I already got a Breach-centric/Brex fic going on. Now, it's time for a Chapter fic on my OTHER shiny favorite: Six! This one will be a Six-centric/Holix fic! YAY! I noticed a lack of fics that go into Six's actual past. Well, those days are over! Summary time: Evo activity near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania causes White Knight to send Six, Holiday, Rex, and Bobo to quiet things down. What will we find out about Six's past? Why did he join Providence in the first place? What is his relationship with the Evo situation? Let's find out...

"WHOO!" Rex shouted, allowing his metal wings to disappear. "And another one bites the dust!" He pried open the mouth of the giant squid Evo he had just taken down. "I think that's a new record. How long did that take?"

"Gee, I dunno." Bobo murmured sarcastically, crawling out of the squid's mouth and shaking green slime out of his fur. "I think the clock in there is seven minutes slow."

"Hey, Six! How bout pizza?" Rex turned and grinned hopefully at his aggro-nanny. "Come on. You know you want to!" He grinned and raised his eyebrows hopefully. 'Please, please, please...'

"No." Six said simply. "Holiday wants to check you out."

"Ah..." Rex's expression took on a more playfully devious turn. "Does she now...? Well that changes things! Let's go!" He ran onto the ship cheerfully.

Six rolled his eyes a little as he allowed his katanas to disappear back under his sleeves. "This is Six. The situation is under control. Do you copy?"

"Acknowledged. Return to base for briefing immediately." White Knight's voice replied.

Six frowned slightly. 'Evo activity must be at a peak... We usually have at least an hour before being alerted on a new mission.' He glanced toward Rex, who was relaxing in one of the chairs. Was this so important, they needed Rex right away? "After Rex's medical examinations, we'll-"

"This is a code red situation, Six. I expect you, Rex, and Holiday in the briefing room as soon as you arrive. Knight out." Click.

Six blinked a few times in confusion. 'This is new...' He glanced at Rex out of the corner of his eye. 'He looks relatively stable... Still, I'll see if Holiday can check him out on the way to wherever our next mission is.'


"Luxville?' Rex blinked a few times. "Never heard of it."

"It's a small town a few miles away from Gettysburg." Six murmured softly. He stared at the paper, his hidden eyes attempting to burn a hole through the paper, make it disappear! No such luck. It was still there and as real as ever. 'I suppose that's that...'

Holiday was watching Six closely. 'Something's different. He doesn't look quite right...' "Six, what's-"

"Rex. You and Holiday can wait outside. I need to have a word with White Knight." Six murmured softly, turning his steel gaze onto the image of his boss and master. After the two left, Six put the papers down on the table and moved close to the screen. He took off his glasses and locked his black eyes on Knight's. "Remember our deal, Knight." He growled. "This isn't a 'cure, contain, or kill' situation. This mission will happen on my terms. It will take as long as is necessary in my eyes. Rex, Holiday, Bobo, and I are the only people of Providence who will so much as set foot in that town. You try anything, and the deal will be off! Understand?"

White Knight's face became, if possible, colder than before. "Don't get ahead of yourself, Agent Six. If I feel it's required, I will terminate the target."

Six's eyes flashed angrily. "If you do, you lose me. I don't think you'd be able to handle Rex or anything else then."

"We have other ways of keeping people in line, Six." White Knight replied, his voice dripping venom. "Don't tempt me." His image disappeared.

Six stood there for a few minutes, clenching and unclenching his fists. Finally, when he got a better handle on his emotions, he replaced his glasses on his face and marched toward the door.

"Ready to go, Six?" Rex asked brightly, standing up. He grinned down at Bobo. "That first mission was just a warm up! I'm ready do do some serious Evo-pounding!"

"It won't be that kind of mission, Rex." Six said, walking calmly toward the ship.

"Huh? But Holiday read the papers and-"

"I'm in charge for this one, Rex." Six cut in as they all took their seats. "And I say that it won't be that kind of mission."

Rex raised his eyebrows in surprise. 'Huh. That's new.' He glanced at Holiday, hoping that she might know more than he did. Sadly, her face showed just as much confusion as he felt. 'Ah well...' He blinked drowsily. 'Wow...that fight was more tiring than I thought... Maybe I'll catch some Z's until we get to Pennsylvania...' His eyes drifted close.

Holiday walked past a snoozing Rex and Bobo and stood next to Six's chair. "Six, what's going on?" Silence. "I know you, Six. Something's wrong."

"That isn't your concern, Doctor." Six said stiffly, turning away and looking out the window.

"It is my concern, Six!" Holiday said angrily, putting her hands on her hips. "Rex and Bobo may not notice, but you have that same expression on your face as the one you get whenever you're worried about Rex."

Six gave her his signature eyebrow cock but said nothing. Secretly, he was stunned. He had worked for five years to craft his image into one of no emotion. How could Holiday read him so easily?

Holiday breathed a sigh of defeat, realizing that she wasn't likely to get much more out of him. "Look, if you need to talk about anything or tell me anything, I'm here." She placed a hand on his shoulder briefly before returning to her seat.

Six watched her out of the corner of his eye. He couldn't talk about it... Not to Holiday, not to anyone! 'Still...' He felt the lingering warmth of Holiday's gentle hand. 'It's...good to have her here...'


