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Twenty Five

Draco's feet landed with a thump as he stared at the long thin corridor beneath the castle. Harry and Ron were staring at him as ran a hand through his golden locks. Ahead of them was darkness and beneath their feet were thousands of animal bones; mice, rats and birds.

"This is disgusting." Ron said, putting into words exactly what both Harry and Draco were thinking.

Draco took a few steps forward and tripped over something hard. Harry helped him up while Ron stuck his fist into his mouth to stop from laughing. "Shut up, Weasley." Draco said as he dusted his robes off, and raised his wand to hover over a massive piece of snake skin. Draco cringed. Ron had turned green.

"Remember what Dumbledore said about not looking into its eyes; that's how it kills. Be careful." Harry reminded them.

"What's the plan?" Draco asked, looking between Ron and Harry.

"We're sort of winging it." Ron shrugged.

Draco stared with his mouth open for a minute, before Harry sighed, "We don't have time for a plan."

"Are you kidding me?"

"What's your plan?" Ron sighed.

"Obviously Tom Riddle or Voldemort needs to die; so we need to figure out what will kill him."

"Well you can do that while Ron and I try to kill the Basilisk and save Luna. Deal?"

Draco sighed, he had no-idea how to kill Tom Riddle or how powerful he would be. Harry put out his hand to shake on it; he had little idea how to kill the Basilisk or save Luna and Ron was trying not to wet himself as he thought of taking on the monster. Three hands joined in the middle of their circle and they nodded nonetheless.

Harry stopped as they came to a circular door with a serpent on it. "This must be it, say something in Parseltongue Harry." Ron told Harry who nodded. Draco thought only Dark Wizards could speak Parseltongue and he was sure Harry wasn't a Dark Wizard. Another hissing sound escaped from Harry's lips and the door swung open emitting them.

Harry went through first, followed by an agitated Ron and a nervous Draco. They were doing it for Hermione and the others, but even so, every part of their body was on edge as they walked down the stone steps and stared in amazement at this forbidden chamber. Large stone snake heads loomed impressively against the chamber's walls on either side. Water surrounding them and in the distance a lone figure stood with his back facing them.

"That's Salazar Slytherin." Draco murmured, pointing to the stone face of a bearded wizard behind the figure. "His face is plastered all over the common room."

"Stay behind me." Harry said chivalrously, raising his wand. Ron and Draco raised theirs and followed, their footsteps echoing as they went.

"Luna!" Ron whispered, pointing to a heap of robes at the foot of the figure.

It was here that the figure turned to face them. Voldemort; the boy, was about fifteen, tall for his age, with dark hair and charming eyes. He was somewhat handsome and flexed his fists together. "Harry Potter. So, you thought you could stop me, did you? I see you were silly enough to bring some friends. You know, they will die, don't you? They cannot outrun me, they cannot curse me, for I am Tom Riddle, and I am growing ever so much stronger and soon when this silly little girl dies, I will be back."

"No one has died yet, so your plan hasn't worked." Harry said bravely, Ron thought (and rather stupidly, Draco thought). Harry gripped his wand tightly as he saw Luna's fingertips twitch.

"All along, my plan was just to finish what I started fifty years ago, but now, my plan is to kill you and anybody else who gets in my way." His eyes flashed red and Harry felt the fear run through his veins as he remembered those red eyes from his memories and he heard his parent's screams ringing in his ears. "Yes Harry Potter, this is the last time you will come up against me. Let's see if you are any match against my pet Basilisk."

"Didn't anyone tell you not to play with your enemies?" Draco said, sending a Leg-Locker curse in his direction. Tom Riddle looked surprised, is all, but he wasn't solid enough to be effected by that spell. He laughed, a high pitch cackle which Harry also remembered only too vividly.

The next words out of his mouth was a long string of Parsletongue; so naturally Ron and Draco looked straight at Harry. Harry didn't need to explain. Salazar Slytherin's mouth opened wide and there was a slurping noise as a tower of water spurted from his mouth pooling into the foreground in front of Tom Riddle who beckoned for the monster to do his bidding.

