Our Twisted Fairytale,

100 Sentences on the Subject of Volkner and Jasmine.

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1. Introduction

The first time Jasmine, the Olivine City native, had laid her eyes on the shining shock star of Sunyshore City was an accident; she had tripped on her feet and landed in his arms.

2. Love

Volkner was against love of any kind; that was, until a certain brunette had given him a shy smile and said: "…thank you for saving me."

3. Light

Their first date was something Jasmine couldn't forget; after all, their only company had been the ocean, the stars, and the lighthouse, its light flashing every five seconds.

4. Dark

Volkner wrapped an arm around Jasmine shivering body, his voice warm and soft against the girl's ear: "Are you afraid of the dark?"

5. Rot

The shining shock star of Sunyshore, Volkner, hid an amused smile as he picked up a rotting house plant, as the petite brunette sniveled: "Don't tell me you're sad because the plant died, Jasmine."

6. Break

Jasmine clucked her tongue as she tended to Volkner's swollen arm; with a quick shake of her head, she spoke: "You broke your arm, didn't you?"

7. Heaven

Volkner didn't believe in Heaven; what was the point when he was pretty damn sure he was already there when Jasmine had finally said yes to his dating proposal.

8. Hell

Jasmine was afraid of Hell; it was the only place she was sure that she couldn't be able to find Volkner.

9. Cut

Volkner holds the whimpering Poochyana as Jasmine tended to its wounds, there was so many cuts on the poor animal; Volkner saw a flash in the brunette's eyes that he never saw before: rage.

10. Breathe

"Breathe, Jasmine." He murmured, as he kissed the brunette's neck, making the girl's breathing rate increase.

11. Memory

Jasmine can't remember a day when she didn't feel fluttery in Volkner's presence, wait, no: she had forgotten when Volkner had been a monster, and punched Falkner in the face.

12. Insanity

When Volkner was dating Candice, he always felt borderline insane; he always had to be perfect for the icy queen, but when he met Jasmine…it all clicked.

13. Misfortune

Jasmine and Volkner stared, wide-eyed and awestruck at the ruins of the Olivine Lighthouse; Jasmine began to cry at the misfortune that had struck her life.

14. Smile

"You smiled." Volkner said casually, giving red-faced Jasmine another reason to blush.

15. Silence

The days that Jasmine and Volkner didn't speak were usually the days that Flint dubbed "signs of the apocalypse".

16. Spit

"That is disgusting!" Jasmine screeched jumping back a foot back after Volkner had spit out his piece of gum into the trashcan, causing Volkner to roll his eyes at the girl.

17. Blood

Volkner's eyes widened, his blue eyes taking in the unbelievable scene, Jasmine's perfect face was bleeding, a bruise under her right green eye: "Who the hell do I have to beat up?"

18. Under

Volkner felt the girl arch forward as his foot rubbed against her leg under the blanket that covered them under the shade of one of Sunyshore Beach's very few palm trees.

19. Gray

"I thought Sunyshore was never gray." Jasmine commented to Volkner, her eyes glued to the cloudy sky that covered the perpetually sunny city.

20. Fortitude

The weary battlers heaved and puffed, Jasmine's green eyes flashing with determination; "You're pretty strong, Volkner."

21. War

"I've been in two wars," Volkner said, his blue eyes somber as Jasmine hugged the ex-soldier; "Then don't make our relationship a battlefield."

22. Mother

"Mother…" Jasmine started, before clearing her throat, "this is my…ah…boyfriend-" Volkner cut her off faster than you could say 'shock': "Fiancé."

23. Distasteful

Volkner studied the girl's ball gown and shook his head, "Red isn't your color…you're more of a…" he paused for a second and grabbed a simple, strapless, pink gown, the color of roses, "…a pink type."

24. Want

"I want you, Jasmine," Jasmine closed her eyes, as Volkner began kissing whatever ski n she had exposed; she was powerless against his ridiculously seductive voice.

25. Lurking

"VOLKNER!" Jasmine wailed as Volkner came rushing out of the gym, jacket half on and boots half-zipped, "Yeah?" Jasmine whipped around and pointed at a lurking reporter.

