As I started to sail the ship out of the harbor my thoughts turned towards Elizabeth once more. My thoughts had been revolving around her more and more. I was in deep thought when there was a scream from the cabin as something crashed to the floor. I set the ship on its coarse, handed the wheel to Starkey and rushed from the bridge.

When I got to the cabin the book shelf was on the floor. Elizabeth was no where to be seen. "Elizabeth?" There was a whimper coming from under the book shelf. "ELIZABETH!" I rushed over to the fallen bookcase. Starkey had heard me yell and had ran up and we lifted the bookcase off of her. I pushed the books off of her. "Elizabeth are you ok?" She looked over at me and opened her mouth to speak but no sound came out. I looked up and saw Starkey still standing there. "Back to your post." He bowed and hurried back to the wheel.

I picked her up and carried her over to the bed. After I placed her down I checked for broken bones. " I'm fine James." I sat down next to her and moved her hair away from her face. I realized then that this is the girl I was ment to love, but she would never love me in return. " You had me worried." She looked away from me. " You were only worried because without me your plan to get to pan would have failed." I pulled my hand away from her. "Thats not true. I was worried because I love..." She had turned away from me and put the pillow over her face.I tore the pillow away from her and glared at her. "Be ready when I return we are still going to the island we have come to far to turn back around." I snapped angrily. I stood and began to leave when her hand grabbed mine. I turned to look at her. I was still clearly very angry. She sat up and pulled her hand up to her face and kissed it. " I'm sorry I didn't mean..." I yanked my hand away. "YOU MENT IT. YOU KNOW AS WELL AS I." She came up and kneeled at the end of the bed. "I see the way you look at me when you think I'm not looking or when you think I am sleeping. I only was trying to get you to say it. James please." I took a step closer to her daring to hope that she feels the same "And do you feel the same?" She looked down and paused after my question. A minute later and she still had not answered. I started to walk toward the door. "James wait." When I got to the door I paused. "Its Captain. Miss Parker. And be ready when I return we have already sailed to far to turn back around." I slammed the door shut. I started to walk toward the bridge but I could faintly make out the sound of her crying.

We laid anchor and I went to fetch the girl. She was still crying and most defantly not ready. " I thought I told you to get ready." She stood up and ran over to me wrapping her arms around my waist. " I'm sorry." I pushed her off of me. "That is hardly appropriate behavior for people who are not intamate with each other." She looked up at me and started crying more. "Captain please allow me to answer your question in my own time." I came toe to toe with her." I will give you until we arrive back on the ship tomorrow morning. And that is all the time I will allow you. Now get ready." She quickly changed and brushed her hair, grabbing a blanket off the window seat she came up to me. "I'm ready.

As the sun set Elizabeth and I made our way to the shore. Once there I helped her out the dingy and tied it to a tree. I took her hand and lead her into the forest. We have walked half a mile before we came to a clearing. She looked around a ghost of a smile on her face. Right at the tree line the ground became grass rather then the dirt of the rest of the Island. There was a waterfall at the other end of the clearing that opened up into a pool. She dropped my hand and put the basket and spread out blanket that she had been carrying on the ground then stepped into the water.

"Why does the waterfall Glitter?" She turned to me her eyes sparkling just like the water. "Behind the falls are the eggs of the fairies." She went further into the pool then splashed me. I growled, kicked my shoes off, left my hook on the blanket and went in after her. " You're going to pay for that?" She giggled and swam away from me. I swam after her and she splashed me again so I splashed her back. She giggled. " You're going to have to catch me first." She swam away and I gave chase. I almost got her three times before I finally pinned her against the wall of the pool. She looked up at me and pouted. "Not fair." I pressed my hips against her. "How was that in any way not fair?" She looked down. " Fine I guess it was fair." She was still pouting as she wrapped her legs around my waist. When she looked back up at me I kissed her and let go of her hands.

She immediately responded to my kiss and wrapped her arms around my neck. I lifted her skirt up to remove her underware only to find that she didn't have any on."Naughty, not wearing any undies." I ran a finger against her clit. She ran a hand down my chest, down past my stomach and into the waist band of my pants. I began to nip her neck when she pushed me away and got out of the water. And before I knew it she was completly naked and laying on the blanket. I followed her out and stripped my self of my close before laying on top of her. She pulled me down for a kiss and opened her legs up for me. I thrust into her and three words came out of her mouth. Words I thought would never be directed at me. " I love you." I froze and looked at her confused. "You what?" She cupped my cheek with her hand and looked deep into my eyes. So deep that I could feel her looking into my very soul. " I said I love you Captain James Hook."

"Elizabeth I ..." I smiled and leaned down to kiss her while starting to move slowly within her. She let out a quite moan and wrapped herself around me. I moved faster at the sign of encouragement and at that exact moment the fairiy eggs hatched. The fairies burst threw the waterfall and flew over us their fairy dust sprinkling over us before flying out of the clearing and out of sight. Elizabeth started to meet my thrust and we started floating of the ground and over the tree tops. I sucked her nipple into my mouth and thrust as hard and as fas as I could. Her nails dug into my back as she came. I came shortly after and we gently floated back down to the ground. Once we were on the ground again her muscles relaxed and I rolled off of her. She turned toward me. I pulled her close and curled up against my side.

"Why does peter hate you? I mean I know you have a reason to hate him but what other reason does he have to hate you other then you being a grown up?" Elizabeth looked up at me. " Honestly love, I have no idea."