Kira-Proof Writing Production

Recently I got into Death Note. It was by accident because of the curiosity to see why everyone likes it. (Pretty good, even if tragedy isn't my taste.) And I got a random idea in my head when I was reminded of L's insomnia. I don't own Death Note, I do own this random idea thought up when I couldn't sleep.

L was dead-tired as he walked towards the bed. Watari was standing in the corner as he saw the world's greatest detective jump onto the bed. It's been weeks into the Kira investigation and L's insomnia finally caught up to him.

"Are you sure you want to try this again?" Watari asked. "You know it only makes it worse."

"I need to rest eventually, Watari," L said as he rested his head on the pillow for the first time in months. "The Kira case needs more energy put into it than most cases do."

"As you wish, L."

L closed his eyes as he tried to drift off to Slumberland. Watari sighed as he turned off the lights and shut the door.

In L's dream the background was white, and everything was just floating around. (Imagine L's in Chibi form as he sleeps, 'kay?) Drifting everywhere were giant strawberries that were taller than L was. And strawberry shortcakes, and cookies, and ice creams, and all the sweets you can think of were just floating around waiting to be eaten.

L licked his lips and pulled out a fork and a spoon out of nowhere.

Just then, the background of L's dream turned dark as the giant-sized silhouette of Light Yagami loomed over everything. The sweets everywhere started crumbling and the strawberries withered. Light started laughing maniacally with fire burning behind him.

"You'll never catch me, L!"

"AH!" L jumped out of bed.

Watari turned the lights back on as he looked at L and crossed his arms. L looked back at him with an innocent look on his face and his thumb in his mouth.

"Did it involve StrawberryLand?"


"Did it involve Kira?"


"Did he have the fire or the army of kids eating your cakes?"


Watari left the room as he said "Good Night."

This was random, and thought up at 1 am, so don't flame. -_-