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Seth Clearwater sat at one of the only three computers in his school, staring at a blank document that would soon be full of words – he hoped – that was needed for his tenth grade English class. He was supposed to write about an idol, someone who wrote glorious literature or saved many lives; a fireman or Abraham Lincoln; Gandhi or a great, great Grandfather who fought in a war—someone who made an impact on many.

Of course this wasn't exactly what was needed. The assignment was to write about how someone made an impact on your life, no matter how big or small. The clichéd, teacher-suck-up thing to do would to write about someone who can be found in the history books, someone who was world-known, but Seth couldn't give in to the easy way out. He didn't want to write about Benjamin Franklin; he wanted this to be a challenge. He wanted to write something from the heart.

He first thought about writing about his father, who died last year. But, as rude and heartless as it may be, Seth didn't feel like his father was his hero. He never did look up to him, not completely. His father's concerns laid in the tribe and the people of La Push. Seth wasn't his only son, not really—everyone was Harry's child.

And just because he's dead, Seth said mentally, it doesn't mean he's a different person.

He thought about writing about his mom, who became two parents rather than one. She picked up where his dead father left off. Parents were too obvious.

Seth considered writing about Sam Uley, maybe even Jacob Black. Edward Cullen crossed his mind, but no one would love to hear about how Seth thought he was actually a decent guy. Other names from the pack were contemplated, along with Charlie Swan and some other random names.

Out of everyone he could think about, only one name stood out. Only one name seemed beyond perfect.


Leah had been his idol since he was child, even when she was hormonal and would scream the day away. She was rude and often crabby, but she had some good things about her, like the way she would protect Seth and the ones she loved, the way she managed to feel guilty when she did something wrong. Leah had a big heart, even though it was hidden deep inside.

It only hid deeper after Sam hurt her. Seth wouldn't forgive him for that, even if it wasn't entirely his fault. Seth was the only one who was really affected by Leah's heartache. She might have turned her back against everyone, and she might have let herself hate anyone who attempted to comfort her or be a part of her life, but she was still Leah, Seth's big sister who would do anything to protect him and teach him things that he'd never be able to learn from his parents.

It hurt him to see the light gone from her. Leah was an amazing person, but not anymore.

There in that silent classroom, Seth began his essay, an unfamiliar willingness and wanting taking over.


Three days later, the day after he'd received his grade for the essay about Leah, he woke up early, even before the sun, and tip-toed to his sister's bedroom, knowing that she'd be home from patrol in the next hour.

He knew the first place Leah would go would be her bed, so he set the paper with a large 'A' on her colorless pillow. He smiled and left the room, knowing that he'd hopefully make a difference in his sister's life.


Leah yawned in her wolf form, feeling as if she'd fall over dead any second. Sam phased then, and Leah wanted to cheer; not because he was there, but because that meant it was time for her to go home.

I'm guessing nothing happened, he thought, his black eyes scouting the restful area around him.

Nothing ever happens, Sam. Her tone was scornful and irritated.

Sam sighed and called to Jared, whom was just as tired as Leah.

Patrol doesn't make any sense anymore, he began, internally wincing as Sam growled in question. I mean, what's out there? Nothing. If a bloodsucker was to step a foot on our land, we'd figure out.

How? By someone getting caught and, oh, I don't know, eaten? Leah snarled.

Silence followed as Jared realized his mistake.

Go home, you two, Sam ordered.

With pleasure, the two thought in sync, immediately rushing to their homes and phasing as soon as they could. Leah felt great to be on her two feet again; her wolf paws were not ideal. She pulled on a pair of shorts and a shirt she had set out in the woods by her home and made her way into the house, determined to get to her bed before the sun began to rise—she really hated this schedule.

She had been a night-owl back when she was in high school; she hardly slept. But now, she was exhausted all the time. The schedules changed so much do to Sam and Paul and Jared and everyone else who had imprinted. It seemed that the Imprintee's needs came first, causing other pack members, such as Leah, to suffer by the fact that one day they'd be doing daylight patrol, and that same day having to pull all nighters to pick up where others dropped out.

I should have stayed in Jacob's pack, Leah thought as she entered her bedroom. But no, he has to be a damn one-man-wolf-pack.

She cursed at the only boy who became her only hope at getting over and out of this dreary little place. As she climbed into her bed, she noticed something on her pillow.

"Seth," she groaned. She grabbed the paper and made an attempt to crush it, until she read the header.

Leah Clearwater: Superman Meets Voldemort

She crinkled her nose, noticing the impressive mark the paper had received. She wanted to go wake up Seth to figure out what this was about, but decided to figure it out herself (that and Seth, according to her werewolf senses, wasn't in the house). She sat in her bed, suddenly less tired and slightly wired. She ran a hand through her hair and began to read.

