Sup my homeys? I got a bit of an update cycle going here. Igniting the Flint, Mending the Breach, I Will Walk With You (My newest fic, a GR and Touched By An Angel crossover. Check it out if you like family themed stuff!). Now I'm back on Igniting the Flint. WHOOHOO! I love writing! ^_^ Okay, in this chapter, Six goes into the hotel room for the first time (He left as soon as they first checked in and was out in Gettysburg on the first night, so he's never actually been in the room itself) and finds a little dilema... Rex claimed the sofa, Bobo claimed the armchair, and all that's left is one king sized bed. ONE king sized bed. ONE! Whoops! LOL! Don't worry, I don't write Lemons. I just like scenes when the couple in question is in the same bed, sofa, etc. It's cute in my opinion. There's fluff along with Six starting to open up about his past. Enjoy!

Six walked into the hotel room and practically collapsed into the armchair. 'Ugh...' He rubbed his temples irritably. 'I need a coffee...'

"Ahem." Bobo poked Six's shoulder.

"What is it, monkey?" Six grumbled.

"I called dibs on the chair last night. Scuse me!"

Six would have normally pulled out one of his katanas and chased Bobo off. Not in the mood, he simply stood and walked away, glancing at the couch. 'Ah well...might as well get some sleep...' He thought to himself as Bobo curled up in the chair and started snoring.

After going into the bathroom to change into his (surprise, surprise) green pajamas, he headed right toward the couch.

"Sorry, Six! I took the couch!" Rex threw himself onto the sofa and grabbed a pillow, zonking out almost instantly.

"Whatever." Six shrugged and started toward the large bed...only to find Holiday, clad in light lavender pajamas with her black hair loose and hanging around her shoulders, fixing the sheets. "Where's the other one?"

"Hm?" Holiday looked up. "The other..." She looked around the room and her eyes widened. "" Her face began to heat up. 'Oh boy...' "There...isn't really another one."

Six rolled his eyes. "Wonderful..." He folded up his shades and walked over, grabbing a pillow. "I'll sleep on the floor..."

Holiday raised a skeptical eyebrow. "The floor is hardwood, Six."

"I can manage." Six moved toward a corner and put the pillow down.

"Six." She said, a little more sternly. "You've been having back problems lately. I don't think that lying on a hardwood floor will-"

"I'm not sixty, Holiday." Six said coldly. "I'm not even forty. I think I can handle it."

Holiday tilted her head and, before she could stop herself, asked: "How old are you, Six?"

Six raised an eyebrow. "Why do you want to know?" He eased himself slowly to the floor, refusing to show that his aching limbs were already protesting.

Holiday, realizing her mistake, blushed nervously. "Just curious..." She muttered sheepishly as she got into the bed on the left side and lay down. She turned on her side so that she was facing where Six was.

"Thirty four." Six grumbled scrunching his eyes closed. "Could you turn off the light?"

Holiday nodded and reached toward the lamp. Before she did, she frowned a little. "You're looking kinda stiff, Six."

"I'm fine." Six growled. "Will you turn off the light?"

Holiday shook her head. "Why don't you come onto the bed and I'll sleep on the floor?"

"No." Six said immediately. 'Is she stupid or something? I can't take the bed while she sleeps on the floor! It just isn't done!'

"Why? Because I'm a girl?" Holiday felt herself bristling slightly. Six said nothing. "Oh for the love of... Six, I'm not some delicate lily!" Still nothing. She smirked a little. "I can handle it." That earned her a withering look from Six. She rolled her eyes in exasperation. "Fine. If you won't let me sleep on the floor, fine! At least sleep on the other side of the bed so you won't be like a plank of wood tomorrow!" There was a long pause. Holiday realized then exactly what she had just said. 'Wait a sec...did I just tell Six to get into bed with me?' Her face turned bright red. "Wh-Whatever..." She quickly hit the lamp so that Six wouldn't see her blushing.

Six tried not to groan at how uncomfortable the floor was. Despite his fatigue, he just couldn't bring himself to fall asleep. He glanced at the bed and sighed. He painfully got to his feet and moved toward the bed.

Holiday's eyes widened as Six stood and walked over. ' he actually going to...' She felt her face heating up again. 'Oh jeez...' Six sank down on the other side of the large bed. Thank goodness the thing was so big! Otherwise this would be really uncomfortable! Still...

"You stay on your side, I stay on mine." Six grumbled, closing his eyes. 'Why does my face feel hot?'

"No duh." Holiday replied, rolling her eyes. She watched Six for awhile before speaking again. "What's the story with Kendra?"

"Is that really your business, Holiday?" He asked crisply.