"Kill." Harry heard the Parsletongue and his feet were frozen to ground. Ron was pretty sure his mother would have grounded him for a month after hearing the word he used right then and there. Draco never knew Ron had that language in him; he felt less afraid for a split second until Harry pulled them after him and told them to run! Draco and Ron covered their heads with their arms and hurried back the way they came. "Whatever you do don't look directly at it." Harry reminded them.

"You can't escape him; he can smell you!" Tom shouted as the three friends dodged lunges and chunks of debris. "We're going to die aren't we?" Ron whimpered, while they hid in a drain counting down the seconds before the Basilisk found them.

"Let's not think about that." Harry said, peering out to stare at the Basilisk which was coming ever so closer.

"How do you think he came to life?" Ron whispered.

"Isn't it obvious? The diary. Luna must have written in it and Tom said if Luna dies he'll grow stronger, so obviously the diary is what we need to kill him, do you still have it?" Harry said quickly.

"Yes." Ron pulled it out and gave it to Harry.

"I know what to do. I'll lead the Basilisk away, giving you time to destroy the diary." Harry saw the Basilisk gaining on them and he told Draco and Ron to run towards Tom Riddle. Harry threw a rock to get the Basilisk's attention and ran as fast as he could; hoping his plan would work. All he heard was his own pounding heart and wet robes flapping around his ankles as he ran.


Tom Riddle was hissing instructions to the beast as it was following Harry but it still heard Ron and Draco clatter past. It swung to the side knocking Ron over so the diary flew out of his hand and landed a few feet in front of him. Ron struggled to get up. Luckily Draco, who saw he was trapped, sent stinging hexes at the beast to distract it and pulled Ron to his feet before its giant jaw snapped the air, minutes where Ron had been.

Tom Riddle was shouting at the Basilisk; it seemed to change its mind, diving into the water and Draco and Ron stopped to watch it explode from a pipe where Harry had run into. It thrashed about and made horrible hissing noises; it was so loud that Draco thought his ears would bleed. Ron stumbled over his wet robes and reached out for the diary, staring at Draco for help. Draco blasted it with a fire charm but nothing happened. Ron sent a ripping charm at it but it lay there laughing at them. Draco lunged forward; his fingers were on the diary but Tom Riddle was now laughing.

"You'll never destroy that. I created it, therefore only I can destroy it."

"Why are you doing this?" Ron yelled desperately as Tom twisted Luna's wand between his newly created fingers. Draco tired to manually rip the pages from the book but they wouldn't budge.

"Because I'm Slytherin's Heir and Mudbloods do not belong in Hogwarts." He said darkly.

"You're wrong!" Ron yelled defiantly.

Tom smirked. "It will be over soon." He gleamed, showing off his teeth.

Ron and Draco were helpless staring up at Salazar Slytherin's stone head where Harry Potter stood flailing his arms and screaming for help. Ron looked around frantically. Luna's hands were cold and her lips blue. Ron touched her frozen skin and Tom leered; "It's too late, she is almost dead and I will have all my powers back. Lord Voldemort will have returned."

The Basilisk pounded the stone where Harry stood, taking large chunks from it and getting frustrated because Harry kept slipping away, though he wasn't sure how he was managing it.

"Get his wand." Draco whispered. Ron didn't reply, instead he lunged forward, surprised because Tom Riddle actually fell over. Ron fought to tackle him and pulled at his fingers to get Luna's wand. It was a good idea, the only thing was that Tom Riddle was smarter and he knew more spells than either Ron or Draco had learnt. He was also dirtier. Tom kicked Ron in the stomach where he flew off him and hit his head against some rubble. Draco had a go, but Tom aimed a curse at him and he blacked out; the last thing he saw was Tom Riddle smirking down at him and Luna's lifeless body beside him. Tom Riddle stepped over their unconscious bodies and walked slowly towards the Basilisk, knowing he was almost rid of Harry Potter.


Harry saw Tom Riddle had overpowered Ron and Draco. He was now alone. Luna was dead or minutes from death and a giant Basilisk was attacking him. He had no idea how he would survive this and it wasn't until his fourth plead to the castle that something did happen. Tom stopped as he watched Harry, rolled up into a ball, clasping the sorting hat in confusion as Fawkes, singing a soft lament soared over their heads. Tom Riddle cackled in victory. Harry stared at the sorting hat and rammed it onto his head desperately, demanding help, something to kill a basilisk, he needed someone, something, anything.

