Author's Note:

First of all, hello to my readers old and new currently reading this!

This A/N is an S.O.S.! Your help would really be appreciated!

Plagiarized... again.

April 3, 2015 UPDATE:

Everything is officially resolved! I could cry. T_T

Both plagiarized versions of my story mentioned below have been officially removed. *Whew~

I've received a few reviews and a flood of PMs from you guys these past few days for which I am very grateful! I really appreciate the thought and effort and I really thank you for the help and support you have given at this time.

It's been years since I completed this story and seeing it still being plagiarized to this day, I can't help but feel like it's going to happen again... I sincerely hope it doesn't though.

At least for now, I can be at peace again. Thank you very much everyone!

*Flings cookies and kisses at readers*

March 29, 2015 UPDATE:

So the username "asadzahra12" is gone. I don't know whether the account has been banned or the user him/herself has deleted the account together with my story. Thank you everyone who may have helped! As for the PMs I have received, I will send my replies as soon as I can!

Unfortunately it has (again) come to my attention that yet another person has plagiarized this story.

Still on Wattpad, a person named Jashontry or Directioner_5sosfic whom you can find by searching "Directioner_5sosfic Wattpad" on Google has taken Lies and Love and renamed it as a story titled Prejudice on that site. Another reader of mine directed me to this story and I've read a little of this person's version and though it is heavily edited (names, locations, conversations), the flow of the story itself and the general plot is still that of Lies and Love.

Just why people insist on stealing the work of other authors is beyond me...

If you can/are willing, please help me report this person as well.

This is all getting crazy.

Thank you again for everyone's help! You have no idea how much this means to me!

March 28, 2015:

Unfortunately, I come with not-so-good tidings.

This update isn't really an update since I have long since finished Lies and Love. Unfortunately, my issues with this story isn't anywhere finished.

It has come to my attention that this story is being PLAGIARIZED... again.

This is probably the 6th(?) time Lies and Love has been plagiarized, and as usual I thank all my loyal readers for informing me about these incidences despite how long it has been since this story has concluded.

I have taken this [articular story down from FFN, re-uploaded it upon multiple requests, and what-not. Many times I have warned people against plagiarizing my work (or anyone else's for that matter) and although it has been fairly quiet for some time, some random person has finally decided to do this to me (again). I have somehow gotten used to it now... it is the internet I suppose. The feeling still sucks though. I'm just happy I have you guys helping me keeping an eye out around for the plagiarizers~

Anyway, this time it's a person by the name of asadzahra12 from Wattpad website. I can't put direct links here but you can easily be directed to the page if you type "Wattpad asadzahra12" in your Google search box.

If you aren't aware yet, Lies and Love has been adapted into other fandoms, among them includes Fairy Tail. The first Fairy Tail adaptation of this story was done by Cesia14 in FFN before being used by other authors as well. It was also in this fandom that asadzahra12 has taken Lies and Love. This person (asadzahra12) didn't contact me about using my story. I would normally just allow this if the author who uploads the story credited me as the original author before uploading it. This has already happened in other websites, Fairy Tale fans have re-uploaded Cesia14's version of Lies and Love in other websites but still with proper credits to me as the original author despite not asking me directly. I'm not fussy. As long as my name is there, then I'm cool with it (it's so simple yet people continue to not do it! Bah!). But this person claimed the story as his/her own with the clear "by: asadzahra12" in the cover he/she made for the story on Wattpad.

Now I'm not making anyone do this favor for me but I am requesting and would be grateful for anyone's help. This is the first time I've actually made a chapter update of a plagiarism issue (I didn't have to mention it so openly like this before) mainly because I have no clue how to report anyone in Wattpad. Is that sad or what?

In other websites, I- with plenty of help from many of my readers -managed to get plagiarized stories removed and even the users banned but Wattpad is being so difficult... or maybe it's just me? The reader who told me this doesn't have a Wattpad account so I've tried to report the story myself (I revived my unused Wattpad account) but unfortunately all it does is direct me to different pages without really doing anything. I have never really used Wattpad except make an account there so I don't know how that website does things.

So if I have any readers out there who is knowledgeable about Wattpad or-even better -has an account there and can help me out by reporting this user and commenting on the page about the plagiarism to warn potential readers of that story, I would highly appreciate it!

I'll even give you a cookie! Somehow...

Writing Stories + Moving to Other Fandoms?

On another note, as I've written on my updated profile, quite a bit of people have sent me PMs asking me (among other things) if I'm planning to write any more stories since I haven't in a long while.

The answer is: Yes.

I am still writing. The reason I haven't uploaded a single new story however, stems from me having written too much. I have never-ending ideas so I've written a lot of stories in the past months. Some of them only have a plot, some of them have a few pages, some even have a few chapters already... but none of them are anywhere near finished. I have basically been writing and stopping over and over again. This explains the lack of anything new coming from my account.

It sucks but I'm trying to find the will to actually finish a story. I really do want to upload something new. Quite a bit of what I've written so far have a lot of promise (in my opinion anyway. lol) but I just can't finish it. It's really frustrating! I blame my brain.

I've also been thinking about moving to a different fandom. As much as I love and forever adore CCS (Syaoran x Sakura, Eriol x Tomoyo will always be my favorite), this fandom has been getting less and less fans/readers over the years due to more and more anime/manga coming out.

What do you think? I'd love to hear your opinion!

Feel free to send me PMs or leave me a review (whichever is more convenient for you; if you want an actual reply from me, then send me a PM instead. It's hard to reply to reviews) of what you guys think~


P.S. - I'd also like to say this just in case... If any of you think uploading a chapter simply dedicated to this "issue" is inappropriate of me, then I do apologize! x