Chapter Thirty Three

It had been a year since I came back to Forks and the life I had left behind. I was able to experience my sons 4th birthday with him instead of just thinking of him on the day. We had had a family dinner at Edward's parent's place which included my dad and Sue. The look of utter happiness on my sons face as he jumped up and down on mine and Edwards's bed on his birthday will never be forgotten. It was also on his birthday that me and Alice sorted everything out. Everything seemed to be finally falling into place.

I had recently taken a job as a writer for the newspaper in Port Angeles which allowed me to work from home and be a mom. Edward had changed all of his hours at work so that we could always have a family dinner each night. It was after one of these dinners that Edward and Jackson had retreated to Jackson's room to have some father-son time that Edward liked to have.

I had just finished putting the last of the dishes I cleaned away when Jackson came wandering out of his room with a mischievous grin on his face.

"What have you done now?" I asked knowing he was up to something.

"Nothing mummy, I'm being good promise." He said as he made a cross over his heart just like his aunty Alice had taught him.

"Mmhmm." I hummed as I continued to clean the kitchen.

"Mummy, daddy wanted me to ask you something." He said as he climbed up onto one of the kitchen bench chairs.

"And what was that baby?" I stopped so I was standing on the opposite side of the bench from him waiting for him to reveal what Edward had set him up to do.

"Daddy wants you to marry him." He said innocently. I stood there for a second letting what Jackson said sink in.

"Why didn't daddy ask me himself then?" I said loudly knowing Edward could hear me from Jackson's room where I was sure he was listening.

"Cause he said that you can't say no to me." He looked up at me giving me his smile that was so much like Edward's.

"Well I suppose I should say yes then especially since you're going to have a little brother or sister soon." I told him as I lent against the bench so that I was talking on his level. What I said had its affect because the next thing I heard was a loud thump from Jackson's bedroom. I was planning on telling Edward tonight that I was pregnant anyway, I had only found out from the doctor yesterday but if he wanted to play games then so could I.

"What was that?" Jackson's head quickly turned to his bedroom where the noise came from.

"I think we should check on daddy." I told him as I lifted him down from his chair and held his hand as we walked to his room where we found Edward lying on the floor out cold.

"Whys daddy sleeping on my floor?" Jackson asked as we moved closer to Edward.

"I don't know maybe you should jump on him to wake him up." I walked over towards Edward as Jackson took his running start to jump on him. Edward came to with a swear word causing Jackson to giggle.

"Daddy said bad word." Jackson laughed as he got off of Edward.

"Daddy's entitled to say a bad word right now." Edward said as he looked at me telling me we needed to talk.

"Jackson, baby why don't you play in here for a little bit, me and daddy need to talk." Jackson nodded going over to his toy box to pick out some to play with. We left his room shutting the door behind us to allow some privacy before we made our way to the lounge room.

"So you're actually pregnant?" He said as he ran his hands thru his hair.

"Yes I went to the doctors yesterday and he confirmed it. I'm a bit more than a month along." I said as I took a seat on the lounge.

"I don't understand I thought we were being careful. Don't get me wrong I really want another baby but you said you weren't ready and I don't want you to go thru what you went thru with Jackson." He flopped down next to me allowing me to take his hand in mine and rubbing soothing circles on it.

"Edward you of all people should know being a doctor that my pill doesn't work when I'm sick and if I remember you took me by surprise in the kitchen one day when my pill wouldn't have been effective and about me being ready well I don't have a choice now do I? But I'm going to make the most of it. We can do this together, as long as I have you and Jackson I won't ever be the way I was before" I brought his hand to my lips kissing it softly before looking up and smiling at him.

"If I had of been thinking I would have used protection." He groaned.

"Edward its fine just be happy we're going to have a baby because I am." He gave me a look questioning me.

"Really I am, I mean it's better this time because we know what not to do, we're older and we're engaged." I said bringing his attention back to what he had made our son ask me.

"So you're saying yes?" He asked hopefully.

"Only because you used Jackson again." I told him playfully.

"Where doing this? We're getting married and having another baby?" He asked intertwining his fingers with mine.

"Yep as long as you can plan a wedding in a month or two because I'm not walking down that aisle as big as a house." He lent over and kissed me.