Something large and heavy dropped onto his head and after a minute, slightly dazed he picked it up; a large silver sword with a stone-studded hilt and the words Godric Gryffindor on its blade. Tom Riddle was staring at him as if he couldn't believe his eyes as Harry raised the sword and Fawkes plummeted towards him, raking the Basilisk's eyes so that it couldn't see Harry as the target; so that it's eyes were no longer a threat.

"YOU CAN STILL SMELL HIM. KILL HIM!" Tom Riddle screamed, brandishing the wand at Fawkes.

Harry stood, planting his feet and lunged towards the towering, threatening mouth of the Basilisk and his foot slipped as its jaw snapped at his leg. Harry rolled and tried again, this time successful, two slashes against its cheeks and one final stab and the monster let out a high-pitched wail and Tom Riddle looked furious as the monster tumbled backwards and spiralled into the water; its head hit the stone floor and it lay defeated.

Harry climbed down shaking, the bloody sword held tightly in his hand and Fawkes on his shoulder as Tom Riddle raised his wand. Harry walked past the dead Basilisk and Luna's body until he stood in front of Tom Riddle. "It's too late." Tom Riddle hissed. "She's dead and soon so will you be."

Harry was ready; he'd fought bravely but he didn't know how he would escape death. Tom Riddle snarled the words: 'AVADA KEDAVRA' and somebody shouted 'NO!' but Harry Potter and the sword fell to the ground and Fawkes flew up in the air with a screech.


[Taken from Chapter Fifteen, 1998]

Hermione smiled, "Still the same old Harry." As she spoke she winced and kept pausing to regain her strength. "I researched the spell thoroughly. It's called a Unity spell. Dumbledore made it to link you and Draco together even more than you are; to protect you both from danger and one other thing; to defeat Voldemort."

"How?" Harry asked looking horrified.

"The prophecy-" Harry was looking like his head was going to explode. So much had changed in seven years.

"The what?" Harry asked, things had definitely gotten weirder.

"You are connected to Voldemort. He tried to kill you that night when you were one, because he thought he was meeting his match. The Prophecy read "Neither can live while the other survives." So Dumbledore thought he'd give you a rising chance by finding out about Voldemort's history and he discovered the Horcruxes..." It was like Hermione was speaking in a different language. It couldn't be true! "Voldemort split his soul so he could become immortal. Before Dumbledore's death last year, he destroyed a ring which was a Horcrux. You destroyed Tom Riddle's Diary (Voldemort's real name) in second year and defeated a Basilisk." At this point Harry did think she was making things up! "You and Draco endeavoured to discover the rest in order to destroy Voldemort. The last line of the spell reads 'til death do us part'" There was a stunned silence as she stopped speaking to gather her breath. Harry looked up to see everybody staring at him in awe. "Til Death do us part' Harry!"

"I don't understand."

"You never did understand anything unless I explained it in more detail." Hermione smiled to herself.

"The spell will break when you die. You must defeat Voldemort, but you are not alone. You have Draco and the blood which runs in your veins contains a combination of the most powerful wizards ever; Lily Evans, James Potter and Severus Snape."

"Fenrir will have called Him." Neville said murmured.

"You mean we're going to let Voldemort kill us?" Harry said looking terrified.

"No, you're going to let him think he killed you."

"But if we return to 1991 with the spell broken?" Harry began.

"Not yet Harry, when the time comes...First you will be transported to the past where none of this has happened. You can make your own future, Harry. You know how to defeat Voldemort, how to stop this from happening. You can stop Voldemort from becoming powerful, or you can start looking for the Horcruxes or you can fight. But it is you who can change your future. This may not be it. And remember Harry – it's just you and Draco. We are not as important, remember that."


Severus Snape entered the Chamber of Secrets to witness Harry's lifeless body hit the ground and Draco screaming 'NO!'. To his amazement, a dark haired boy, he realised was Tom Riddle lowered his wand and smiled. "Ah, Severus, I was wondering when I would see you."

