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Chapter One

It was going to be another horrible day at school. I went to Forks high where there were about 30 students in our senior grade. I was the nerd of the class, I never fitted in from the very beginning I preferred to read then go shopping like most of the other girls.

I had one friend in the whole school, Alice Cullen. She was my complete opposite in every way. She was one of the most popular girls in the whole school, she was constantly hyper and happy and she loved to shop and do all things girly.

I meet Alice on my first day in Forks 2 years ago. She was the only person who had the guts to introduce themselves. She walked straight up to me and said that we were going to be best friends no matter what. We have been best friend to this day. The only problem is at lunch Alice splits her time between all her popular friends and me. Her other friends don't like me so they won't let me sit with them. Alice tried to talk them around but they wouldn't change. I didn't know what I had actually done to them but I had accepted that I was not part of their group.

Alice's popular friends consisted of her twin brother Emmett. Looking at them you wouldn't think that they were twins, she was so tiny and he was so massive. Her boyfriend Jasper, they had been together since before I came to Forks, they were perfect together. The bitches of the school Lauren and Jessica, I didn't understand why Alice liked them but she said they were good when she wanted to go shopping or anything because I wasn't into that. The boys who thought they were hot even though they weren't Mike, Tyler and Eric. Angela also sat with them she was the only other person in this school that spoke to me, but it was easier for her to be in the popular group then an outcast like myself. And finally Edward, Alice's adopted brother and Rosalie Hale.

Edward was the school jock he had girls swooning over him, but he was in a relationship with Rosalie Hale. She was so beautiful she could be a super model and to top it off she was the head cheerleader. They were the schools perfect couple they had the popularity and the good looks.

My problem was that I liked Edward Cullen. I knew he was taken and I knew he would never show an interest in me. I was a plain Jane, I had dull brown hair and eyes and my body well I wasn't fat but I wasn't slim like Rosalie. I had never told anyone that I like him not even Alice. I was just going to suffer in silence.

Edward had never been mean to me in fact he's never actually spoken to me at all. Rosalie on the other hand loved to make me suffer. She would spread rumours around the school about me. Whenever she saw me in the hall she made it her mission to bump into me even if I wasn't anywhere in her way. The rest of the group found it hilarious to make me trip with all my books, Emmett was a big one for that. I didn't understand him whenever I was over the Cullen's he was nice, but as soon as we were in school he made fun of me.

My home life wasn't much better. Don't get me wrong my dad loved me but he didn't pay much attention to me. He worked so much that I only ever saw him in passing. I cooked dinner every night to make sure he actually ate something decent and would put it in the microwave for him, because he was never there. The cleaning didn't get done if I didn't do it as well. And on the weekends he would go fishing with his friend, Billy Black, down on the reservation. I think the problem was that my dad wasn't use to raising a teenager girl.

When I was younger my mum took me and moved to Phoenix. I didn't see my dad all that much, the reason I actually decided to move in with him was because my mum remarried and I was sick of hearing them being newlyweds every night. So hence why I'm in Fork's with barely any friends and a father who doesn't notice if I'm here or not, this is my life.