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The quotes at the beginning of the chapters are from a song entitled "Time" by Sarah McLachlan. It's one of my favorite songs and helped to inspire this story based off of Vampire Knight. Hope you enjoy.

Chapter 1


'Time here... All but means nothing, just shadows that move across the wall...They keep me company but they don't ask of me...They don't say nothing at all...'

A quiet moan, a mix of pain and lust, drifted from the bed that was shrouded in black lace making it difficult to see the figure that lay covered in the softest silk sheets of the purest, darkest black. The lace surrounding the bed fluttered slightly though there was no draft coming from the one closed window. Shadows that were already long in the dim, dancing light provided by wax candles that sat in polished golden scones that were hanging from the smooth gray stone walls momentarily elongated making them appear to be taking a breath before they returned to normal and the flames of the candles flickered.

There was a new feeling in the air. A new aura. One mixed with darkness and purity, a contradiction of itself for they seemed evenly balanced. The air grew heavy and the darkness in the room deepened as if in opposition. Several moments passed and the air lightened, but the darkness didn't recede. The balance it seemed, had been restored.

"She's begun to wake..." A man said softly, his brown eyes staring intently, excitedly at the barely visible figure on the bed. Light from the candles flickered across his face illuminating a pale, handsome visage that could have been carved from the finest marble it was so perfect.

"She began to wake a long time ago, Riku," another man replied, his soft yet masculine voice hardly above a whisper as he too fixed his own blue eyes on the bed. His face was hidden in shadow, bowed slightly allowing long strands of gleaming dark hair to hang in an oddly elegant way over his face.

"Yes, but she's really waking, Sora. Our Lady is coming back to us."

The blue eyed man brushed some of his dark brown hair from his eyes in an attempt to hide the frown that had found its way onto his beautifully pale face. "Don't forget the promise we made, Riku. She will need us."

"I'm aware of that, brother," Riku answered, his voice tinged with annoyance and his green eyes flashing in the darkness.

"Then perhaps you should go and get the latest news about him."

"You must be thirsty," Sora murmured, brushing stray strands of dark hair from the face of the ethereal woman that lay in the black swathed bed. He sat near the edge, his lean body resting against the ornate wooden headboard as he gazed down at the woman whose lips his blue eyes lingered on. His hand reached out, his lithe fingers extending as if to touch the rose colored flesh, but it stopped, hovering a hair's breadth away before they were pulled away. "You should drink, perhaps it will help you to wake. You've spent so very long asleep, my Lady."

His fingers gently dusted over the woman's cheek as his lips parted to reveal two gleaming fangs that easily buried themselves into the flesh of the wrist he brought to his mouth. When the scent of blood filled the air, the woman beside him moaned. Filling his mouth with the warm liquid flowing through his own veins, Sora carefully tilted the woman's head towards himself being certain not smear the blood still leaking from the two small wounds on his wrist on her skin.

Leaning over the sleeping woman, he placed his lips over hers that felt so cold compared to his own and let his blood flow into her mouth slowly to be sure he didn't overwhelm her. When she swallowed instinctively, allowing his blood into her body, he pulled away. Wiping the blood that had spilled from her mouth from her chin, Sora sighed and waited, hoping that today would be the day she finally woke.

For nearly a week she had shown signs of finally waking, but she hadn't. Her eyes remained closed and she tossed and turned groaning, shouting and crying in the bed, but despite the activity she wasn't opening her eyes.

He could tell that something was haunting her, preventing her from fully awakening. Shadows from the past that had always made her eyes sad and lonely no matter how much he and Riku tried to make her smile.

"The shadows have always been your companions, they've always clung to you and you to them. It's time for that to end, my Lady. Time for you to remember who you are..."


The addressed man was staring distractedly out of an open window, his deep brown hair tickling his flawless face and neck. He hadn't heard the call of his concerned friend and continued to stare out into the darkness that was slowly beginning to lighten as the night began to melt away.


His crimson eyes blinked, refocusing and a quiet hum of realization glided from his throat. Turning he noted the worried expression on the face of his friend and wondered how long he had been staring vacantly into the night.

Running a hand through his hair, Kaname casually asked, "What is it, Takuma?"

"I was just wondering if everything was alright. You've been distracted all afternoon and everyone is beginning to worry."

"There's no need to worry, I'm fine," Kaname replied dismissively.

Takuma a tall, dusty blond haired man with warm green eyes sighed and rubbed at the back of his neck. "If you say so, but you've been restless this last week and it's making the others nervous. Are you sure everything is alright?"

After a few moments of awkward silence, on Takuma's part at least, Kaname spoke up. His voice was distant, his eyes clouded with what Takuma thought was regret and loneliness. "Have you ever heard the old story about the original King and Queen of the vampire race, Takuma?"

"Huh?" Takuma blinked, green eyes clouding with confusion. The question was not what he had expected and it had caught him off guard. "Which one? There are several."

Kaname sighed, a melancholy sound that reflected the look in his eyes. "I'm speaking about the one where the Queen dies of heartache after learning that her husband was not the man she thought he was."

"Ah, yes," Takuma nodded, knowing the story Kaname spoke of. "It's really a very sad story. They loved each other deeply and in the end the King tried to right his wrong."

"But it was already too late," Kaname murmured, crimson eyes staring out into the slowly brightening horizon. "Or so he thought..."

Darkness. Deep, quiet, solitary darkness. It's comforting arms had embraced her for so long it was hard to tell when it had begun to loosen its hold... When the peaceful blackness had began to fade...When her long rest had become a nightmare played out in the shadows that flickered across her closed eyelids.

A groan tumbled from her lips, her fingers curled and she writhed in discomfort and uncertainty. The fog was lifting from her sleepy mind, dispersing the shadows that were showing her people and places she didn't recall ever having seen. And death...

So much death.

So much blood.

Her chest tightened painfully and another groan poured from her. Her nails dug into the silky sheets that covered her and she tossed her head to the side, some of her dark hair falling into her face that was as pale and perfect as that of the finest porcelain doll.

She could feel kind, gentle hands on her face and hear the quiet murmurs of a familiar voice before a warmth suddenly spread throughout her entire body. She could feel the veils of darkness lifting, feel her body rejuvenating and her mind focusing itself.

Several long minutes passed before she was able to open her eyes tiredly and uncertainly. She flexed her hands, the bones and muscles stiff from not having been used in a long period time. Blinking, she attempted to focus her vision, but all she could see were the shadows thrown on the walls by the dancing candlelight.

How long had passed since she had fallen asleep was unknown to her. It was impossible to tell since everything appeared to be in the same state she remembered. Even the shadows didn't appear to have changed, they still danced along the walls of her chamber as they always had. The movements comforted her and she became entranced with them, watching as they writhed and twisted over the gray stone.

As she watched them, they metamorphosed into the outlines of people. Some she recognized and some didn't. She watched them as they moved and spoke, distant echoes of past she realized she couldn't remember. The blurry shape of a man, beautiful and elegant, stepped forward and presented his hand to her. She felt tears prick her eyes as she lifted her hand to his only to have him disappear like a wisp of smoke.

Sora watched her lose herself in the fluttering darkness cast by the sputtering candles. It had been something she had done so frequently in the past, stare into the shadows with a far away look. Sometimes she would smile, but most of the time she looked mournful. At first he had wondered why she looked so full of sorrow, so lost and hopeless. He remembered the day he asked her what it was she was thinking when she watched the shadows.

She had smiled softly, an empty smile that didn't reach her eyes and answered, "The past. Shadows hide many things, Sora, but they reveal just as much... and they always remember everything."


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