Severus had to be careful what he said to the young Voldemort, who still thought his allegiance past and present was to him, when in fact, since Lily's death it had been to Albus Dumbledore.

"Is he dead?" Severus drawled, while a stunned Draco watched in silence, beside a still unconscious Ron. "He is." Tom Riddle spat. "Killed the Basilisk before he went though."

The diary lay forgotten beside Draco, until Severus pointed at it. "I thought Lucius was given that."

"No, I left it with Sophia Zabini - looks like her son felt like purging the castle. Luckily he did or else I might not be here now." Severus' eyes hovered on the girl, Luna Lovegood who had lost her life, manipulated by Tom Riddle.

"Come, Severus, we have much to discuss."

"Just a moment, My Lord." Severus said, turning to look at Draco. His foot was beside the sword of Gryffindor and Tom Riddle looked down on it with a growl.

"That is how Harry Potter killed the Basilisk." Tom explained.

With a look, Severus turned to his son and then at the diary and Draco nodded, though he wasn't sure what he meant by it, but he was ready for whatever awaited him.

Tom saw Draco's hand open and Snape kicked the sword along the stone towards him while Draco clung it and rammed it into the diary; hoping this was what his Father had meant. Snape smiled, his wand raised to protect his son. There was a scream and Tom Riddle fell to his knees, the diary was smoking and red ink coloured the water it was lying on. Tom Riddle writhed and groaned as Draco stabbed it once more and looked to see Tom explode into a ball of fire and then nothing...

"Are you OK?" Severus said, bending on one knee to help up his son.

"How did you know that was the way to kill him?' Draco sounded awed.

"Because Basilisk venom is highly poisonous and Tom Riddle was linked to the diary."

"That was incredible." Draco said and then he looked over at Harry and he sat down next to him, while Severus went to check on Ron. Draco touched his cold hand and the tears fell from his eyes as Fawkes landed softly by him.

"Is he dead?" Draco asked Severus, pleading with his eyes to hear a different answer than what he knew must be true.

Severus looked down at Harry Potter sadly. "It seems so." He rested a hand on Draco's shoulder.

"But in the mirror, Hermione told us the prophecy, it said 'neither can live while the other survives. She said the spell would break if Harry died, but now that Tom's dead shouldn't he come back to life?"

"Harry was killed before Tom died." Severus said slowly. Draco leaned next to his brother and held onto his cold arm. "There's got to be something we can do. Anything. Do you know any potions? Spells?" Draco urged while Severus shook his head slowly.

"He can't die. He's Harry Potter!" Draco said frustrated. He was hope for the Wizarding world. He was family. Draco didn't want to do it alone. He needed him. Draco looked at Severus with round grey eyes and Severus looked back with pity. It was awful seeing his son pleading with him, when there was nothing he could do. He had tried to keep Draco safe and yet he had failed; the Death Eaters were using him and they wanted Severus dead. He had tried to do right by Harry, but here he lay; soon to be greeted by his dead parents who would be ashamed of Severus and Lily... what would she think; the thought of letting her down, hurt.

"Come Draco. It's no use." Severus whispered, pulling his son to his feet. Draco was crying now. He couldn't help it. Though he hadn't known Harry very long and they'd fought and bickered and pretended not to care but he did very much. He just didn't realise what this meant.

Draco stood shakily and leaned against his father. He wiped his face on his arm and looked over to see Ron had woken up and was staring at Harry's pale face as if he'd just seen a giant spider.

"He's not...is he?" Ron said aghast.

Draco's lip trembled and he gave a curt nod. Ron yelled and Draco was the one to stop him. Stepping up to be the brave one, the one Harry would have wanted him to be.

"We can't do anything more for him or Luna, but to leave them here, in peace." Severus encouraged, putting out his hands and ushering both distraught boys towards the door of the Chamber of Secrets. Ron stared at his best friend; he couldn't believe he was gone. Draco thought he saw something red glittering by Harry and he ducked under his father's arm and ran back over to him.

It was Fawkes but Harry was still lying still. "Draco, come away, there's nothing you can do." Severus said, holding Ron back with one strong arm.

"I just want to try something." Draco whispered. He patted Fawkes' soft feathers lightly and spoke to it. At first he thought it would never work and then it felt nice; Fawkes was listening but not judging him and he pulled Harry's arm up toward him while a confused Ron and Severus watched.

