Like most Yugioh fans when I heard about the 10th anniversary movie Super Fusion Bonds That Transcends Time I got excited. I never thought that a team up between Yugi, Judai, and Yusei would happen outside of fan fiction. I want to see the movie when it subbed and even I have not seen the movie yet I think 45 minutes is too short for a 10 anniversary movie and that a lot of old faces from YGO (DM) and GXseries were absent. I have been playing withthe idea of making my own story of the three main characters coming together to battle a great evil with their friends giving them a helping hand. I know this plot has been done before and people maybe sick of reading the three main characters from the three series teaming up, but I could not resist. I promise that this will not be exactly like the movie (especially since I have not seen it lol), so Paradox will not be in this story at all and the destroying Duel Monsters scheme will not be the main villain's goal. The main group of friends from each series will meet each other, so it will not just be Yugi, Judai, and Yusei teaming up solo. Be prepared for Kaiba meeting Jack or Manjoume (meeting of the egos). There will be some romance, but I will promise not let it take away from the main focus of the story. I might as well tell you guys that the only pairings I have decided on in this story are Yugi/Anzu, Jounouchi/Mai, Judai/Asuka, Yusei/Aki, and Jack/Carly. If you guys dislike my pairing choices keep in mind they will not be the main focus of the story and that I will try and not put too much emphasis on the romance. The time periods will be the following YGO set after the Ceremonial Battle (Sorry no Atem/Yami Yugi guys), GX set after Judai's class graduated, and 5Ds set present (during the break of the WRPG).

This is my third story and I am trying to improve as a writer, so any constructive criticism will be welcomed. I know I have gotten a lot of helpful advise from exleader75, which has helped me a lot. I want to thank him or her for the telling me areas where I need to improve in. I don't mind hearing any ideas people have either. I am trying to improve on my grammar so if you see mistakes I may have missed please forgive me.

Disclaimer I do not own Yugioh, Yugioh GX, or Yugioh 5Ds. I am making money of this at all. I am simply borrowing the characters to tell a story. I present:

Yu-Gi-Oh! The Crisis of Time and Space

Long ago when the world was new two beings were appointed as watchers. It was the watchers duty to watch humanity's progress. For millenniathe watchers did just that and watched as the human race evolved. They watched as humanity created temples, literature, and mathematics, tools of wood, stone, and steel. They also witnessed the horrors that humanity committed such as war, genocide, and famine. One watcher became disillusioned and lost faith in humanity, feeling that they were going down an incorrect path. The disillusioned watcher felt that they should guide humanity into the correct path, but the other watcher felt that they should not overstep their duty and continue to watch. The two watchers became at odds with one another each feeling the other one was not doing their duty. The disillusioned watcher who felt they should guide humanity decided to act on his own. He amassed human followers who saw him as a god and started to manipulate events that he felt would guide humanity to the right path. However the watcher's actions only succeeded in creating more havoc and chaos costing many people their lives. The other watch had learned of his actions he urged his brother to stop for fear of causing more damage. The disillusioned watcher ignored his brothers warnings, unable to accept that his actions only cause more problems he deemed that humanity had become to corrupt to be saved.

In order to rectify this problem the corrupted watcher decided that humanity must start over, and that best to achieve his goal was to stop time, erase it, and then recreate it so that he could guide humanity when it was reborn. Realizing that the disillusioned watcher had become too corrupted to be reasoned with the watcher set out to stop him. He would gather three beings to help battle the corrupted watcher, one was a mage, the second one was a warrior, and the last one was a dragon. The three champions would do battle the corrupted watchers forces and push them back to his fortress. Eventually the champions would take the fight to the corrupted watcher and made their way to his fortress. The three champions did battle withthe corrupted one. The battle is said to have lasted for 10 days and 10 nights, it was a long and tiring battle, but the three champions were triumphant and defeated the corrupted watcher. However they were unable to kill the corrupted watcher. To insure that the corrupted one could not cause anymore trouble the watcher who had brought three champions together would imprison the corrupted one and lock him witha seal using the strength of the mage, dragon, and the warrior. The warrior, the dragon, and the magebecame known as the three heroes of time, through their effort the human race evolved into what it is today. The corrupted watcher would be imprisoned for all eternity at least the watcher hope so. It has been 10,000 years since the corrupted watcher was sealed away. A great explosion devastated Domino City, splitting the once great city into two killing millions. The event became known as Zero Reverse and its effects will have dire consequences. The negative energy produced by it weakened the seal giving the corrupted one the power to interact with our world. Here is where our story begins.

A purple energy radiates from the Momentum Tower; the energy's beauty hides its true ominous and deadly nature. Nearby citizens stop what they are doing to observe the radiating tower; none of
them realize that this would be their last moments of life. Without warning the tower exploded and its energy consumes everything in its path. The negative energy ravages Domino City and seeps into the soil of the Earth causing tremors that could be felt from across the globe. The powerful tremors reached a small village; the rumbles were so strong that buildings collapsed. The inhabitants were consumed by fear and panic, so much so that they ran in all directions.

