Author's Note: The inspiration of this little brainchild of mine came after reading Chapter 484. I was highly disappointed when Sakura once again backed out of something that could have made her a stronger character (I know about extending the plot of the manga, and that the whole Sasuke/Naruto issue is a big part of the series, but come on…). So with reading that chapter came the thought, what if Sakura had actually killed Sasuke…?

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Naruto: Jishin (Earthquake) Arc

Prologue Part I: Path

So boundless I feel

And boundless all my fears

Stop running back to old times

You lose your routine

'Cause I found my path

What the hell are you trying?

Now I know there is something more

What happen to you?

Still standing on my path

Apocalyptica ft. Sandra Nasic, "Path"

Kakashi-sensei should not be facing Sasuke…it's not his burden to bear. I should have figured he'd manage to track me though…stupid on my part, assuming the opposite.

The thoughts swirled through Sakura's head as she absently focused her chakra into healing the red-head girl – Karin, she thought she heard Sasuke mention. The girl's injury was no longer life-threatening, but she figured from the dead, yet melancholy look in her darker red eyes that it might as well have been.

Part of her was still in shock that the Uchiha had demanded, as a test of her loyalty, to kill this girl - his teammate. Was that how he considered everyone, just tools in his way to revenge? The very idea sickened her and not for the first time she considered just how much her former crush had changed.

From below her on the valley lake she could hear Sasuke's crazed ranting of revenge and hypocrisy towards Kakashi echo around the valley, soon followed by the sounds of fighting. Tears started burning at the back of her eyes, and she valiantly tried to fight them back, biting her lip as she did. Her efforts were in vain however, and she could soon feel the trickle of warm tears down her cheeks and drip off her chin. The girl below her turned her head and eyes slightly towards her. Her lips parted as she weakly tried to speak.


Sakura shook her head and sent another healing pulse of chakra into the girl's body. Her eyes cut down and met red eyes, "Don't talk yet! Just a little longer…"

The dull ache in her chest the accompanied the tears burned at the reality that her poor sensei, who had already been through so much over the years, was fighting his misguided student instead of her. Vaguely she recognized what looked to be pity, then a welling of tears in the eyes of her patient.

Her attention was caught by what sounded like a cry of mixed pain and frustration from her former teammate, and quickly she checked to make sure the healing of the girl was complete before she stood up and looked over the side of the bridge. From her vantage point she could see Sasuke rubbing his eyes and deduced that the Sharingan was troubling him. Her body tensed as she realized what this could mean, what it could enable her to do. She leapt up onto the ledge of the bridge, and could hear rustling as the former teammate of the Uchiha sat up.

"What are you going to do…!"

This might be my only chance! The thought raced through her mind like lightning as she dimly registered the girl talking to her. Reaching into her holster and withdrawing one of the kunai she had laced with a poison of her own creation, she sent pulses of chakra to her feet. Running down the side and then the underneath of the bridge, she raced towards the disabled Uchiha with narrow-focused determination.

Some distance away, an orange and black blur raced through the forest, pushing himself to get to his destination faster. As Naruto sped towards the area he knew that Sasuke – and in turn Sakura - would be located at, his conversation with Sakura replayed in his head.

Something just didn't seem right about her suddenly giving up on Sasuke – or leaving the way she did. I understand why Sasuke has done all he has, I just can't give up on him…not now. What kind of Hokage would I be if I failed my friend and teammate?

His eyes narrowed at the thought and with a burst of chakra he increased his pace, hoping to reach Sasuke before Sakura did.

From the corner of her eye she could see the dismayed face of Kakashi as he watched her make her way quickly towards Sasuke. Her gaze narrowed, anger and pain starting to burn in her veins as she approached her target.

I can't let you bear this burden, Kakashi-sensei! I-I…

Memories of Team 7 and the Uchiha assaulted her vision as she drew closer towards Sasuke, who still had taken no notice of her while trying to clear his eyes in vain, smearing the blood oozing from them across his face and palms. Her grip tightened on her kunai till she could feel the sleek metal handle digging into her palm, and her arm raised and tensed in preparation of the impending attack.

I will kill Sasuke-kun!

The sickening sound of metal impaling flesh woke her from her memory-induced trance, as well as the feeling of warm blood splashing upon her. Drops splattered across her front and dotted her face as her pale green eyes widened in astonishment, before narrowing. From somewhere she faintly recognized the sound of a pained scream, before realizing with a start that it had come from the man she had just stabbed in the back. With renewed anger and determination she viciously twisted the kunai deeper, eliciting another anguished cry from Sasuke.

She could hear the sound of gurgling in his lungs as the kunai punctured further, and blackening blood dribbled from his lips, signaling the rapid action of the poison contained on the metal of the weapon. Biting her lip until she could taste the coppery tang of her own blood, she withdrew the kunai from the Uchiha with a violent yank, sending another splatter of blood from his wound to her front and the shallow water below their feet. Numbness seemed to seep into every pore of her body and mind as she watch him falter on his feet, before keeling forward to land face-down in the water. Some part of her recognized he was dead as his chakra signature faded – had she really just killed Sasuke-kun? - but she quickly squashed it down into the numbness as well.

Raising her own eyes slowly she met with the fatigued and tired black gaze of her sensei, seeing the sadness yet understanding reflected in his eyes. The kunai dangled loosely from her grip, blood still dripping slowly from the end as she dropped her gaze once more to the body near her feet.

Suddenly the most anguished scream she had ever heard in her life erupted from the distance to her left, and she turned to meet the horrified blue gaze of her other teammate – Naruto. Green eyes widened in horror and pain as she realized just who had appeared – and the scene he had emerged to. Her, standing over the dead body of their former teammate, covered in his cooling blood and holding the murder weapon – was it really murder? Was it really when it needed to be done? – itself in her grip.

Ohgod Naruto I'm sorry I'm sorry I'M SORRY-! The anguished mantra in her head was abruptly cut off as she realized that she could see the burning red chakra start to rapidly engulf the blonde's body, and murderous red eyes had replaced the cerulean blue she loved so well.

"NARUTO! Oh god I had to I'm sorry –!" Her plea toward the Uzumaki was violently cut off as an explosion of crimson energy erupted from him, causing Sakura to turn her head quickly to avoid being blinded. The enraged and demonic-sounding roar that radiated from the source nearly froze her blood, and she slowly turned her gaze back towards Naruto.

Every ounce of blood in her veins really did freeze as her gaze revealed Naruto in the blood and bones of the 7 tails cloak – his regular form unrecognizable – standing before her. The pure hatred she could feel rolling off him in waves shocked and terrified her, as she had never before felt any ill-will towards her from the blonde. From her peripheral vision she could see Kakashi's panicked form start towards her, before stumbling in fatigue from overuse of the Sharingan. Her gaze never left the now Kyuubi-fied Naruto as he let loose another bone-chilling roar, his murderously glowing white gaze upon her.

Oh Naruto…what do I do now…?


Part 2 coming soon! :D