"Lily died to save you, Harry. Sacrificing herself and her love to keep you safe. I know this is what you did tonight and I don't know if this will work, but I have to try." Fawkes was singing a soft tune as Draco ran his wand gently along the inside of his arm and grimaced as it stung. Severus had lunged forward and Ron turned green as he saw what Draco was doing. "Just let me try." Draco pleaded. Severus kneeled down next to his son and watched as his blood dribbled down his arm.

"I'm here." Severus said, his nails tightening into Draco's shoulder and his wand held tightly, ready to heal him as soon as he said the words.

"Lily sacrificed me too. She gave me up and chose to forget." Severus watched his son with a mixture of pride and sadness. "I understand now. Her blood lives in me." Draco ran his wand gently over Harry's arm and he watched as the blood lay still. Draco looked up into his Father's eyes and Severus shifted so that he was sitting beside Harry and he indicated for Ron to support Draco.

"Take his arm Draco, so that your blood and his are touching." Severus murmured. Fawkes had stopped singing and watched with wide yellow eyes. Draco and Harry's arms entwined and Draco felt his head spin; probably due to the loss of blood; maybe he was going to die too; maybe then he'd be with Harry and Lily would greet them with open arms.

Severus kept his eyes on Draco, making sure he was still breathing as he turned to Fawkes. The majestic bird only helped matters and Severus was grateful, so much so he doubted he could put it into words. Draco was fading fast and Fawkes dropped two wet tears onto Draco's arm; one separated from the other; travelling down Draco's wrist until it dissolved into Harry's cut; the other falling into Draco's.

"What's happening?" Ron whispered, in awe.

"Phoenix tears have healing powers, but what Draco is doing unintentionally is a bonding ceremony."

"So they'll be Blood Brothers?" Ron murmured, watching in fascination.

"Yes, true Blood Brothers and because of Lily's sacrifice her love protects them. I believe Draco thought that Lily's blood might be able to resurrect Harry."

"You don't think so?" Ron asked, looking at the tied potions master and feeling Draco's breathing lessen.

"I don't know a lot of things, but I suppose it was worth a try." Severus said. He and Ron waited for several minutes as the pool of blood oozed over Draco and Harry's arms and onto the floor; and then to Ron's dismay; the Phoenix tears glowed and the blood on their arms vanished and Ron let out a shout as Draco recovered his strength, but he wasn't the only one; Harry, and it was a miracle, stirred. First he looked up through his long lashes and looked down at his sore arm to see a large scar there and then he heard several yells and suddenly several arms flung around him.

"What happened?' Harry asked groggily, feeling the stone floor beneath his bottom and a sticky liquid by his feet. He swallowed and after the arms had retracted a shocked but pleased Ron filled him in. Severus helped Draco to stand and thanked Fawkes, repeatedly, while his son, smiled up at him.

Ron helped Harry and Severus looked over at Luna who was now blinking up them with a vague expression, Fawkes sitting on her shoulder as if saying 'I wasn't going to leave her'. She stood up and in her best airy voice as though she hadn't been through any ordeal said, "Were you having a picnic?"


Sirius would never had known she was there if he hadn't tripped over his stupid mother's umbrella holder and fallen flat on the floor, on his way to the kitchen. Of course his mother's lovely voice screamed filthy related swear words until he rammed the curtain shut and then heard a soft tapping noise on the window.

Cautiously he looked outside to see an owl with a letter tied to his leg. He opened the window and saw it was a letter from Remus. Reading it through, Sirius sighed; why it was necessary to announce his arrival in half an hour, he wasn't sure. Sirius wondered what Remus had to say and he waited by the door, thinking of various reasons why Remus couldn't have just arrived; maybe because he didn't want to wake his mother, or because he thought it would be funnier to sent post to him since he hadn't had an owl since Hogwarts.

After Sirius had initialled the wooden door with his wand, knowing it would annoying Kreacher the house-elf and only other living thing in the house, there was a timid knock and Sirius flung the door opened to see not only Remus but a blond witch he knew of, only too well.