"Thank you for everything, for coming back, for loving Jackson and me, for saying yes to marrying me and most of all giving me another chance to be a father." He said as he put his forehead on mine. We were silent for a while enjoying the bliss of our engagement and pregnancy before Edward broke it.

"Oh if you want that wedding in a month or so I believe you'll have to talk to Alice." I thru my head back on the lounge and groaned while he laughed at me.

"But the evil pixie will go all out." I complained.

"But she'll give you the wedding you deserve." He kissed my cheek before standing up and offering my hand.

"Where are we going?" I asked as I took his hand allowing him to pull me up and wrap me into his arms.

"We're going to enjoy this moment with our son." He pulled away walking us to Jackson's room where we found him playing contently with his toys.

"What are you playing little man?" Edward asked as he took a seat next to Jackson on the ground with me following.

"Cars." He said simply before going back and racing his cars around the ground. We all played cars for a while until Jackson got bored.

"Where do babies come from?" He asked as he curled up in my lap.

"They come from my tummy just like you did." I told him as I played with his hair. He looked at my stomach before looking back up to me.

"How did I fit in there? I'm too big." He asked surprised while pointing to my stomach.

"But you weren't always this big, once you were teeny tiny and I could hold you in just one arm." Edward said as he moved closer to us putting his arm around my shoulder and looking down at Jackson.

"But how do babies get in mummy's tummy?" He asked confused. I looked to Edward allowing him to answer this.

"Well you see daddy plants a special seed in mummy's tummy." I snickered when he said special seed and he gave me a pointed look.

"And it grows into a baby." Jackson rolled his eyes at Edward the same way I normally do.

"But how do you put the seeds in there daddy?" Jackson asked fascinated by how babies were made.

"Well um you see." Edward stuttered not sure how to continue.

"That's something you'll learn when you're older because it's a secret." His face lit up at the word secret.

"I get to know a secret when I'm older." He looked up at me with his bright eyes. I nodded my head letting him know that he did.

"So are you excited to have a baby brother or sister?" Edward asked trying to get off the subject of baby making

"I don't want a brother cause he'll steal all my toys but if I have a sister I can boss her around." He said happy with his argument.

"That's not very nice if you have a sister Jackson." Edward warned giving him his father look which Jackson knew he had done something wrong from.

"I'm sorry but it doesn't matter because I'll still love them." He cuddled into me closer not liking being told off by his father.

"That's good because they'll still love you. I want you to remember Jackson that no matter what me and daddy will always love you even if there is another baby around." He nodded his head into me and I could tell he was getting sleepy.

"Come on little man let's put you into bed." Edward took Jackson from me and placed him under the covers of the bed. I stood up, walking over to his bed giving him a kiss.

"I love you baby, have sweet dreams." I whispered to him.

"Night, night mummy." He said sleepily.

"Night little man, see you in the morning." Edward repeated my action of kissing him.

"Night daddy." Jackson replied sleepily before letting his eyelids fall. Me and Edward both made our way out of his room and into ours to get ready for bed.

Just as I had lifted my shirt off and went to put Edwards shirt on that I wore to bed Edward stopped me.

"What are you doing?" I asked as he turned me around so I was facing him.

"Nothing." He kissed down my neck, shoulders and chest until he got to my stomach where he was kneeling in front of me. He kneeled in front of me for a while just rubbing my stomach and kissing it every so often.

"I love you Bella." He said as he looked up to me from planting another kiss on my stomach.

"I love you to." I threaded my fingers in his hair while I continued to look down at him.

"I have something for you." He said pulling out a box from his pocket.

"What is it?" I asked even though I had a pretty good idea of what it was. He popped the box open without saying a word and showed me the prettiest ring I've ever seen. It wasn't overly big but to me it was just perfect.

"I know you've already said yes but I wanted to ask you properly anyway, so Bella will you make me the luckiest man alive and marry me?" I smiled at him before nodding my head and falling to my knees in front of him. I grabbed his face in my hands before giving him a kiss that I hoped showed all of my love for him.

"Of course I will." I said as I pulled away from our kiss. He held my hand out and placed the ring on my finger where it sat perfectly. This ring was a symbol of our new life together, a life where our past didn't exist and we could move into the future to start a proper family that our children deserved.