A temple on the outskirts of the village was taking on heavy damage from the earthquake; it was literally falling apart. The temple had been unoccupied for many centuries now, but it held something of great importance hidden inside it. At the bottom level of the temple there was a room that contained a tablet with a crude carving in the shape of man on it hanging on the wall. The roof was caving in on the room threatening to destroy the room in everything inside of it. The roof had reached its limits and completely caved in crashing on everything in the room, however the tablet began to radiate with an ominous dark energy, almost as though it were protecting itself.

There was nothing left of the temple, but rubble. It appeared that everything including any treasures inside was destroyed, at least that was assessment of the man standing before the temple. The man was wearing short sleeved white t shirt, with jean shorts, and backpack on. He had blond hair that reached all the way to his shoulders. "Oh crap," exclaimed the man. It looked as though he had made the journey in vain. "That earthquake destroyed the temple completely. If only I had gotten here a week earlier, than I might have been able to explorer it." Losing hope of finding anything of significance the man turned around and was preparing to leave when he was overcome with a feeling to continue his exploration. He stood frozen in place. He wondered why he suddenly felt the need to explorer the temple when it was in ruins. The urge to go the temple was becoming stronger by the second; until the man finally gave in and started walking to the remains. What was the worst that could happen? After a short hike the blond haired man had reached his destination. There really was nothing left except for rubble.

"Why did I think I would find anything here?" the man asked himself. He gave the sight quick look over before he decided to leave. When the man saw nothing out of the unordinary he decided to leave, but like before he felt the urge to stay. "Why do I feel like I need to stay here?" he asked himself again. He put his hands on his head in frustration when he suddenly heard a voice.

"Come to me," called a siren and allusive voice.

"Who is there!" cried the man. He quickly turned around to see if there was someone behind him, but there was no one there.

"Come to me," the voice called again.

The man franticly looked around him again trying to discover where this mysterious and hopefully real voice was coming from. "Where are you? Who are you!" the man asked.

The voice answered, "The truth."

The answer did not clear the man's confusion, but added to it. "I don't understand what you mean," he finally called back.

"If you free me from this rubble all of your questions will be answered," replied the siren like voice.

A part of the man told him he should leave, but the other part of him wanted answers. The man's curiosity finally won out over caution and he started to dig through the rubble. The task was relatively short and easy almost as though someone or something had been aiding him. Before the man realized it he had unearthed a giant stone tablet.

As though he was awakening from trance the man rubbed his eyes, so that he could exam the tablet more closely. He noticed that the tablet had the carving of a man on it that looked strangely familiar. He made further examination and discovered that there three empty slots probably about the size of a card on the center of the tablet. This tablet was like nothing the man had ever seen before.

"What happens now?" the man questioned the tablet. He felt stupid for talking to a slab of rock and expecting it to answer him back.

"Now comes understanding," answered the voice.

"What do you mean by that?"

"Put your hand over this tablet than not only will your questions be answered, but you will know the truth about the human race."

The man was perplexed by what the voice meant, but never the less he did as the voice said and put his hand on the tablet. Without warning the man's mind was bombarded with images. He felt as though thousands of needles had been jammed into his brain, the pain was excruciating. He saw an image of people being boiled alive to create some kind of golden items. Another image was boy being branded for life by hatred and another image of people being abducting by a man in glasses. The next thing he saw was a young man with unnatural yellow eyes dressed in black clothing destroying villages and killing innocent creatures. Another image of man stealing from his friend to achieve his own selfish dreams, and next a young girl was being neglected by her family. As quickly as the images came to him they left just as quickly.

The images finally stopped to the man's relief, but the sickening feeling that he had in his stomach. Everything he saw involved people causing harm to other people for their own selfish reasons. Wars and famine that brought people to the brink of oblivion were all created by people. He now understood what the voice meant the truth was that people were violent by nature and that their nature would ultimately lead to their own destruction. The thought of this made the man weep.

After a few minutes passed the voice finally spoke. "Now you understand the truth."

The man had finally regained enough composure to respond. "I understand now. Is there no hope for us?" he finally asked.

The voice answered, "Help me and we can fix everything. We can restart everything and correct things."

"How can we do that?" the man asked.

"By destroying time and then recreating it," the voice answered.

The man was in utter confusion. "Recreate time? Is such a thing possible?"

"Yes, but in order to achieve that you must become my hands. If you can do that than I can fix everything."

"Become your hands?" he asked.

"Yes become my hands and I can save the human race from itself."

It seemed like such a simple task help this mysterious voice and save the human race. But why than did he feel such uncertainty? Could he honestly trust this voice?

"You can trust me," the voice said as though it had read his mind. "I only want to help you. Become my hands and I promise you I will do everything in my power to fix everything. Just trust me."