"What the hell is she doing here?" Sirius said as if he stepped in dog poo.

"I don't know I just got here, she was sitting on the step and it's been pouring. She doesn't have her wand so she's harmless." Remus said, he had an arm lightly touching her back and looked up at Sirius like she was an old acquaintance.

"I'm not letting her in here. She can go back to the stenches from which she came."

"Don't be cruel Sirius." Remus said, almost sounding like his fair prefect self from his school days.

"She's a Malfoy!" Sirius said, looking disgusted.

"She's soaked through and needs a place to stay." Remus explained.

"Are you kidding me. What's wrong with Malfoy manor?"

"Lucius is dead." Narcissa looked pitiful standing in the doorway with her blond hair plastered to her forehead and her usually beautiful face, pale and tear-stricken.

"Good riddance." Sirius said loudly. Narcissa burst into tears and Remus gave him a dark look, pushing Sirius aside and pulling Narcissa in with him. "What?' Sirius said, slamming the door and watching Remus deposit Narcissa in the kitchen and make her a cup of tea, much to Sirius' dismay.

"She'll stay here until she's sorted. You'll not bate her about her life and you will be kind to her." Remus said looking up as Sirius took a seat beside the witch.

"Fucking hell." Sirius swore openly and Narcissa flinched.

"No need for that language Padfood."

"You know Moony, sometimes you really get on my nerves."

Remus grinned, changing his tired looking face. "Ditto." He said. Narcissa looked at the both of them, her hands around her mug of tea but she didn't feel like drinking. She had sat at on the stairs waiting for someone to find her for so long her arms and legs had frozen as she thought of the last moments she had with her husband. He had saved her and lost his life. Her sister didn't care about her and her house was now infested with Death Eaters. She had nowhere else to go.

"Fine, she can stay!" Sirius burst out as Remus grinned. "But she better get used to Bachelor food."

Remus raised his eyebrows at Narcissa and she looked up. "I can cook; yorkshire puddings; roast dinners; steam puddings." She sniffed. Sirius and Remus of course hadn't had a proper meal since the feasts of Hogwarts and didn't argue, plus they didn't want to upset her. They would be an unusual trio; a Slytherin and two Gryffindors.

Remus put their differences aside and showed Narcissa her new room. It was next to the one with the name card R.A.B. Narcissa knew the name only too well. Her cousin; Regulus Black had been a Death Eater, but had died quite young. Lucius had said something had not sat right by him since his death. He had told her he had gotten in so deep over his head, he tried to back out and Lord Voldemort turned on him. Lucius knew him before they had married and he tried to help. Narcissa wondered why he would send her there now, of all places, where Sirius, who hated her and everything about his dark heritage would be.

Perhaps he thought it was the safest place he could think of or perhaps he compared his death to Regulus' and immediately thought of his home. She supposed she would never know. She was stuck in a home which did not know her; a home which belonged to her cousin; who hated every corner, especially her.

"Are you going to be ok?" Remus was saying again carefully. Narcissa nodded quickly and he smiled. She didn't know why he of all people was being so nice when she knew his secret; he was a werewolf and James' Potter's best friend. They were enemies and she had never spoken well of him, or either of them. But now things were changing. People she thought were good, were now bad, and people she thought bad, were now good. "Get some sleep. We'll call you down for some dinner later."

"I can cook-" Narcissa repeated.

"Not tonight. You've been through enough. Get some rest."

Narcissa lay down on the bed. Before she closed her eyes she said, "Will you get word to Severus for me. He needs to know that I am here. He need to know about Lucius-" And Narcissa choked back tears. Remus nodded and told her he'd send an owl straight away. "He needs to know that they will not wait to get into the Ministry and can you ask him if my son is safe?"

Remus reassured her he would do all these things and as she rested her head against the soft pillows he did. Leaving her to sleep and as though he felt like he was spying on a forbidden conversation he owled Severus that night, before returning to the kitchen and to Sirius with the news that the Order of the Phoenix had been stationed at the Ministry and the Ministry notified; waiting for a breach.

Severus' owl responded with his answer the next morning and Remus was able to pass it onto Narcissa before he and Sirius left on important business matters. Narcissa was feeling a little bit better though any mention of Lucius she would immediately fall into a state of remorse. Severus' reply seemed to give her hope though.