It's commonly known that siblings do not get along-it would be a crime if they did. My sister and I abide the laws of Mother Nature. We bicker, we fight, we yell and we do things to each other that could surely send us to hell. But that's just what we do; it's all we know. When we aren't about to kill each other in our sleep, we're bonding, or at least having a conversation that doesn't consist of 'nuh-uhs', 'he/she's touching me', and the occasional 'I will make you see spots for the next week'. I like when we're civil and decent beings. Honestly, though, too much of that and I think the world would explode.

There are five reasons why I think of my big sister as my idol.

Reason numero uno: She's though. Almost manly, but she'd kill me if I told her that. She's strong and very proud. She's one of those people that get hurt over and over again, but manage to find away to keep themselves from letting it become a part of them. Sometimes she does let her guard down and ends up getting burned, but she recovers. It's a trait that I'm dying to have, but hopefully I won't ever need it.

Reason numero dos: A lot of people wouldn't believe me if I said that Leah was a sweetheart. They'd probably think I was an alien or a witch, and would therefore have me burned to the stake. Leah is by far one of the most loving and caring person in the world, but that's only after she lets you into her life. One time when I was little, Leah taught me how to ride a two-wheeler. After many tumbles and scraps, and band-aids, I finally got the hang of it. She was cheering me on as I peddled down the road, a huge smile on my face. What neither of us were expecting was me flying over my handle bars and landing on my face. I lost both my front teeth that day. Leah immediately rushed over to me, the first thing she said was, "Seth, this is Washington, not Louisiana." I was so confused that I couldn't concentrate on the pain or the fact that my mouth was a lot chillier. She smiled at me and picked up my teeth from the ground, putting them in my hand. I finally realized what had happened and started crying—it's what six year olds do. "Don't worry!" she started. "This is good! This means that now you can get money from the tooth-fairy and get your grown-up teeth." We both went inside and she let me into her room while we drank soda and ate her snacks. It was beyond the happiest day of my life; I got to spend it with her.

Reason numero tres: This is probably the harshest reason, but it's the truth. Leah's heartbreak. Everyone knows about it. It's all you can ever see or get from Leah. It's not only hard to hear, but it's harder to get the side-effects of it. Leah is mean. Half the time she doesn't mean it, but I've learned a lot from watching her. When 'you know who' broke up with her, Leah spent most that week in denial. It was as if she had never been in a relationship to begin with. And then the cries came. Late at night, when everyone was asleep, Leah was awake, screaming into her pillow and gasping out in pain. I'd often press my ear against her door and listen, feeling my own gut twist and turn. It's probably one of the worst sounds anyone could hear. But the cries were just the beginning. During the day she'd shut herself off, hardly speaking to anyone. When she did speak, her words were short and harsh: go away, I don't care, go jump off a cliff, no one likes you, etc. Leah had always had a bold vocabulary, and she'd often say this stuff normally. But this time it was with malice, with nonchalance and fury. Leah's tone in her voice was how she felt: empty, pain, lost. Sometimes you can catch the old Leah, and for a short while it even seemed like she was coming back. She was, and still is, trying to get over it, trying to move on, but she's not ready to let go of it yet. She was in love, and it's her choice to stay in love. Her determination is what I admire.

Reason numero quarto (In case you haven't noticed, I don't know the Spanish word for 'reason'): She's quite talented. She can dance like no one is watching (even though they are) and she can tell you about every constellation in the sky. I'm not sure if she still wants to be an Astronaut. Alright, so I'm running out of reasons. She's my big-sister; I've never noticed these things before.

Reason numero cinco: Leah Elena Clearwater is an amazing person and has so much to offer to the world.
Not much more can be said. Leah's my favorite person in the universe, no matter how mean, hurting, sarcastic she's being. Leah is Leah, and I wouldn't trade her for anything. Well, maybe a Klondike bar.

Leah tried to hold back the emotions she was feeling. She'd never thought about Seth during her selfish period, which was still a work in progress. Leah never thought about him at all, actually. The realization hit her and it was painful. She felt tears fill her eyes. Seth saw her this way? He saw her more as a heartbroken wench who couldn't get over her past? It was shocking. She didn't think anyone could feel like that towards her in general.

Immediately she got up from her bed and left her room, rushing out of the house with the essay in her hand. She listened for Seth, automatically recognizing his singing at First Beach. She ran past houses in the chilly morning.

Seth heard his sister rushing to him even before she arrived. He felt smug.

Leah walked barefoot across the sand, watching the rising sun make its way up.

"Got my homework?" Seth asked as she strolled up behind him. She smiled and sat beside him.

She didn't speak. She didn't need to.

She leaned against her little brother, resting her head against his shoulder. Seth chuckled and put his arm across her, pulling her in closer.

Together the two watched the sunrise, both finally aware that only thing they needed in life: each other.

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