magic had the man agreeing more readily, however. He felt guilty for using magic on the man; he was only concerned for his wellbeing. He was determined to do something nice for the man. Maybe after he got the Philosopher's Stone he would send an anonymous donation to the man of a couple bars of gold.

He stored his belongings and made his way to the Gaunt house where he assumed the ring would be. He actually had no idea where the ring was, but there were only a few possible locations, the Riddle House, the Gaunt House, and the orphanage. He knew it wasn't at Hogwarts, Diagon Alley, or in possession of a Death Eater. Hogwarts had the diadem was there in the Room of Requirement and the diary already pointed to Hogwarts. The diary and cup were given to Death Eaters, with the cup being hid at Gringotts. The necklace was supposed to be in the seaside cave, but he knew it was at Grimmauld Place right now and he would go there when he finished with the ring. Nagini was likely wherever Voldemort had been hiding for all the years, probably somewhere on the other side of the Iron Curtain. He also knew that he had destroyed the scar Horcrux by coming to the past.

He opted to try the Gaunt House first for a few reasons, one that there was no one human present, but two because it was the most likely location. Riddle had returned to the house after killing his father and paternal grandparents. He knew, though, that Riddle had worn the ring for awhile after killing his last relatives, so it was unlikely to be a horcrux at that point. He did not know the process by which a horcrux was made, other than the fact that the creation required a murder to split the person's soul.

He reached the Gaunt house to find it similar to the way the memory showed in Dumbledore's pensive. The difference was that the snake was now a crumbling skeleton and it looked more dilapidated than before.

Harry wasn't stupid enough to walk into the house without checking everything first. He remembered how the cave looked and the traps inside of it when he and Dumbledore had gone in. He made a mental note to go and destroy the cave, after checking that the horcrux was really at Grimmauld place. So far nothing was different from before, but he knew better than to assume anything. Harry pulled out his wand, realizing he would have to pretend to be new to magic when at Hogwarts. It was going to be harder to purposefully mess up the spells then to perform the spells correctly.

He slowly cast every detection charm he had learned over the years and then some that he made up on the spot. The door was cursed, as was the snake corpse. There were also proximity wards up. Either this was the place or a very clever decoy. Based on what he knew of Voldemort and what Dumbledore shared with him, he was pretty certain it wasn't a decoy. Voldemort never checked the necklace horcrux so he was arrogant enough to think no one would discover them, let alone guess that there were multiple horcruxes.

It wouldn't hurt to check, though. He slowly started unweaving the proximity ward. It wasn't difficult, the charms at Gringotts were more advanced, it was only difficult to unweave it without setting it up, and Harry had no desire to find out what it was attached to. After fifteen minutes of careful casting and energy manipulation, Harry was confident that he had disabled it enough to pass through it. He approached the door and started diagnosing what spells were on the door and snake.

The snake moved its head when Harry approached, causing him to grown, "Not a bloody inferius!"

The snake proved to have more curses on it then the standard inferius reanimation curse. "Wassssissssthepasssssword," the snake hissed out.

Harry nearly panicked, 'Password? What bloody password?' But he took a deep breath and closed his eyes, drawing a mental image of a snake, "Open~" he hissed at the door.

The snake gave a subtle nod and moved, "Asssssyouwisssssh,Massssster~" The tail slid down and around the door knob before twisting it and letting the door swing open. It then moved back in position and went perfectly still. The inside was just as dark and depressing as the outside of the shack. Harry cast some detection spells before entering, but Voldemort, again, proved he was too arrogant. He assumed he was the only parseltongue and had not left anymore traps until the ring itself, which was sitting on the mantle.

Harry walked to the ring, but did not pick it up; he remembered Dumbledore's blackened hand and did not want that to happen to him. He could tell, after a couple of his newly invented detection spells, that the ring had some sort of decaying hex on it, but it was tied to the door ward. He could guess that if someone opened the door without letting the snake do it and then picked up the ring they would suffer the hex, but he did not want to suffer it anyways. He carefully and slowly began to remove the spells as he did in Gringotts, layer after layer, one at a time.

Finally the detection spells showed up empty and he picked the ring up heading back to the inn to take a nap. He would perform the second half of his business in Little Hangleton later that evening.

End Notes:

I promised some answers with as few spoilers as possible and here are the answers. If there is something I didn't answer please ask, I'll likely answer more questions at the end of the next chapter.

Young Harry's and Hermione's Souls: This one is hard to explain without getting spoilerific. However, I will say that the Time Soul was made by the Ancients near the end of civilization and there is more to come about this device and its effects from chapter 1, however, it won't come about until after Voldemort's defeat.

Slash and Pairings: As of right now, I'm planning Harry/Hermione to be the only major pairing. There may be some slash, but romance is not the goal of this story. Really, it's not. If slash does come up in this fic it will not be more than a kiss.

The Time Shift: The reason I shifted the Harry Potter universe back several years is that I don't want to be defeating Voldemort the same time I'm trying to defeat Anubis or something. I don't want to pack all the villains into one chapter. I am, though, not going to completely ignore Stargate universe while Harry and Hermione are in school. There is a reason for the title (wink).

The Ancients and Time Soul:When Harry and Hermione use the Time Soul the device didn't just send them back in time, it acted like one of the Repositories, this will come up more, probably in the next two chapters. Harry hasn't had the time to process what happened, yet.

Sirius:Didn't want to go a cliché route with Gringotts or a will, so I'm going for another route. He will appear in the story, though, and not too far from now.

Hermione:She'll appear more soon; I might actually have the next chapter focused on her (if not next chapter, then the one after that).

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