Narcissa - I'm glad you are in good hands. I'm devastated to hear about Lucius' death. If there's anything you need: let me know. You asked about Draco; he is fine and as for his mission asked by the Death Eaters- I will handle this. This month has been horrific with the Chamber of Secrets being opened and the Heir of Slytherin terrorising Hogwarts; three students were petrified [luckily they are all fine now] It turns out that there was a diary which was carrying a part of Voldemort's fifteen year old self and it possessed a student to open the Chamber. This next sentence may frighten you, but I do not know how to go about it otherwise and I want to be honest, because you deserve to know. Harry and Draco went into the chamber to destroy Voldemort and Harry was killed. In order to bring him back to life Draco cast a ritual where he cut his arm and shared his blood with his brother. Phoenix tears helped to bring Harry back to life. Somehow, before my arrival, Harry Potter managed to destroy the Basilisk which Voldemort was using to purge the school of Muggle-borns and which was responsible for petrifying the students [they would have been instantly killed if they looked into its eyes]. Draco and Harry are alive and well and are now much stronger than they were before. I will come and see you with them as soon as I can. Stay safe and don't worry about us - Love Severus.

Narcissa stared at the letter for several minutes, not really knowing what to do next. She knew he meant well but telling her that her son just survived near death - twice - didn't really comfort her. Luckily, it was Kreacher's turn to distract her from her troubles.

"Miss Black!" It squeaked, a little too excitedly. Narcissa cringed; it's wrinkly face and wispy white hairs showed it's age. Narcissa was going to dismiss it before an excellent idea occurred to her. She needed a wand. Narcissa leaned forward and beckoned the old elf inside the room. Then she kneeled down to its level and with a forced smile asked politely. "Can you find me a wand?"

Kreacher looked up at her with wide eyes. Narcissa continued; "My wand was left at my house; but it is too dangerous to go back there." Kreacher piped up quickly. "I can go! I will go get it for you." Before Narcissa could say 'that's not what I meant' when really it was; there was a CRACK and Kreacher had vanished. About half a minute later there was another CRACK and a very pleased with Kreacher was brandishing her wand in front of her nose. "Here it is Miss." It announced.

"Thank you." Narcissa took the wand and the elf followed her to the kitchen.


Hermione and the other petrified students were now sitting up on the hospital beds with their relieved friends; filling them in. Only, Severus, Ron, Draco and Harry (and soon, Hermione) knew what exactly happened down in the Chamber of Secrets.

Harry sat on one side of Hermione's bed, with Ron happily beside him and Draco on her other side, holding her hand. Hermione had forgiven Draco after hearing that he'd saved Harry life (and because she had missed him too much to be too angry with him). Much to Lavender's shock the next day; Draco and Hermione walked in hand-in-hand; followed by a smug Ron; a relieved Harry; Luna who skipped past oblivious that she too had died and come to life as if by magic; and then Severus Snape (who only those select few knew was the real hero in this story) and Albus Dumbledore (the only Wizard Tom Riddle feared).

After the bonding ritual; neither Harry or Draco felt at all different; but they were. As Snape had mentioned to Narcissa - they were stronger and if they were to go up against Voldemort a second time; there was a better chance that they would win. Two are stronger than one, after all.


Severus never thought he would life would turn out the way it did. He sat at the table staring down at the unusual bunch of people there and wondered what Lily would think of them all. Remus Lupin across from him, carving a roast chicken delicately; while Sirius Black swung back on his chair like a disobedient child and chewed with his mouth open, making his godson, Harry Potter snort into his butterbeer; while a content Narcissa served roast vegetables onto plates in a spotted apron as Kreacher did the dishes; Draco sat on his other side banging Harry on the back to stop him from choking and looked over at his father with a smile.

"Is it everything you thought it would be Severus?" Albus Dumbledore said ominously from the head of the table; wearing a party hat, with a potato on the end of a raised fork and butterbeer foam stuck in his beard.

"It's better." Severus murmured as he took in his adopted family. He knew Lily would be smiling down on him. Draco and Harry gave each other a look; a look they would share for years to come.

0o0o END o0o0

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