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"Are you sure this is what you want." Severus whispered stroking Lily's hair gently as she peered at the baby wrapped in her arms on the doorstep of Malfoy Manor. "You can still change your mind."
"We can't keep him. It's too dangerous Severus, not now that the Dark Lord is so strong. You said he would be safe here. I'm trusting you."

At that moment the door opened.

"In you go." Severus murmured, pushing Lily inside and closing the door behind him. "Where is Lucius?"

"Out." Narcissa whispered stiffly. Severus exchanged a look with Lily but Narcissa did not expand, Severus guessed Lucius had gotten into her bad books some way or another.

"Do you swear you will not tell Lucius our secret? The baby turned up on your door step. You decided to care for it and adopt him as your own." Narcissa nodded, she was grateful to be getting him, despite another mother's loss. She did not really know Lily Evans but they now shared an agreement, and Narcissa was very grateful despite the difficulty she would have explaining to her never-ever-there, Death Eater Husband.

"His name is Draco." Lily whispered, transferring the baby from her hold and into Narcissa's. "Please take care of him." Lily kissed his cold cheeks as Narcissa promised to raise the baby as her own and that was the last time Lily saw her son.

"Take it." Lily urged as they were about to leave. Snape stared at her with disbelief.

"Lily, I'm not erasing your memory and that's final."

"It's the only way for us to keep him safe, to forget our past and move on. I love you Severus, but I can't think what the Dark Lord might do if he found out that you bore a son to me. A Mud-"

"Don't you dare Lily- you are a witch and we have a son together. Is that not extravagant enough?"

"On the count of three..." Lily said sternly and Severus sighed, he should have known she would not change her mind. He kissed her. Lily gasped as his lips pulled hers and his fingers ran through her long red locks one last time. "You will forget everything." Severus reminded her while she leaned against his chest. "I must." Severus sighed sadly, he was still trying to discover another way, but Lily looked into his grey eyes so fiercely that Severus knew he must do it for the sake of their son's life, for Lily and for the greater good. "I love you Lily Evans." Lily held his hand tightly and took a deep sigh as Severus murmured, "Obliviate." Erasing every memory and moment they had ever shared.


Narcissa didn't want to leave the crying baby alone in its cot. She rocked back and forth in a rocking chair, cradling his little head in her arms and singing a lullaby. She was so lost in his little adorable scrunched up face that when she let out a breathless sigh she simply said, "Stop." And the baby stopped. Now his teary green eyes were so ghostly like Lily's that Narcissa gasped, she wondered of all the questions Lucius would ask her and how she would disguise the baby, as Severus had instructed her to do. There was only one thing to do.

Narcissa stood from the chair, clasping her wand gently. She regretfully cast a spell to hide those fascinating green eyes and dulled them back to a grey pearl alike her own. She straightened his nose and shortened it a little, to match hers, and coloured his dark black hair, that of his fathers to pure blond like Lucius'.

Now, how to tell Lucius he had a son? It simply had to be done, but he would certainly know that though they had slept together, they had been safe. There was no way she could pass him off to Lucius as her biological child? Or was there? He had been out doing his Death Eater duties a lot these days, maybe he wouldn't even notice.

Narcissa whispered to the tiny baby, making up her mind. The nose would have to stay as it was, his hands were pale and reminiscent of Severus'. She would tell her Lucius the baby was left on her doorstep and she had to make some changes to stop the wizarding world from gossiping but they were to pretend Draco was their son and if he had a problem with that he could leave. She was keeping the baby, and his name was Draco Malfoy.


So basically Lily and Severus got together in six year and had Draco together. She has not been with James yet. When they give Draco to Narcissa he is in my mind about 3 months old. Severus wipes Lily's mind of only hers/Sev's times together but she still remembers everything else. She ends up with James during seventh year and marries James after graduation, and then has Harry. So really Draco is like almost a year older but Narcissa puts him in the same year as Harry.

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