26. Europe

Jasmine had always wanted to travel to faraway lands; especially the land that focused on the art of fashion, Paris was it?

27. Foreign

"I don't know any foreign languages, there's no need for them," Volkner announced, as Jasmine giggled behind her computer's screen, while typing 'j'aime Volkner' on his social network page.

28. Sorrow

Volkner's heart seemed to break when he laid his eyes on the brunette that was sobbing hysterically over the loss of her Ampharos; he grabbed her and pressed her against his chest, hoping that the gesture would help, even a little bit.

29. Urban

Volkner was also a firm non-believer in urban legends, which changed when Jasmine scared him senseless about the man who came to your home and stole the thing most important to you; that night he made sure to lock the door of the room that Jasmine slept in, just in case.

30. Rain

"Oh, it even rains here?" Jasmine snipped, her head resting on Volkner's lap; this caused the blond to smack the girl lightly with his newspaper, "Of course, Sunyshore isn't Mirage Island, you know."

31. Flower

"Here." Volkner said with a nonchalance, that Jasmine was about to turn around and say something, but was silence by the appearance of her favorite flower: the jasmine.

32. Night

"You're beautiful," Volkner kissed Jasmine, his arms securing the girl against his chest, as Jasmine wrapped her arms around his neck, hoping that the night wouldn't end soon.

33. Wrath

As soon as Flint found out that Jasmine and Volkner were dating, they knew that there was something worse than dying: it was called the wrath of Flint.

34. Moon

Jasmine looked at Volkner with those sad, shy eyes that he was used to seeing each night, but tonight, under the moon, they seemed to haunt him.

35. Walk

Volkner realized that Jasmine walked a different way than the average individual; there was a slight skip in her step that he had never seen before.

36. Precious

Volkner's eyes were glued to the precious diamond that sparkled on a gold band; he would get that for her, eventually.

37. See

Jasmine held up a flower that shared her namesake and showed it to the bored blond, "You see, this flower is rare in Sunyshore," Volkner replied to that with a slight smirk: "Just like you."

38. Abandoned

Volkner stood at the pier, waiting for the familiar brunette girl to come; she never did.

39. Dream

Jasmine wrapped her arms around the ex-soldier and murmured something in the blonde's ear: "Do you ever dream about me, Volkner?"

40. 4:29 PM

Their first kiss real kiss happened at four twenty-nine, right after Volkner got off the ferry that had taken him to Olivine City.

41. Citric Acid

Jasmine squinted at the cup of orange juice that waited for her: "Did you make this, Volkner, if so, are you trying to poison me?"

42. Still

"Stay still," Volkner murmured, as Jasmine clung to him like a cat, her nails piercing his back's exposed skin.

43. Die

"I don't want you to die," Jasmine cried, as Volkner gave her one last honest smile; Jasmine screamed as she buried her face in his chest.

44. Two Roads

Volkner and Jasmine met on a dark, starry, night; two roads had brought them to the crossroad that indicated their meeting.

45. Two Guns

Volkner handed Jasmine her controller, who immediately refused it, "I don't like guns. Of any kind." This made Volkner drop his gun and suggest that they do something else.

46. Drop

"Drop Dead." Jasmine hissed as she slammed the front door shut, leaving Volkner an uncontrollable, confused, and angry mess: What had he done wrong?

47. Dirt

Volkner kicked the dirt that had accumulated in a pot in his front door; Jasmine immediately scolded him and said that the dirt was for the flowers she was about to plant.

48. Young

Jasmine snuggled against Volkner's black tee-shirt covered chest, wrapping her arms around his waist: "I wonder how you were when you were younger."

49. Preservatives

Volkner stared at the girl's skilled hands as she placed fresh peaches in a jar, sealing the lid with a gooey liquid: "This is how you preserve your fruits, Volkner."

50. Breaking the Rules

Volkner had the Olivine native, Jasmine, up against a brick wall, murmuring nothings into her ear, well, that was until they were rudely inturrupted: "What did I say about public displays of affection during our leader get togethers?"