I watch everyday as the people come into the Hob to trade. Everyday is the same, people come and go with different things in their hands, things they traded or bought; but today is different. The reaping was yesterday, probably one of the worst reapings in history. A twelve-year-old girl was picked, leaving her sister to volunteer for her. It just so happens that the sister was Katniss Everdeen. She goes out into the woods everyday with her friend Gale to hunt. They are probably the main providers for the people at the Hob. There is always someone bidding on the meat they bring in. Now that she's gone, all we have is a crushed boy who lost his best friend. We hardly ever get meat in here now.

So today, there's hardly anyone here to trade and bid on things. A lot of people counted on those two Seam kids to bring in meat, now there are people who have nothing. Nobody else is brave enough to venture out into the woods, and even if they did they wouldn't know what to do. I just hope Katniss comes back, not just for the sake of the Hob, but for the sake of everyone. Katniss has people who count on her like her sister and mother do. Without her, everything else seems to not function right. Since she isn't here to help her mom, we don't have a healer. Without her, her friend has to provide for both their families, leaving nothing for us. Since we don't have anything, no one has money to buy anything from the shops. That causes people who own the shops to lose customers.

It's all like a chain. Without one thing, you don't get all the others. We once had a long chain, but now that chain has broken in half. We don't have anyone to fix it, and even if it was fixed it would never be the same. Ever since Primrose Everdeen's name was called, our chain has been damaged.

Now we are left with nothing but a broken chain.

Really short. I hope you enjoyed it! Thanks again to my AMAZING beat- DemigodWiththeBread