"Rex! Wake up! Now!" Rex awoke with a start to see Six staring down at him, shaking his shoulder violently. "Get ready. We're going down." Rex jumped up immediately and looked around. They were still flying... 'I guess that means we're supposed to jump!' He watched Six prepare his hoverboard and glanced at Bobo and Holiday who were strapping themselves in a mini transport vehicle. The doors opened and the first sound that came to Rex's ear was a bloodcurdling sound that sounded like a demented combination of hiss, scream, and roar! 'That's my cue!' Grinning, he jumped out of the plane, crafted his buggy pack, and flew toward the source of the sound. His eyes widened slightly at what he saw.

A large black and white cat with one orange eye, one blue eye, and a pair of silver wings was swooping in and out of the town faster than Rex's eyes could track. The only time he got a clear view of it was when it paused briefly after each return to the sky. Its eyes were wide and crazed and its muzzle was stained with blood.

'I can make quick work of this! I don't know what Six was talking about!' His thoughts stopped when the creature took notice of him and locked eyes with him. In a split second, Rex could see into this monster's mind. He saw a child murdering her parents. He saw close friends running away screaming. He saw broken buildings and people standing in total silence. He shook his head and gaped at his opponent, feeling a great increase in respect for it. This wouldn't be an easy victory! He started to fly toward it when he was cut off in midair by Six.

Six sped by on his hoverboard. No. He would handle this one! He revved up the vehicle and slashed the katanas inches from the Evo's face. He watched its expression change to one of terror. It let out a mew of fear before starting to fly away.

'It's retreating?' Rex started to fly after it, only to be cut off by Six yet again.

"Let it go." Six muttered. "Remember, I told you that this wouldn't be an ordinary mission." He tilted his hoverboard toward the ground and said no more.

Holiday stared at Six in shock as he sped past them and toward the ground. 'He had it...why didn't he finish it?' Determined to find out more, she angled the craft toward the ground and followed.

Rex was completely stumped. 'Why did he...' He shook his head and flew toward the ground after his teammates. He wouldn't find out anything hovering around aimlessly.

Six jumped off of his hoverboard and looked around for a few seconds at the damage. He noticed a journalist standing nearby, taking notes like his life depended on it. He was a Hispanic man with short dark hair that fell into bangs over his forehead. His dark eyes glinted with excitement at such a big scoop. Six's eyes widened slightly when he took in the man's face. He walked over and folded his arms in a businesslike manner. "How many casualties?"

Rex followed Six over to the journalist. 'The cops are right over there... Why not ask them?'

"Can't tell you that, buddy." The man murmured, his pencil running across the page. "Read it in the paper tomorrow."

"Don't play games with me, Marco." Six snapped, impatience becoming the main emotion in his arsenal.

Holiday and Rex exchanged surprised glances. Six knew this guy?

"Dude, I've never seen you before in my life." Marco waved his hand dismissively. "You'd might as well march right on outta here. Luxville doesn't answer to Providence."

"I know." Six grabbed Marco's face and turned it toward his. "But you'd better answer to me."

"Hey, pal! No one messes with-" Marco's eyes suddenly grew so wide, it looked like they would pop out of his skull. He took a step back, his mouth hanging open. "It...It can't be..." He moved back a few steps. "You...I...It just can't be..." He turned away for a moment before looking back over his shoulder. "But...that voice...that face..." He took a step forward, tears starting to leak from his eyes. "Flint? Is it really you?"

"Flint?" Rex walked over so he was standing between the two men. "Okay, what's going on here, Six?"

Six, ignoring Rex, replied calmly. "Yes, Marco. It's me."

Rex, Holiday, and Bobo's jaws hit the ground at what Marco did next: He rushed forward and hugged Six.

Hugged Six! Hugged...SIX!

"What the..." Rex turned toward Holiday, once again begging for information.

Holiday shook her head mutely. She had no answers.

Six stood there stiffly as Marco held him and sobbed onto his shoulder. He remembered the earlier days. Had it been five years ago, he would have gladly returned the hug and probably would have given a few friendly punches. Not now. He wasn't the same person anymore.

"Flint...I don't believe it... It's a miracle..." Marco choked, burying his face in the green-suited shoulder. "How...when..." He took a step back, trying to recover his emotions. "You vanished...we all thought you were..." He gulped before meeting Flint's gaze. "What happened?"

"Now isn't the time to explain." Six replied, trying not to feel annoyed by the big wet stain on his suit. "How many casualties?"

"Five were severely wounded and there were no deaths." Marco waved his hand as if those facts weren't important. "Come on, buddy! Spill! Where have you been all these years?"

"I've been busy." Six replied, turning away from Marco and back to Rex, Holiday, and Bobo. "Let's go. I know a hotel we can stay in until further notice."

"Hold up!" Marco ran over, his face now taking on a hint of anger. "You can't just show up for your best friend who thought you were dead for five years and then leave! You gotta see everyone! Imagine what everyone will say! Flint Saxon, the king of Luxville, has returned!" He grinned at the idea. "It's gonna be in the paper tomorrow whether you like it or not, so you'd better say something before I start talking for you!"

"Not now." Six grumbled, suddenly feeling overcome with fatigue. "We all need to rest so that we can deal with that Evo." He gave Marco a significant look which effectively subdued him.

"Right...of course..." Marco nodded a few times. "I forgot...yeah..." He picked up his notebook and pencil. "See you around, Flint." He smiled a little. "You seem like a different person..but it's good to have you back. Welcome home. I...hope you'll drop by our old hangouts. We still meet there on occasion. We'll be looking for you." He turned and walked off.

Six didn't look at the questioning faces of his team. He walked right past them and tried to beat down the lump that was threatening to form in his throat.

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