Alternate universe. This story contains swear words and suggested sex scenes and graphic violence but it is not to much harsher then what you see on tv. Just wanted to warn you all. None of the characters belong to me I just love doing fan fiction and I love to bring old characters back to life. Joyce is still alive and this story takes place after the gang got rid of the Hell God and Buffy had died.

Disclaimer: This is Joss's World and I am just playing in it by doing Fan fiction hence Fan Fiction Web site.

Why was it that that after awhile that a slayer started to feel the pleasure of the kill? Giles had told her that it was destiny and that some day a creature would eventually get her and another would be called to take her place. Yet for some reason, out of sheer determination and sheer luck. The fact that she didn't want to die further assisted her. Buffy ended up being the longest living slayer. Buffy let out a snicker thinking of the irony that was her life. She had died a number of times, but for some cosmic joke the Powers That Be kept sticking her right back into the shit pile. The last time she had died her so called friends had ripped her out of heaven. She remembered being there and beings there had told her that she was not yet done.

That destiny was not done with her. Just what the hell did they want with her. She had killed demons for over 5 years now. The majority of her friends where wrapped up with there own lives. Giles had left for England saying that he needed to take care of somethings and didn't know when he was coming back. Dawn and her attitudes kept keeping her and her mom mental by having become as of late a kleptomaniac and as punishment was grounded till forever. The only exception was when she spent time at the magic box working off her debt.

Anya kept her cleaning and restocking shelf's. Willow and Tara's relationship was on hold, due to her using her magic to much. The last spell was the one that had promoted Tara to leave. Willow had placed everyone under a forgetting spell and the whole Scoobie gang had lost their memories. After it had broken, everyone remembered what had happen during it and the remembering of all that she had lived through brought out even more pain. A deep sigh of anguish came bubbling out. The worse had been what had happen between her and Spike.

Spike. He was the most complected factor in her life. No matter what she tried, her thoughts kept coming back to the chipped vampire.

She remembered his words. The way he had acted. He had believed that he had a soul. That he had been a vampire with a mission of redemption.

Ha! What a laugh.

She wanted to forget, but her own inner being wouldn't let her. The fact that she had shared that passionate kiss with him after the dancing demon had left also kept her thinking. She kept trying to tell herself that it had been the spell. She knew that the spell barely had a hold of her. She had wanted to share that kiss with him. Wanted to feel his lips as they moved with hers.

He had sung that he was able to feel his emotion. Even though he had died so long ago and all human emotion should of been gone.

Was it possible? Did somehow Spike retain some part of his old self. Buffy had never meet any other vampire that behaved like Spike did. What if Giles had lied to her? He had said that demons where incapable of feeling and that it was pure ulterior motives that drove him to do the things that he did.

She had never trusted the council. They had put here through hell, even Giles had betrayed her and had led her into a trap. The council had ordered her powers removed on her 18 birthday and had stuck her with a killer vampire. So why was she still believing in what they said. He had taken care of Dawn and her mom the whole time that she was dead. He had made her a promise and he had kept it. Yet he was a demon and why would a demon keep any promise so vehemently? Things where not adding up. Her thoughts of Spike wouldn't leave her and her body led her to the front door of his crypt.

She could feel his presence just behind the door. She had always been alone for what felt like years. For some reason he was the only one that brought her the peace and understanding that she needed. She had learned the hard way to trust only herself. Here she was finding that her worse mortal enemy was bringing out feelings of trust and comfort. She let her hand slid down the door slowly and grab hold of the handle. With a twist; her fate was sealed and she stepped into the darkness.


Strangely, he was the the one that could surprisingly bring her to life. A creature of the dark, what she was so much a part of and becoming more of. He had told her that she belong with him in the dark and she did. She had finally accepted that a part of her did. Her life was to kill vampires and demons and she did it masterfully. He was there getting in his spot of violence as he called it; right beside her. Watching her back; making sure that nothing got her. He had said that he had loved her.


Vampires didn't love! Did They? Was he capable of love? He had shown love to Drusilla and she had seen him, the way he had been after her death.

As she entered his domain she had made her decision, she was going to find out. So in deep thought, she never noticed that her eyes didn't need to adjust to the gloom of the crypt. Her eyes instantly focused on the still form of the vampire that stood not five feet away from her.

Dressed in his usual black and a bottle cradled in his hand. His intense blue eyes locked with hers.

"Spike? We need to talk."

"Alright." Was his only reply. she could feel the wariness radiating from him. He tilted his head to one side, his eyes never leaving her as she advanced on him. Something told him him he was being judged and if the slayer didn't like the verdict, he would end up a big pile of dust.

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