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It was nine in the morning, and Harry was getting James ready for the day when he heard a crash from the bathroom.

"Ginny?" he yelled, running to the bathroom. He knocked on the door, and just heard the shower running. "Gin?" he yelled again, but heard nothing. He opened the door, and saw her on the ground, unconscious.

"Bloody hell," he said, scared, and leaned down to get her up out of the glass. She'd obviously fallen out the shower door, shattering the glass. She was bleeding, and he quickly cast some charms to get any of the glass out of the wounds and stop the bleeding. He put a robe around her, and only stopped his frightened motions for a moment to run and pick up James. He hated to leave Ginny, but his charms had stopped most of the bleeding, and this would only take a moment.

He apparated into Ron and Hermione's house. He realized it was rude to barge in this way, but he knew they would understand. Hermione was reading on the couch, in a big sweatshirt that covered the tiny bump she now had from her pregnancy.

"Harry?" she asked, alarmed.

"I need you to watch James for tonight- Ginny fell, and I have to take her to St. Mungo's-"

"Is she alright?" Hermione said, alarmed.

"I don't know," Harry said, then turned to James. "Be a good boy tonight, James."

"Daddy-" he whined, his face scrunching up in the telling prelude to crying.

"Don't cry," Harry said kindly. "Daddy loves you very much. But you get to stay with Aunt Hermione and Uncle Ron for the night- won't that be fun?"

James just cried.

"Here," Hermione said, taking him in her arms. "Go," she said. She started talking to James kindly, and he quieted instantly. Hermione had magic with children. Once he trusted that James would be alright, he thanked Hermione, promised to keep her updated, and left. He was so thankful that he had friends who he could drop his child off with without any kind of notice, and also grateful that he had friends his son was comfortable enough with that dropping him off was this painless.

It was only a few more minutes before he and Ginny were at St. Mungo's and installed in a room.

"She's had a blow to the head," the Healer informed him. "It's better to just let her sleep it off, because as far as the charms say, there's no serious trauma. But waking her up now would only give her a serious headache." He smiled. "We'll keep her the night, though."

It was already noon, once the healer had told him this- he'd expected as much.

He had nothing to occupy himself, and soon enough fell asleep in the chair next to her bed, with his arms and head resting on the bed. A few hours later, he awoke thoroughly confused from sleeping in the middle of the day. He realized what had woken him- Mrs. Weasley had entered the hospital room.

"Visiting hours," she chirped. "How's she doing? Thank you for sending us the owl."

"She's doing well, I think. The healer said she'll be alright, but she hasn't woken up yet, so I'm starting to worry..."

"I'm sure she'll be alright," Mrs. Weasley said, as if to convince herself as much as Harry. "Ron is in the waiting room- he wants to talk to you."

"Ok," Harry said. "If she wakes up while I'm out there, tell her I'm right nearby."

Mrs. Weasley smiled and promised to.

Not five minutes after Harry left the room, Ginny's eyelids fluttered and she awoke.

"Mum?" she asked groggily. "What-?"

"You fell, sweetheart," Molly said, smoothing her bedclothes. "How do you feel?"

Ginny sat up, and put a hand to her head. "Alright, I guess... my head just hurts. How did I fall?"

"You fell out of the shower," Molly said. "I think you probably fainted from the hot water."

Ginny wrinkled her brow. That explained why she ached all over.

"Harry's right outside, talking to Ron," she informed.

"Harry's here?" Ginny asked, her eyes growing wide.

"Why- yes," Molly said, confused.

But just then, Harry came into the room.

"You're awake," he said, smiling widely. He walked over to her, and kissed her forehead, causing her to blush a brilliant red. "How're you feeling?"

"Fine," she said weakly, and then looked away. Harry raised an eyebrow.

"The healer said you'd feel better- do you ache anywhere, or feel any pain? You were bleeding a lot..."

"Well my head kind of hurts... and how do you know I was bleeding a lot?" she asked sharply.

"Well, I heard a crash, so I went into the bathroom, once you didn't respond. You were bleeding a lot- Gin?" he asked, for she had turned red again and covered her face with her hands.

"Oh my..." she whimpered. "Did you... I was naked, wasn't I?" she asked, horrified.

"Well, er, yes," he said, much to aware of Mrs. Weasley's presence. However, she was not focused on him- she was staring intently at Ginny, who was confusing them both. "You were in the shower..."

"Oh, god!" she whimpered again. "That's so embarassing!"

Harry just wrinkled his eyebrows. Yes, he thought it was rather embarrassing to talk about this in front of his mother-in-law, but he and Ginny had been married for several years now. They had a child, for goodness' sake- everyone knew how that came about.

"Gin, sweetheart, are you ok?" he asked, putting his hand on her forehead. He didn't know why he did- it wasn't as though she had a fever. Being a father really had altered him.

"Anyway, when did you get here? Mum said you weren't coming till later."

Both Harry and Mrs. Weasley looked at her very intensely then.

"Dumbledore said the same thing," she argued. "I'm not wrong!"

"Gin, love-"

"Why do you keep saying things like that?" she asked. "It's not like you finally, I don't know, noticed me or anything-"

"Oh my," Molly said, putting a hand to her mouth.

"Ginny," Harry said seriously. "What is the last thing you remember?"

"You mean the last thing that happened?" she said angrily, glaring at him. "I knowwhat happened to me. I just got back on the Hogwarts Express after and mum and dad picked us all up and took us to Grimmauld Place instead of the Burrow, because that's where we were gonna stay, with the order and everyone. But you weren't coming till later, and... oh my God, I can't believe you saw me naked!"

"Harry, go find a Healer," Molly said.

Harry glared at her. "No!" he cried. As much as he loved Mrs. Weasley, she needed to stop being so controlling over her children- he was Ginny's husband, and she damn right needed him now more than her mum. Didn't she?

"Mum, what's going on?" Ginny said, not looking at Harry. "Why're you both being so weird?"

"Harry, please," Molly said.

"I don't want to leave her," he said. "Can't you...?"

"No!" Ginny said, reaching for her mum's hand. "I need to talk to you mum."

Harry tried not to feel hurt, but then remembered that if Ginny's memory was obstructed, he should not feel offended. He should focus on getting her to feel better. So he anxiously left the room and ran down the hall to find a Healer.

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