This story is based off a dream I had last week. Except I woke up after he said he was going to kidnap me

Disclaimer: I do not own the Jolly Rodger or Captain Hook. I do own Elizabeth Parker

This story is true. This really happened. Who am I you ask? My Name is Elizabeth Parker I am 17 possibly 18. I do not know how much time has past back in London. How do I know it is true? It simple I was there or here depending on your point in the matter. What does that mean? It means that I am still there or here in Nederland on board the Jolly Rodger and as I am writing this, I am in the Captains study. He does not let me out of his sight much to which I can understand. You see he thinks that I am on Pans side, as I would team up with an idiotic twelve year old. He is currently sitting at his desk watching me very intently and almost curiously. So here, starts are story.

I was standing in the fruit wallpapered kitchen getting ready for school and as usual, I really just wanted to go back to bed. It being six in the morning and I have not slept the night before. Here I was finishing up my glass of milk when a arm grabbed me around the waist. I went to scream but a hand covered my mouth before I could. I was still barefoot at the time so I tried to put the glass down but something hard and sharp was pressed in to my stomach as I leaned forward to do so. I looked down and saw a hook where a hand should be I instantly knew who my captor was. It was Captain James Hook. I mumbled against his hand. It wasn't a muffled scream or even a yelp. Who would here me? Everyone left for work before I even got up. "If I take my hand away do you promise not to scream?" I nodded and he tightened his grip around my waist and removed his hand from my mouth. "Now who do have I here?" He turned me around in his arms and pressed his hook in to my back slightly. His hair was black, curly, and down to his mid back, He was in His usual elegant red attire with gold sown in design.

"Can I put the glass down so as not to drop it?" I saw a tint of red enter his eyes for not getting an answer but a question in return but backed me up to the counter so I could. Blushing a little at the awkwardness I answered his question "My Name is Elizabeth Parker". I glanced toward the stove clock it was 7:10 I had missed the school bus on the last day of school. Way to go Hook. I smiled "Who are you? What are you doing here?"

He let go of me and bowed "I'm Captain James H..." As soon as he said his first name, I knew I was right. I did not just run I bolted up the stairs and into my room leaving the door open and dove under my bed for a duffel bag and started to fill it with any thing I could get my hands on. He gave chase no more than a few seconds after I made it to my room. "To answer your second question. I have come to kidnap you. Now you won't be making any fuss and you will come willingly."

I grabbed a pile of clean clothes that I had not folded yet and looked up at him from packing. "If I go willingly then its not kidnap." I stated bluntly. "What are you doing?"

I looked up at him questioningly. "Packing. I cannot stay here. It's better you than…." A chill ran up my spine and I stuffed the clothes in the bag. He seemed to notice my discomfort at a thought as a brushed passed him with a full duffle bag, threw it down the stairs, grabbed another bag out of the closet along with some sheets, and put them in the bag. "How did you know?"

"Know what?" I went down to the basement to grab a screwdriver to take apart my bed. He followed me. (Yes I am taking my bed to Neverland) "All I got out was that I was Captain and my first name was James. How did you know my intention?" I walked into the bathroom and started empting my cabinet. "Oh...umm." I heard my sister's car in the driveway; I looked out the window to make sure it was she and not the neighbor. It was she. "Shit." I dumped every thing into the bag and ran back upstairs and put both bags under the bed and went to sit in the closet.

"Miss Parker, exactly what is it you are doing?" Hook said slightly amused by my behavior.

"The school there going to call mother and tell her that imp not there. She is going to call my sister who currently just arrived. She is going to come look in my room for me but she is to dumb to look in my closet."

Both of us heard my sister talking on the phone and coming up the stairs. "Get in here she will see you" I whispered. He glared at me for a second. "Please." He ducked into my walking closet, sat on the box across from me, and closed the door just as the other door opened. Few seconds past as we heard her walk around the room. "No she isn't here. Yeah I'm going now." She went to her room down in the basement. The Captain and I laughed quietly at her stupidity and left the closet. I walked over to my bed with the screwdriver and hook walked over to where my IPod was and picked it up as I started to take the sheets off my bed and stuff them in to the bag. I was stopped what I was doing and subconsciously watched him try to figure out how it worked. I glanced at the digital clock it was nearing 8:30. "How on earth does this thing work?" I rolled my eyes, got up and walked over to the other bed, which he was sitting on. "You put these in your ears and press here and here." Sound came out of the headphones, but I am guessing he did not like the song as he ripped the headphones out of his ears. "What?" He did not respond so I finished taking the bed apart got up and walked over to him. "Captain?" He turned and looked at me with those icy blue eyes. "Can you have some of you men taken this to the boat…? Ship." I quickly corrected my self. "Of coarse Miss Parker." He called to of his crew to take the bed frame and mattress to his cabin, all the while keeping a very tight hold on me to keep up the visage. After that, we tried to cram anything and every thing into the two bags until I gave up and emptied the bucket filled with stuff animals and started filling that. When I next looked at the clock, it was nearing 12:50 and I was getting hungry. I am sure my Captain was too I mean the Captain. I opened my bedroom door quietly and listened to see if my sister was up. She was not; I started to descend the stairs when Hook pulled me back a little too roughly. "Where are you going? Do you want to get us caught?"

"No one is down there relaxed. I'm hungry and I'm sure you are too" He released me and followed me down stairs into the kitchen we both grabbed yogurt. Just as we sat down my sister came up stairs and bombarded us with questions obviously I answered them not so truthfully and looking at Captain Hook the entire time.

"Why are you here and not at school? Why were you not in your room when I went to see if you skipped school? Who is he?"

"Whoa slow down will you?"

"Elizabeth answer my questions"

"Why should I?

"Because I'm in charge" I try so very hard to surprises a laugh. Hook looked at me clearly, he had more control over the emotions he showed than I did.

"Fine what ever ask your stupid questions."

"There not stupid. So Why are you here and not at school?" I looked Hook instead of looking at my sister.

"All the bathrooms flooded and they hade to send us home."

"Again when are they going to fix that school up? Ok Who is he. And why is he dressed like some pirate Captain from the middle ages?" I looked at her and Hook shifted uneasily. My sister did not seem to notice

"His name is James and he is dressed like that because we were going through dress rehearsal for the schools summer production." Hook and I being very convincing gave me a half smile behind my sisters back.

"Why is he here? And I'm telling that you had a guy in the house when no one was home." I could see Hook's eyes slowly changing from blue to red. I stood up and glared at her.

"Excuse me he is a friend and he drove me home because my bus got broken down on the high way and we have to be at The Shack by six. We were hungry and I still have to get into costume. And he can stay as long as he wants." I looked at hook his eyes were slowly changing back to there original color. I pushed by my sister to get to the sink to rinse out the yogurt container and put it on the counter. She grabbed my arm. "You are not going any where"

"Try and stop me just try" She grabbed my other hand and attempted to tie them together but I pulled a bunch of tie kwon doe moves and she was knocked out. I turned around and looked at Hook I could tell he was shocked that I knocked out my sister and that he did not see any guilt from me at that moment because he sure saw it later.

"Are you done with that?"

"I guess." I took his contraire rinsed it and through it in the trash along with my own. Then with his help, of course we moved my sister down to her room and placed her on her bed. We headed back up stairs. "I do hope she thinks it all a dream. You did a pretty good job covering the truth." We headed back up stairs and locked ourselves in my bedroom. "We are going to wait till midnight when every ones else is sleeping." We both leaned up against the wall where my bed used to be. All Bags and containers with my thing in them were all aboard the ship. "And now we wait."

"And now we wait."