He did not feel that the voice was lying. It felt as though the voice wanted to help the human race. Everything he saw in those images coupled with what he saw in his everyday life rang loudly. Humanity would doom itself if it had not already done so. There was really no choice at all when he thought about it.

"I'll become your hands and help you fix everything," he finally said.

"Excellent," the voice said in joyous tone. "If you are to become my hands I should at least know your name."

The man answered "My name is Koji."

"Well than Koji are you prepared to save the world?"

"Yes," Koji replied.

That was the day that the corrupted one had awakened and returned to this world. For the next 17 years he would bid his time to recover his strength and amass new followers.

17 years later

"Look at them down there all of them are so oblivious," said one voice.

"Aren't we all?" asked another voice.

"Don't lump us in with them. We aren't like them now because we learned the truth," the first voice answered.

The voices belonged to two people dressed in white robes. One man had orange hair and chocolate colored eyes. He possessed a tall and slim figure. The second man was shorter, but was about average height for grown man. The second figure was teenage boy with emerald eyes and light blue hair. Both men had duel disk on their arms.

The blue haired boy continued, "Once the Savior fully awakens he will fix everything and this corrupt city will finally be cleansed."

The orange haired man nodded in agreement. "Despite NeoDomino and the Satellite reuniting into one city there is still much prejudice that citizens from the Satellite must face. Everything thinks that the old animosity between the two areas has disappeared, but they severely underestimated the hatred that both side have for one another," the orange haired man explained.

"That is why we must help the Savior so that he can correct the injustices born into this world Hachi," said new stronger and more commanding voice.

The two figures turned their attention to the new comer. Like them he was dressed in a white robe. He long blond hair tied into a pony tail, he was slightly muscular and taller than average height of a man his age, but he was not as tall the orange haired man. The man had an unusual feature his eyes were an otherworldly gold.

"Koji-sama," uttered the man who was identified as Hachi in surprise.

"There is no need to be so tense Hachi we are all on the same side," Koji explained.

Hachi replied, "Yes of course."

"Koji-sama do you bring news of the Savior's wishes?" asked the blue haired boy.

Koji gave his attention to the blue haired boy. "Yes Dan the Savior says that the time has finally come."

Both Hachi and Dan displayed surprise at what they heard. Both had several questions, but Hachi was the one who voiced his question first.

"I thought the Savior still had not awakened yet?"

Koji answered, "He has not fully awakened yet, which is why he has charged us to gather the items necessary for his revival."

Dan voiced his question next. "Items necessary for his revival?"

Koji chuckled to himself. "I forget that you are still new Dan. I am sorry I have neglected telling you about this. The Savior cannot fully awaken because of a seal put on him long ago. The only way for him to fully awaken is to break this seal, which is what these items will do," Koji finished.

Koji looked at Dan to see if he understood. Dan's face showed no signs of confusion, which meant he comprehended what he said or at least Koji, hoped he did.

"Koji-sama where are these items we need," Hachi questioned.

"Not where Hachi, but when Hachi," Koji explained. Hachi's face displayed questioning look. Seeing this Koji decided to elaborate more. "The items are scattered about in different times Hachi. We will have to travel to different times and retrieve them in order to break the seal."

"How on earth are we suppose to travel through time!" asked Dan in louder tone than he meant. Kojistared at him with an annoyed look on his face, which made the blue haired boy embarrassed. He rubbed the back of his head in an apologetic manner. "Sorry Koji-sama," he said in low tone.

"The Savior's power will allow you to travel through time and find the items we seek," answered Koji. He turned around and walked out of the room only pausing long enough to motion Dan and Hachi to follow him.

The three of them were walking through the hall, while Kojicontinued his explanation. "I have already sent Kyle on a mission into the past to obtain one of the items. His D-Wheel was outfitted withability to time travel thanks to the Savior's power. He will also grant you two the same ability." The group of three had stopped just outside of a door. "Once the Savior bestows you with the ability to time travel than I will give you further instructions on your mission," Koji finished. Koji put his hand on the knob than turned it and finally opening the door. The three white robbed males entered the room.

That's my prologue I hope you guys enjoyed even though it did lack the cast from any of the Yugioh series, but I want to set up the story first. I wanted to clear up the images Koji saw.

1) He saw how the sennin/millenniumitems were bring created with live sacrifices.

2) Marik being branded by his father which the Pharaoh's Memory.

3) Banner/Daitokuji abducting students from Duel Academy.

4) The man in black he saw causing destruction was when Judai was the Superme King/Hauo.

5) The friend who stole from his friend is Jack stealing Yusei's Stardust Dragon to go to Neo Domino

6) The child neglected by her parents was Aki.

I choose random events from all three series to showcase the bad aspects of human nature because I thought it would be a nice throw back. The next chapter will be set in Yugi's time. I figure the first official chapter might as well be set in the time that started it all. I hope I caught people's interest and they will tune in for the next chapter. Please Review.