"Yes." Holiday replied immediately. "You said before that this mission was 'special', right?" No reply. "Call it intuition, but I think that Kendra has something to do with it. Am I right?" There was another pause.

"Everyone in Luxville has to do with that Evo. Not just her." Six muttered evasively.

"How so?" Holiday persisted. He said nothing. "Oh, I get it." She snapped, sitting up. "I'm just the doctor. No one needs to tell me anything! All I gotta do is watch people I care about get mauled, patch them up, and send them right back out again with a pat on the back! No need for me to know why they're fighting. Heaven forbid I know what's going on every once in awhile!" She laid back down on the bed, fuming.

Six felt a pang of guilt but quickly pushed it aside. "If you must know, Kendra and I went out back in High School." He murmured, turning his head away.

Holiday nodded slowly. "I figured as much. What I want to know is what she was talking about before. Something about what Providence did before and you being here to clean up the rest. What was that about?"

"Someone here became an Evo when I still lived here. This was back before Providence found Rex so they had to kill her-it!" He quickly corrected himself, trying not to hint at too much.

Holiday caught Six's quick cover up and didn't question him on it. Instead, she asked: "And what does Kendra mean by cleaning up what's left?"

"That also a person who lives here."

"Someone you know?" Holiday ventured.

"You could say that."

"In that case, why don't we just do what we did for my sister? She can live in the Zoo. That way, you won't have to worry about-"

"She's different." Six replied instantly. "She can't leave here."


"She has killed people before. Your sister never has. White wouldn't stand for it" Six closed his eyes wearily. "It was hard enough convincing him to let your sister live. I doubt he'd do that again."

"I guess you're right..." Holiday agreed. Then, something hit her. "Wait a second... You were the one to convince White to let her live? It thought he just was letting her live so he'd have something to hold over me."

"White only uses leverage on some people, the people he needs to control." Six muttered resentfully, avoiding Holiday's question. There was a moment of silence. Then, Six could feel Holiday moving closer. 'What's she doing?' He felt her stop at the center of the bed and reach out her hand. To his surprise, he found himself reaching out and meeting her hand halfway. She gripped it gently and he could feel her soft gaze on him.

"Thank you." Holiday whispered, suddenly wanting more than anything to move over all the way and hug him. She restrained herself. No telling how Six would respond to a hug. (Boy oh boy, would I love to find out! ^_^)

Six felt himself smiling a little. Thank goodness it was so dark. "You're welcome." He squeezed her hand gently.

When the two fell asleep a few minutes later, they were still holding each others hand.


"I think you should name it after Flint if it's a boy." Kendra suggested, snuggling up against Flint.

"What if it's a girl?" Flint asked, grinning at Kendra and winking at Ruby.

"Well, duh! Name it Kendra if it's a girl, of course!" Kendra laughed.

Ruby chuckled and shook her head. "No. I want my baby's name to be original. The last thing I need is to go 'Hey, Kendra!' or 'Hey, Flint!' and have both of you come running."

"Hey! No worries there!" Marco said, smirking a little. "Flint won't come running to you no matter which one you call!"

"True that!" Flint agreed, shoving Marco playfully.

"I think I'll keep with the family tradition when I name him or her." Ruby continued, rolling her eyes at Flint and Marco.

"You mean you'll name it after a rock? Lovely." Marco laughed. "How bout Rocky?"

"Pebbles!" Kendra threw in.

"Boulder!" Marco replied.



"Oh, please Marco! She's not naming her kid after a Pokemon!"

"Onyx is actually a black stone." Flint spoke up. "Not a bad name if it's a boy." He nodded in approval.

"What if it's a girl?" Kendra asked. "I say she calls her Amber."

"I'll decide when he or she is actually born." Ruby said. "After all, how will I know what the right name is until I see what he or she looks like?"

"Good point." Flint agreed. "Well, whatever his or her name is, we all know what I'll be called!" His heart did a flip at the thought. "Uncle Flint!"

"Yeah, you can have the title of Uncle Flint." Marco waved his hand dismissively. "I, on the other hand, will be the Awesome-Fun-Loving-Favorite Uncle Marco!"

"Hah! In your dreams, senor!" Flint laughed punching Marco on the shoulder. "We both know that I'll be the favorite!"

"Yeah right! You'll be too busy making goo-goo eyes at Kendra to be the favorite." Marco started making kissy faces.

"Oh that's it!" Flint jumped up. Marco yelped and bolted. "Yeah, you'd better run! When I catch you, I'm gonna..." His voice faded as he chased his best friend into the woods.

Ruby looked at Kendra and shook her head. "Why do we hang out with them again?"

"Because they amuse us." Kendra replied, laughing. "You gotta admit, things would be pretty boring without them!"

"True that..." Ruby muttered, nodding her head. "True that..."

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